Love In The Midst Of Mistaken Identities Chapter 382

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Chapter 382: Pretentious

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“Mr. Xia. What brings you here?”

She asked indifferently.

She didn't harbor any hatred towards Xia Mingzheng. Her heart was extremely calm. Honestly speaking, Xia Mingzheng didn't do anything wrong. All he did was love his daughter.

“Ruoxin,” Xia Mingzheng said awkwardly. He didn't know what to say. He had moved through the business world with ease his whole life, and despite not being that famous, he had still somewhat created a legacy. He hadn't committed any huge crimes, and the money he earned was enough to support his family for the rest of their lives.

However, despite his being older and more senior now, he had to bow down for what his daughter did, carrying the blame for himself, his wife, and his daughter.

They had to apologize sooner or later.

Xia Yixuan was extremely indifferent towards Xia Mingzheng. Since entering the Xia household, Xia Mingzheng was neither cold nor warm towards her. He maintained the image of a good step-father to others, and everything he did was praiseworthy and not to blame at all. Everything Xia Yixuan had, she had, too. She would get presents when Xia Yixuan got them, too. He was how a loving father should be, and it was a topic people discussed enthusiastically.

Of course, many made sarcastic remarks about the mother and daughter, saying that they had struck the lottery meeting a man as good as Xia Mingzheng. Even though it was his second marriage, he treated his wife and step-daughter well, respectfully and thoughtfully, but Xia Ruoxin knew deep in her heart that Xia Mingzheng was the most hypocritical person in the Xia household. He was nice to her to build a good reputation. Was he such a reliable man despite how he treated someone else's child?

Those were things that Xia Mingzheng did deliberately for others to see. He appeared loving to others, but his personality was actually dirty and cunning. He was like a sly fox who had lived for thousands of years, making Shen Yijun and his daughter devoted to him and humiliating her while she was in the Xia household. He even made her carry the crime as a scapegoat when he knew that she was innocent. If he really was a father, he wouldn't have let Shen Yijun shave her bald, draw her blood, and ruin her future.

Even if Xia Ruoxin regarded him this way, she just wanted to treat him as a stranger.

Their relations.h.i.+p didn't run deep anyway for him to show her fatherly love.

She didn't even have a mother, much less a step-father.

Xia Ruoxin stared at him with clear eyes, her lips curved into a sarcastic smile. She had nothing to do with the Xia family… or the Chu family.

Xia Mingzheng had an uncomfortable expression on his face as if he was stripped naked. His sanctimonious behavior all these years was suddenly materialized in front of him like a mirror reflection in front of Xia Ruoxin.

“Ruoxin, your mother is sick. I'm here to…” He licked his dry lips. The words were hard to get out.

“No matter what, she's your mother. Take it as I'm begging you. Go visit her, please. She misses you…”

“Miss me?” The words left a bitter taste in her mouth. “What does she want to do for Xia Yixuan now? Bear her sins? Or something else? I am no use for your schemes anymore.” She rotated her wrist. “I've repaid everything I owed her. As for you…” She was smiling, but her eyes were icy.

“I never owed you anything. The Xia household did provide me a place to stay and food to eat, but without me acting as a foil to Xia Yixuan, her growth and development would have been boring and uninteresting.” Indeed, without her plain and incapable sister, how could Xia Yixuan's reputation be so good?

It was even better now.

She could even come back from the dead.

Xia Mingzheng's face flushed. “Ruoxin…” He called out Xia Ruoxin's name again. Standing there—at that moment, he was deeply ashamed. He realized now that four years could make things pa.s.s and people change completely. Or perhaps they never really understood Xia Ruoxin.

She had a demure personality and was easily bullied by others. She meekly submitted herself to maltreatment. She was destined to be manipulated like a puppet and die a tragic death. For example, by the hands of Xia Mingzheng and Chu Lui. Yet, she survived like a weed.

So like a weed…

The fire couldn't take her down, and the spring breeze blew life into her again. No matter what adversity she was faced with, she solved them and persevered through those she couldn't solve. If it were Xia Yixuan, she would have died ten times over, but Xia Ruoxin was different. She just needed a sliver of light to push through in search of more.

No one might love her, but she would most certainly love herself. She would love those she cared and cared for those she loved.

However, if she stopped caring, then her heart could harden like a stone.

Like now, for instance. She wouldn't care for Shen Yijun anymore. She wouldn't harbor any more dreams and expectations for Chu Lui, even if he turned back and seek forgiveness. Her personality was soft-hearted, but she would never backtrack and revert to what she was and did.

She had pulled through all by herself when she was suffering in the past, and now that she had overcome her hards.h.i.+ps, they came searching for her again. One acted like he loved her, and one acted like a doting parent. Weren't they pretentious?

“Ruoxin, come see your mother with me.” Xia Mingzheng persuaded with a sigh.

“No matter what, despite all the mistakes she made, she's still your mother, the one who gave birth to you and raised you.”

“Then take it as she never gave birth to me.” Xia Ruoxin's heart was long dead. She had no more memories regarding the word 'mother' and wasn't that reliant on or believed in motherly love anymore. Shen Yijun was the same. Didn't she go on about how she regretted giving birth to her and not strangling her to death?

She was thankful for her bringing her to this world, but she had paid what she owed her. If not for her daughter, would her generosity and love for her step-daughter over her biological one bring her Xia Mingzheng's undying love? She used her daughter to secure her place in the Xia household. Wasn't that enough?

“Excuse me, I'm busy. I'm leaving.” She didn't want to listen to Xia Mingzheng's words anymore. It was all rubbish and useless. She found it noisy.

Her heart was extremely still and calm.

Or perhaps it was dead and given up. The word 'mother' no longer stirred her heart.

She closed the door with a thud and locked Xia Mingzheng outside, not even caring when he left.

Love In The Midst Of Mistaken Identities Chapter 382

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