The Problem With Marrying Rich: Out Of The Way, Ex Chapter 69

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Chapter 69: Cramp

Translator: Larbre Studio  Editor: Larbre Studio

Strolling back to where she lived, Xiyan walked extremely slowly, her right hand shoved on the waist to give it more support. The moonlight was beautiful that day, pouring down onto the ground and pulling long, long shadows of the people walking.

She finally made a turn into the building where her place was in. It was a little past nine and, while waiting for the elevator, she was accompanied by many who, too, returned home from a night walk.

Thought neighbors didn't know her well, they made some s.p.a.ce for the pregnant and let her wait in the front.

“You want to buy an apartment, don't you?” A girl in the crowd asked her friend.

“Right, but I haven't decided which establishment yet.” The other girl answered.

Sounded like they were roommates.

“Tell you what, get yourself to the Lishui Garden development tomorrow. They are discounting it at ten percent off.”

“How's that possible? With the housing price skyrocketing, developers rather hold than to sell, let alone discount in any way.” The girl found it hard to believe.

“Didn't you see the news?” Her friend chuckled, “News say that Tianyu's CEO, Mo Yixuan, is getting married tomorrow. All of Tianyu's new development are five to ten percent off on his wedding day, whether it's commercial, office, or residential. Could save you hundreds of thousands in one day.”

The girl went on excitedly, tempting everyone in the elevator waiting crowd. No one was willing to put their money in the bank subject to depreciation at the time. Better buy more houses and wait for the market to rise.

Upon hearing the girl, people all took out their phone and searched for the news in question, except one woman. Restrained and teary-eyed, she stared at the closed elevator door, caressing her belly wherein dwelled her baby due next week.

As if he, too, heard what people were talking about and couldn't wait to get out, the baby started moving around in there.

The second the door opened Xiyan got in and held firmly on the handrail, her hand still ma.s.saging the stomach area as an effort to calm the baby down. However, she kept thinking about what the girl just said. So, they are getting married? In such a high profile? Even made the news with commercial promotion?

Once she got home, Xiyan leaned back on her couch, feeble. The ache in her stomach didn't stop though. It started light, no different than normal fetal movements, but became more severe half an hour later and didn't seem to be easing away by the warm water she drank.

My baby, what's happening to you? Are you coming out now?

Her heart was pounding so hard that she felt she was going to faint the next second, her face and lips turning whiter.

She immediately grabbed her phone from her from her bag and dialed the hospital, asking for an ambulance sent to her as soon as possible.

(My baby, please wait for a few more minutes. Mommy is going to hospital right now. Please stop tumbling, please stop.)

Nervous, pained, and moreover, scared, Xiyan's hands were sleek with sweat. As a first-time mother, she naturally behaved extremely anxious in the situation.

She had reserved a spot at the hospital for next Tuesday when she was expected to give birth. She didn't think the time would come before that.

Picking up her phone again, she dialed another number.

The number of the one person who would care about her.

“Hao, I'm at home. I'm in pain, so much pain…”

As soon as he picked up he heard the woman's groaning, his face wiped off any expression.

“Wait there, I'll be right there!”

The Problem With Marrying Rich: Out Of The Way, Ex Chapter 69

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