The Problem With Marrying Rich: Out Of The Way, Ex Chapter 321 - Needed Cesarean Section

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Chapter 321: Needed Cesarean Section

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Time flew. Over one month later, the temperature in Ye City rose again, coming to the hottest August already.

Although Ye City was located at 37 degrees north lat.i.tude, yet due to insufficient rainfall in summer and continuous hot days, the temperature was not lower than that in the south, with the highest temperature at noon reaching 38 degrees.

He Xiyan came out of the castle. She wore a maternity dress. She had been pregnant for thirty five weeks, about to give birth in about a month. She now looked bulky with a very big belly. Sixty five kilograms heavy, she even walked in a c.u.mbersome way. Walking two or three hundred meters far, she would gasp for breath.

Since she was pregnant for the second time with high risks, her maternity check-ups were more frequent than ordinary pregnant women. With the expected date of childbirth around the corner, she had to go to the hospital once a week to have a check-up, including monitoring the fetal heart rate and checking the fetal situation. Last week, she did a B-mode ultrasound test. The doctor said that the umbilical cord had been around the baby's neck for three circles and was of a high risk. Then the doctor suggested that she have a cesarean section around the thirty-eighth and thirty-ninth week instead of natural childbirth, with reference to the high risk. If there were anything wrong with her these days, she must go to the hospital immediately and have an earlier cesarean section.

Accompanied by Qin Xiaoyu, He Xiyan came to the obstetrics department of Ye City Maternal and Child Hospital again by car. She was a super VIP, so she could go for a check-up directly as soon as she arrived, without taking the trouble to queue up.

The experienced veteran doctor placed the fetal heart monitor on the protruding belly of He Xiyan. She listened to the heartbeat of the fetus inside and then looked at its heart rate displayed on the screen.

After listening for a few minutes, the doctor put away the instrument and then helped He Xiyan up.

"Mrs. Ye, the baby is all right." The doctor said lightly, and then asked about her recent situation, such as the fetal movement, diet, mood and so on.

The veteran doctor had been working in obstetrics department for thirty years. With a lot of experience, she was the best obstetrician in maternity and child hospital.

"Doctor, do I have to have a cesarean section?" He Xiyan asked the veteran doctor in front of her. To be honest, she always felt that natural childbirth was better and that she could recover faster. Besides, since she had already given a natural birth once, giving birth to a second child should be easier, during which process she would not suffer too much. Of course, her insensitivity to anesthetics was another reason. She used to have her wisdom tooth extracted, during which she found that anesthetics did not work well on her, so she felt too much pain to lose consciousness. If the anesthetics did not have much effect on her during cesarean section, she would suffer great pain.

The doctor patted her on the shoulder with a gentle smile on his lips.

She could see that the pregnant woman was kind of nervous.

"You don't need to be nervous, Mrs. Ye. Considering the fetus' current situation, it is at risk to give birth to the baby naturally. However, during the thirty-seventh week examination, if the number of umbilical cord circling around the baby's neck could be reduced to one or two and the amniotic fluid was in good condition, then natural delivery was possible. Of course, whether it was natural delivery or cesarean section, we would provide you with the best service throughout the process. You need not worry. Whichever way of delivery was chosen, the baby would be born safely."

The doctor said with a smile and patted He Xiyan on the shoulder.

He Xiyan nodded her head politely, but certainly, she was still afraid of having a cesarean section.

Outside the obstetric clinic, she came to the hall on the second floor, where Qin Xiaoyu was waiting for her.

Qin Xiaoyu seemed to be listening to someone talking, looking at the two girls next to her all along. Even when He Xiyan came over, she did not notice.

They were two young girls in their twenties, both dressed in casual clothes, who seemed to be students.

One girl seemed to be comforting another girl with a checklist in her hand.

"Shu Man, don't be too stressed. Qin Feng loves you so much. He will not care that you can't have children. Besides, can't you still try a test-tube baby?"

The Problem With Marrying Rich: Out Of The Way, Ex Chapter 321 - Needed Cesarean Section

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