The Problem With Marrying Rich: Out Of The Way, Ex Chapter 884

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Chapter 884: His Sister Pushed Him

Xia Jingshu couldn't express how terrible she felt. She felt equally worried about how much her granddaughter had changed.

“Mom…” Han Xue froze for a moment and a barely perceptible look of disgust crossed her eyes as she replied with a smile, “Mom, don't worry. After all, Xi Xi is my child too.”

She said words that she didn't mean. She hated this little brat. If this brat was a well-behaved girl, she might have taken her under her wing but this little brat was constantly contradicting her, so she was hopping mad with rage.

Suddenly, their chat was interrupted by the sound of a child howling loudly.

Han Xue's eyes widened and rushed out immediately when she heard the child cry. She recognized this voice as her son's.

Ye Chenyu sat in front of the spiral staircase and his body was slumped over as though he was injured. His forehead was completely red and there was a small abrasion mark left on his forehead.

“Xiao Yu…” Han Xue was so worried that her face turned pale. She quickly crouched down and scooped her son into her arms. She wrapped her arms around him tightly and said, “Tell the driver to drive over. We have to send him to the hospital right now!”

Han Xue anxiously picked up her son and rushed outside.

Xia Jingshu was still at the doorway and she had not noticed what had happened.

“What's wrong? What's wrong?” she asked anxiously.

Han Xue said, “Mom, I think Xiao Yu has fallen down the stairs. Look, there's an abrasion wound on his forehead.”

Xia Jingshu looked at her grandson and saw that there was indeed abrasion on his forehead. She anxiously took his hand in hers and asked worriedly, “Xiao Yu, did you fall down? Other than the wound on your head, does any other part of your body hurt?”

Ye Chenyu cried and sniffled as he looked at his sister Xi Xi who stood in the distance. He suddenly stretched out his hand and pointed at Xi Xi. “Sob… Grandma…my sister pushed me… she pushed me,” he eked through sobs.

Xi Xi looked at her grandmother and that hateful aunty.

“Xi Xi, come here!” Xia Jingshu was livid. Her granddaughter was utterly incorrigible.

Xi Xi carried her barbie doll in her arms and stroked her doll's soft hair as she glared at her grandmother and Aunty Han. They both looked like they wanted to hit her.

She did not approach them but merely stood where she was and glared at them.

“Xi Xi, why did you push your brother?” Han Xue asked angrily. Her eyes were extremely wide and her gaze was as sharp as knives. She handed her child to the nanny so that the nanny could tend to his wounds. Then, she walked up to Xi Xi and looked down haughtily at this little brat.

“I did not!” Xi Xi replied coldly and there was no trace of fear in her voice. She glared at Han Xue and her eyes blazed with such anger that it matched Han Xue's rage. “He rolled down the stairs by accident.”

“You're lying!” Han Xue said.

She refused to believe this little brat's words. This was not the first time she bullied him and she had even slapped him not too long ago because she claimed he s.n.a.t.c.hed her toys. There was even one time when she shoved him so hard that he fell onto the floor because his toy car hit against her foot.

Xi Xi scoffed and balled her hands into fists as she yelled, “I told you, I did not push him!”

The Problem With Marrying Rich: Out Of The Way, Ex Chapter 884

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