The Problem With Marrying Rich: Out Of The Way, Ex Chapter 76

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Chapter 76: He Treats You Really Well

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In the evening, He Xiyan, together with Aunty Yang, gave her child who had just turned one month a bath.

Her baby's features had become more defined and his skin was smooth and tender. His tiny hands had become stronger as he constantly slapped at the water in the basin. He would even break out into laughter occasionally which made him even more lovable.

The child was named He Lin and his nickname was Yuan Yuan. He took her surname and Ye Hao had thought of his name. She did come up with a few names but ultimately decided against using them for she agreed with Ye Hao, a boy's name should be simple and confident. If she gave him a fancy sounding name, it would not sound as masculine.

Yuan Yuan had grown a lot and was now 5 kilograms as compared to the 3.5 kilograms he weighed at birth. From his features, it was obvious that he was a handsome baby.

He Xiyan carefully swaddled Yuan Yuan in a cotton onesie. She took extra care whenever she performed such tasks for fear of hurting her child. She was a new mother but after this month of learning, she had basically figured out how to care for her child.

Her child was very well-behaved and hardly cried. He only cried a few times when he was hungry. When he was not asleep, he would curiously observe his surroundings with wide-eyed innocence.

After she dressed him, she carried Yuan Yuan to the room and carefully placed him in his cradle.

Aunty Yang poured out the water in the basin and washed the child's clothes. After she was done, she wiped her hands clean, then entered the room.

“Uh…Miss He, tomorrow would be my last day working here. Do you have any further questions?” Aunty Yang looked at He Xiyan and could not hold back a sigh. She felt that this woman really led a tough life.

He Xiyan looked at the woman who had taken care of her for one entire month. Although she knew that it had only been her duty, she was still grateful to Aunty Yang for teaching her how to care for her child and showing her how to be a mother.

She dug out the red packet she had prepared from her ap.r.o.n.

“Thank you, Aunty Yang.” She handed the red packet to Aunty Yang. One month had flown by and she had now completed her confinement period. Aunty Yang would leave for her new employer so she would have to take care of her child alone from then on.

Aunty Yang waved her hands, rejecting her red packet a little awkwardly.

“There's no need for this, Miss He. Mister Ye had already given me my commission.” Mister Ye gave her $4,500 on her first day which was three times her usual salary. She couldn't accept this red packet after all that she received.

He Xiyan stuffed the red packet in her hands.

“Take it, you deserve it.” She smiled politely. She knew that Aunty Yang also led a tough life. Her son was in university and her daughter was in high school while her husband was paralyzed so she was the family's sole breadwinner.

How could a woman of over forty still be heading out of home to attend to the needs of others?

Aunty Yang hurriedly thanked her, full of grat.i.tude. She was a confinement nanny for many years and she felt that this was the best employer she had encountered.

“Oh yes…Miss He.” Aunty Yang turned to take He Xiyan's hands in hers. “Mister Ye is a good man and he treats you really well. You mustn't miss out on a man like him.” She said meaningfully. She knew that the child was not Mister Ye's but it was rare for a man to be so attentive toward a woman who had borne another man's child. It could only mean that his feelings for her were sincere.

The door opened then and a man who was completely soaked strode through the door, his hair still dripping water. His s.h.i.+rt and suit clung tightly to his body and brought out his almost perfect figure. It had suddenly started raining outside and there was no parking s.p.a.ce in the garage so he had been forced to park outside and as he ran toward her house, he was soaked through.

The Problem With Marrying Rich: Out Of The Way, Ex Chapter 76

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