Love In The Midst Of Mistaken Identities Chapter 529 – Blood

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Chapter 529 Blood-Related Granddaughter

“Rainy, are you thirsty?” Chu Jiang was just like a nanny, taking out a water bottle from behind him almost as if he was performing a conjuring trick.

Rainy lightly nodded her head. Actually, the teacher had just let them drink water moments ago. However, she still felt a little thirsty.

“Come, drink a bit.” Chu Jiang squatted down and placed the bottle next to Rainy's mouth, carefully feeding her water with a loving smile plastered his face. n.o.body had ever seen him smile like that before.

This man who, for the past ten years, was a legend in the business market: calm, decisive, sharp-tongued, and a carbon copy of the Chu Lui today. n.o.body knew that a day would come where he would be smiling so openly and gently.

“Does it taste good?” This was prepared specially by Grandpa. There was honey mixed in it. He lightly ruffled his granddaughter's soft hair. This benign countenance made Mrs. Li's expression change. What's wrong with this Chu Jiang? He seemed like a completely different person or something.

Rainy obediently nodded her head. Upon seeing Mrs. Li, her small hand tugged at Chu Jiang's s.h.i.+rt. It was another scary granny. She was afraid.

“What's wrong, Rainy, Grandpa's treasure?” Chu Jiang hastily picked up his granddaughter, his heart aching for her. He soothingly patted her back. She seemed to be afraid. What was she afraid of?

He perplexedly followed his granddaughter's gaze. The thing scaring his granddaughter was none other than Mrs. Li. It was all her fault for looking so ugly that she made his granddaughter unhappy.

“In-la… No… Mr. Chu… what are you carrying this child for? This child is very disobedient and ugly. She's a detestable b.a.s.t.a.r.d child.” Mrs. Li fumbled with her words, without even realizing that the owners of Chu Enterprise were extremely fond of this child.

That word 'b.a.s.t.a.r.d child' made Chu Jiang and Song Wan's expression change drastically in a second. She didn't want to live. How dare she call their Chu family's child a b.a.s.t.a.r.d's child? How could she say that she was disobedient? How was she disobedient? Even saying that she was ugly. How could their Chu family's child be ugly? Their granddaughter was the cutest in the entire nursery.

“Who are you calling a b.a.s.t.a.r.d child?” Chu Jiang's voice became extremely cold. However, he turned back around to gently pat Rainy's head and smiled. “Don't worry. Grandpa's here.”

The moment he turned back around to face Mrs. Li, his face had changed back into his grim expression, causing Mrs. Li to involuntarily s.h.i.+ver. Up until now, she still didn't know what she had said to make Chu Enterprise's Mr. and Mrs. Chu so angry.

“I was talking about that child. She's…” She used her fingers to point at Rainy just about to say something, only to see Chu Jiang's face slowly turning as cold as ice. It was only then that Song Wan recalled: Mrs. Li had bullied Rainy in the nursery before. That's why Rainy was so afraid of her.

Instantaneously, she felt even more hostility towards Mrs. Li. The 'good' daughter that this woman had raised almost caused her granddaughter to die. If it wasn't for Li Manni who used that child in her stomach to deceive her son to leave, then her son wouldn't be forced to give up Rainy's life. If it wasn't for Gao Yi who appeared in the end, they would have already lost their one and only granddaughter.

Now, she still had the audacity to bully Rainy? Was the Chu family's child somebody she could bully? Rainy was their precious treasure.

“Mrs. Li, you better stop insulting our granddaughter. Otherwise, even if our son doesn't deal with you, we will.” Chu Jiang carefully carried the child in his arms, his voice as chilly as an ice bead, each word stabbing at her heart.

Rainy shrunk into Chu Jiang's embrace, her eyes stealing glances at Mrs. Li from time to time. There was a little expression on her small face, and she seemed extremely indifferent. This cold expression of hers looked a whole lot like Chu Lui's.

She really was the Chu family's child. Although she resembled Xia Ruoxin in appearance, her character was absolutely like Chu Lui's. As long as she didn't speak, it would be enough to make other children afraid of her.

“Granddaughter, granddaughter. What granddaughter?” Mrs. Li was extremely confused by Chu Jiang's warning.

Since when did they have a granddaughter? How come she didn't know? Oh, that's right. She heard about it a few days ago. The Chu family had adopted a little girl. People who knew about it all said that the Chu family were just doing some good. However, only they knew that they adopted the child, only because Chu Lui couldn't have one.

Mrs. Li thought about it for a long time and felt angry about it for a long time. Her pair of eyes glaring periodically at the child that was in Chu Jiang's embrace.

“Come, Rainy. Come let Granny hug you.” Song Wan frantically wanted to carry Rainy over from Chu Jiang's arms into her embrace. However, Rainy shrunk into Chu Jiang's arms instead and didn't move.

Song Wan felt hurt again. Forget it, children always needed some time to accept her. Who asked her to side with the wrong disputant? Now, she was receiving retribution for that. Instead, she stood in front of Rainy, blocking Mrs. Li from her just in case Mrs. Li's hands were long enough to do anything to Rainy. “Don't be afraid, Rainy. Granny's here. I won't let anybody bully you. Tell Granny, did she bully you before?” Song Wan pointed towards Mrs. Li.

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Rainy turned her face away, clutching onto Chu Jiang's neck. Although she didn't say anything, she already let Chu Jiang and Song Wan know. The person of the Li family had bullied their granddaughter before. Their beloved granddaughter.

“Don't ever show your face around here again. Otherwise, I will make it such that all the members of the Li family won't even be able to survive as beggars.” Chu Jiang's expression darkened once again. Thinking about how his granddaughter was bullied by others, his heart ached unbearably.

Mrs. Li was totally dumbfounded. She didn't understand. She really didn't understand. Why were they treating this child so well? She wasn't even their blood-related granddaughter. Were they so desperate for a granddaughter that they simply found a random child to treat as their granddaughter? If they really wanted to find a granddaughter, wasn't the child in her daughter's stomach just what they were looking for?

As long as they were willing, n.o.body knew about the child's ident.i.ty. Wasn't that great for them? Even then, she still had such unrealistic dreams-hoping for the day where Chu Lui would once again be her son-in-law. Thus, it would allow her to relive those moments of prestige. Without that prestige, she felt that she couldn't live on anymore.

“She's our blood-related granddaughter.” Chu Jiang could tell what the woman was thinking about from a glance. Whether Li Manni's child was dead or alive, they were never going to accept it. Moreover, they clearly had a granddaughter already. Why would they raise another person's child? Especially the b.a.s.t.a.r.d child from who-knows-where that put their Chu family in such an undesirable situation.

“Blood… blood-related granddaughter… how is this possible?” Mrs. Li was dumbfounded. “How could she be blood-related? Wasn't she adopted from a foster home?”

Before she could finish speaking, Chu Xiang ran over and hugged Song Wan's leg. “Granny, I'm thirsty.”

Love In The Midst Of Mistaken Identities Chapter 529 – Blood

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