The Problem With Marrying Rich: Out Of The Way, Ex Chapter 84

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Chapter 84: You Will Be Fine

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The victims of the accident were members of the most prominent family of Ye City, which resulted in the media being all over the news. The media could not wait to dig out all the skeletons from the Ye family closet after this accident. There were also many reports and comments via online media.

They dug up Ye Hao's ancestry, including his identification number, private pictures, or screenshots of his WeChat moments and plastered them all over the internet.

Some media outlets reported that Ye Hao was not an illegitimate son. Rather, he was the son of Ye Zhiyuan and his ex-wife, Xia Jingshu, which made him the true eldest son of the Ye family. According to the media, Ye Zhiyuan and Xia Jingshu had registered their marriage but did not hold a wedding ceremony. Furthermore, they divorced after six months, so most people were not aware that Ye Zhiyuan had such a short-lived marriage 30 years ago.

The netizens were even more savage and the comments they left below the news articles were as such:

– I think there is something fishy about the car accident. Why would a truck drive against the flow of traffic? Isn't it clear that he wanted to cause a collision?

– I saw pictures of the accident scene and agree that this is obviously attempted murder.

– I bet this accident happened because of the internal struggle to be recognized as the successor of the Ye Group. I'm guessing that his two younger brothers were behind this. The mastermind is either Ye Yi or Ye Zhe.

– The Ye family is really messed up. I hope these brothers end up destroying each other and that the Ye family will go bankrupt soon.

All sorts of rumors and deductions were swirling on the internet. Those who bore the miso-affluence mentality even started to revel in the Ye family's situation. They fervently hoped for Ye Zhiyuan to pa.s.s away from his illness and for his three sons to tear each other into pieces over the succession, then end up in jail for their troubles. Then, this would be the end of a once-distinguished family and would be great news for those who hated the rich.

He Xiyan continued to stay by Ye Hao's side in the hospital. She kept blinking her eyes from fatigue and tiredness. She would also read the latest updates from the media on her phone and each time, she would smile wryly.

She was more terrified that the accident was planned, just like those netizens had deduced. That would be too terrifying.

By the time Ye Hao completed his final surgery, it was already 5PM the next day.

He had lost a large amount of blood during the surgery and thus, he was still attached to a blood bag when he was wheeled out of the surgical room. He looked extremely frail and his lips were completely leeched of color.

His left leg, right arm, head and chest were all wrapped in white bandages which made him look like a mummy from a distance.

He Xiyan stared blankly at the man on the sickbed and rubbed at her chest. His current condition made her heart ache. She walked to his sick bed and reached out to take his uninjured left hand in hers. Blood was still being transferred into his body through his left arm.

“It is alright, Ye Hao. You will get better.” She leaned in close and whispered into his ear, then reached out to carefully pull his blankets higher.

There was a monitor by his bed that would display his vital signs such as his heart rate and blood pressure. Her gaze would move from him to that monitor and when she saw the stable data reflected on it, she felt slightly more rea.s.sured.

The doctor said that he was now sleeping and would awaken after eight hours. His physical condition was excellent and the surgery was a success. However, things were not as rosy for his mother. His mother had suffered fractures all over her body and sustained serious internal bleeding from her organs. Her head injuries were serious and there was a possibility of cerebral infarction, so there was a high possibility of her ending up half-paralyzed or in a vegetative state.

He Xiyan looked up at the ceiling and forced her tears back. According to the news, his mother had held him tightly during the accident, which was why he did not sustain any life-threatening injuries. She could not imagine how he would be able to face his paralyzed mother.

This would be too much for him to bear. He would live with this guilt for the rest of his life.

The Problem With Marrying Rich: Out Of The Way, Ex Chapter 84

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