The Problem With Marrying Rich: Out Of The Way, Ex Chapter 410 - Let's Go On A Date

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Chapter 410: Let's Go on a Date

Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

Yuan Yuan looked at his father in confusion, as though he didn't understand what Ye Hao had just said, then he looked at his mother.

He Xiyan walked over and laid a hand on Ye Hao's shoulder. "Alright, please be more gentle to him. Yuan Yuan doesn't understand what you're saying," she said, then she stroked Yuan Yuan's cheeks and told him, "Yuan Yuan, don't pinch Xi Xi's cheeks. She will get angry if you keep doing so."

Yuan Yuan pouted and agreed to stop but it was obvious that he didn't understand what was wrong. Then, he hugged his mother and gave his mother a wet kiss that left saliva dripping down her face.

He covered his mouth happily after he saw what he had done.

Ye Hao pa.s.sed the infant over to the nanny and pulled He Xiyan into the bedroom. Yuan Yuan trailed happily behind his parents.

After they entered the bedroom, Ye Hao opened the doors to the closet and said, "Yan Yan, put all these on. Let's go on a date."

He Xiyan was surprised and looked at her husband in confusion. Why did he suddenly want to go on a date? Moreover, weren't they going to leave on a holiday the day after next? They would be going on dates every day when they were on their holiday.

"Quick, go get changed!" Ye Hao urged her.

He Xiyan walked to the closet. She didn't understand why he suddenly wanted to go on a date but since that was what he wanted, she would go. She speculated that it could be because he had been too exhausted at work recently and wanted to relax.

She changed into a red and white checkered skirt, a cream knit top and a black leather jacket as well as a black beret which made her look fas.h.i.+onable but not strikingly so.

Yuan Yuan clapped his hands happily when he saw his mother changing but Ye Hao dragged him away and said, "Kids shouldn't watch a woman changing clothes. Otherwise a sty would form in your eye, do you understand?"

Yuan Yuan didn't know what to say to that.

Ye Hao dragged his wife out of the castle after she got changed and Yuan Yuan wanted to tag along but Ye Hao picked him up and handed him over to the nanny.

If he brought the kid along, then their intimate date could no longer be considered a date.

They went to the largest food street in Ye City and this street was around 2 kilometers long with many restaurants along the streets selling a variety of food. This place also attracted a lot of tourists so it was very crowded, and when night fell, this was also a popular dating spot.

He Xiyan caught the fragrant scent of barbequed meat the moment they arrived and this scent was so strong that she immediately felt hungry.

Ye Hao bought two sticks of barbeque meat and handed them both to her.

"Eat up!"

He Xiyan pursed her lips. She wanted to eat but when she thought of how she was currently trying to manage her weight, she felt as though she shouldn't be eating such oily foods.

"Go ahead and eat up. Don't worry, I'll still love you even if you become fat as a pig," he said.

He Xiyan was left speechless.

She took a bite of that stick of barbequed beef stick and swore that she would never leave the house if she truly became fat as a pig. Nonetheless, she decided to eat her fill today since she couldn't resist the temptation of the fragrant scent of food. She would resume her diet another day.

Ye Hao held her hand and they walked along the crowded streets. There were many young couples who would eat as they strolled along the streets, carrying the street food that they purchased.

He Xiyan suddenly felt somebody into her. She turned around and the saw that a thick sauce dripped down her sleeve. This thick sauce had chili powder and all sorts of other spices in it, and it was also very pungent.

It was the stinky tofu sauce and the odor was so pungent that she felt a wave of nausea pa.s.s over her.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry!"

The girl who knocked into her quickly apologized and dug out a piece of tissue from her handbag. She then wiped at the sauce that she accidentally spilled on He Xiyan's leather jacket.

The Problem With Marrying Rich: Out Of The Way, Ex Chapter 410 - Let's Go On A Date

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