The Problem With Marrying Rich: Out Of The Way, Ex Chapter 314 - Please Get Lost

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Chapter 314: Please Get Lost

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Surprised flashed past that woman's face and her anxiety was clearly reflected in her eyes.

She gripped her handbag tightly and her fingers gripped hard, then loosened.

"Did you tell him my name?" The woman asked suspiciously and refused to leave.

Qin Xiaoyu coldly pursed her lips.

"I told him that you were Han Xue but he still refused to see you, so please get lost," Qin Xiaoyu said with a wave of her hands. She was getting irritated with this woman. She didn't know what this woman was trying to do but the wedding was about to begin, so the very fact that she was trying to meet the groom at this time showed that she was up to nothing good.

The more beautiful a woman was, the more scheming she could be.

"Please leave!" Qin Xiaoyu shoved her when she saw that Han Xue wasn't moving. 'If you refuse to leave, I'll get security to escort you out. Then, it'll be embarra.s.sing for you."

Han Xue took a few steps backward after Qin Xiaoyu shoved her. She gripped her hands tightly and her jaw was also clenched tightly, as though she didn't want to go and looked very unconvinced.

She turned and looked at the stage that was placed right in the middle. Her gaze didn't leave the elaborately decorated and romantic wedding venue and her fingers balled into fists as though she bore resentment or hatred toward someone.

Several security guards in black walked over. They were all bulky and muscular and wore leather gloves.

When she saw that they were heading toward her, she could only turn away and left resentfully. However, she looked extremely upset and the envy and hatred that she had been trying to control were now reflected on her face.

The wedding ceremony started at 12:08 PM.

The guests all rose to their feet as the romantic bridal march played and their eyes searched eagerly for the bride and groom.

The wedding hall was filled with people and thousands of small pink balloons were released into the sky and the same word had been written on each balloon so it was a stunning sight to behold.

The guests all clapped enthusiastically.

He Xiyan was led down the aisle by the city mayor of Ye City and she walked toward the flower arch. She was followed by four beautiful bridesmaids and eight cute little children.

She wore a white wedding dress that was encrusted with almost a hundred small pink stones. These stones gleamed brightly under the sunlight and she immediately attracted everyone's attention.

The accessories that she wore today were all pink. Pink jeweled dangling earrings, a necklace encrusted with pink stones and even a pink bracelet. The wedding hall was also decorated mainly in pink tones, so she looked like a princess from a fairytale.

Beautiful and dreamy.

All the women who were present opened their mouths in surprise and their eyes were full of envy and jealousy. They didn't dare imagine how much the bride's jewelries that adorned her entire body would cost. Most importantly, the bride wasn't as good as them in every aspect.

The Ye family lived up to their name was the richest family of Ye City, so only they'd be able to pull off such an elaborate wedding.

He Xiyan walked toward the flower arch with a smile. She walked very slowly and waved constantly at the guests on both sides of the aisle. She felt extremely nervous but she continued to smile, hoping that she'd look natural and elegant this way.

Ye Hao had also arrived at the flower arch and watched his bride slowly walked toward him.

The Problem With Marrying Rich: Out Of The Way, Ex Chapter 314 - Please Get Lost

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