The Problem With Marrying Rich: Out Of The Way, Ex Chapter 75

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Chapter 75: Wasn't A Maternal

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The Mo villa.

In the evening, a red Ferrari drove into the garage of Mo family. The woman who got off the car had a brown curly hair. She was wearing a black and a red long dress with the Heart of Ocean necklace on her chest which only she owned.

After giving birth about two months, she had gotten back into shape.

She just returned from a cla.s.smate reunion today.

She was a grown woman as she had married into a wealthy family and became a mother at the age of 24. Her friends who were at the same age were envious and jealous of her. Many of them were worried about looking for a good job, but she owned everything, and she could spend money without working.

If there was anything incomplete in her life, it was that her husband didn't love her as much, nevertheless the man would give her money to burn, and he often went home because of the birth of his son.

She approached the peak of her life.

She took off her and stepped into her house, a luxury decorated detached villa.

She frowned unpleasantly when she entered. It was the baby crying again, how's the nanny to take care of the child.

“Yuwei…” Li Qin came over with the baby in her arms, and handed the two months old baby to her daughter-in-law, Xia Yuwei.

Xia Yuwei took her child over reluctantly, the strong perfume over her body made the baby sneezed for several times.

“Where was the nanny?” She asked her mother-in-law in a high pitch, as if she was the master of the house.

“Ah! Nanny had something urgent, her son was hospitalized. She applied leave and the maid was having a holiday, we have no choice. You shouldn't go out for the next two days, take good care of the children at home.” Li Qin pulled a long face, her grandson was a delicate child as he cried many times in a day.

She had nothing to say about her daughter-in-law, she never seen her take care of the child in these two months, and her daughter-in-law still went out for a party this weekend, she almost exhausted.

Li Qin frowned, her heart beating up and down.

She recalled, He Xiyan had always obeyed her and she wouldn't disobey her orders. However, Yuwei didn't take her words seriously. It was fine at first, but the tone of voice had gone up since she gave birth.

If the child was belonged to He Xiyan, she wouldn't be so exhausted.

Li Qin recalled unaccountably, and she shook her head very soon.

Forgot about it, the woman was not able to bear children, it wasn't a pity she left. Yuwei had a bad temper but she could gave birth to her grandson.

Li Qin had figured it out.

“I will call my mum and asked her for help.” Xia Yuwei put the baby in the cradle and reached for her mobile phone.

She didn't have any experience at all. She couldn't even change a diaper.

She disliked his appearance though she gave birth to the child, she didn't like him since he was born, and couldn't arouse her mother's love for the child.

Li Qin was quiet and took a deep sigh.

She looked bad under the light, she didn't dare to scold Xia Yuwei like what she did to He Xiyan before.

The Problem With Marrying Rich: Out Of The Way, Ex Chapter 75

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