The Problem With Marrying Rich: Out Of The Way, Ex Chapter 46

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Chapter 46: This Is Her Home

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“I will not return to Ye City. This is my home.” He Xiyan's frown grew deeper at the man's ridiculous response, her brows creasing to almost form a straight line. She closed her eyes, her heart beating wildly.

She had many friends in Ye City but this also the place where everything that led to all her pain had happened. She did not want to return to that city, not to that place where she would drown in her sorrow and where her child would be called an illegitimate child.

Mo Yixuan sat on the sofa sipping tea while munching at some snacks. He could tell that Yan Yan was angry and was trying to rein in her emotions. He knew that she still loved him and was only acting so coldly toward him because she hated him.

Thus, his plan was to let her calm down first and he would need to sleep and rest in any case. He had driven for an entire day and night so he had to recharge his batteries for the drive back with her tomorrow.

Once he returned with her, he planned to hire someone to look after her. He would never let her leave his sight again.

He Xiyan sighed and left to enter the kitchen to make her own breakfast. She whipped up a bowl of tomato egg noodles and a bowl of millet congee. She expertly cut the vegetables and soon, she was done cooking. As her child grew, so did her appet.i.te.

She turned toward the dining room with one hand holding the noodles and the other holding the congee. Before she even reached the dining room, a hand shot out from nowhere and s.n.a.t.c.hed the bowl of noodles away.

“Thank you, Yan Yan,” Mo Yixuan said with a contented smile. This bowl of noodles had warmed his heart. He knew that his Yan Yan would never let him go hungry.

He Xiyan was speechless and annoyance filled her eyes. She had cooked this bowl of noodles for herself and as for the man in front of her, she did not want him to stay any longer. She was afraid that she might leave with him in a moment of weakness and this would only be sprinkling salt on a wound that had yet to heal.

“Please leave after eating this bowl of noodles. I don't want you to stay here any longer. I will not leave with you.” He Xiyan said resolutely, making it clear that there was no room for negotiation.

Unfortunately, this man only a.s.sumed that these words were only spoken in a moment of anger.

Mo Yixuan gulped down large mouthfuls of noodles. This was such a familiar taste. He had eaten the same bowl of noodles on many occasions after he came home at night. As for the woman who declared that she would not leave with him, it is alright. He would wait for her to calm down and wait until she agreed.

After he finished the noodles, he stretched out on the chaise longue as though this was his home.

“Yan Yan, I'm tired. Let me rest for a while. We'll leave together tomorrow.” He said flatly, his eyes filled with the warmth which he had not displayed over the past few days. He hand curled into a fist, filling his palm with the warmth he felt within.

Meanwhile, in another city.

Xia Yuwei paced around the living room anxiously, her fingers clutching at her phone was deathly pale.

“How are things? Have you found out where he is? Second Brother.” She shouted anxiously into the phone, her face leeched of all color.

“Yes, I've found him,” The irritation in the receiver's voice was clear. It was only the second day of the lunar new year and no one wished to be disturbed during that period. “I've traced your husband's phone to Shen City, Chenxi District, Qingcheng Garden but I can't pinpoint his exact location.”


She flung her expensive phone which cost thousands of dollars onto the floor.

She clenched her jaw hard and her beautiful face turned ugly as anger and jealousy twisted her features.

“He Xiyan, I'm going to kill you!”

The Problem With Marrying Rich: Out Of The Way, Ex Chapter 46

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