Endless Journey: Infinite Realms Chapter 452

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Published at 9th of October 2019 11:24:25 AM Chapter 452

Reality did not disappoint Cheva, as what he had witnessed upon arriving at the Blue Moon was way better than what he had initially expected .

"Halt! Outsider! n.o.body is allowed on these premises except the generals!" Three heavily built people shouted out towards the incoming Cheva, with their words laced with detectable killing intent .

All three of them were stationed right at the surface of the Blue Moon, with their bodies billowing with power .

Multicolored Palaces, the sizes which are comparable to mountains, materialized at the back of these three men . Each of these palaces had their own unique aura, which are powerful enough to destroy weaker objects .

Upon seeing these palaces, Cheva continued to laugh as he felt derision on his opponents .

"Hohoho so you three are G.o.ds . I can see that you have already established your G.o.dly Palaces…" Cheva muttered to himself as he ignored the threats uttered by the three G.o.ds below him . "Hmm… judging by the completion rate of your palaces, you three are all Peak G.o.ds . You only need to create your own G.o.dly Throne to reach Transcendence…"

"You fiendish monster! We don't care what you are talking about! We told you to not come here, so you better not push your luck!" One of the G.o.ds said as the silhouette of a yellow star appeared behind him .

This star then emitted numerous scorching rays of heat that covered the area around him, which included Cheva . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

"Hiss…" Cheva's skin, which was already falling apart on its current state, began to break down because of the extreme heat released by the star . Hissing sounds accompanied this breaking down, which made Cheva look like a re-heated rotten food .

"Hahaha! A puny G.o.d who wields the Law of the Stars . Are you sure a mortal like you can just use this casually? Hmph, what a disappointment!" Cheva grunted as his eyes squinted . "You can just materialize a puny yellow  star behind you, and you already used that to construct  your G.o.dly Palace? Hmph, I've met better G.o.ds than you who constructed neutron stars for their palaces!"

"Swoos.h.!.+" Before the G.o.ds could realize the meaning of Cheva's words, the latter suddenly disappeared on his current spot .

One moment later, and Cheva materialized behind the three G.o.ds, who were all taken aback by the sudden change .

"What? How could he be here? Didn't this moon have numerous formations that prevents intruders from forcing their way in? How could this monstrosity make his way here then?s" The second G.o.d shrilly shouted as a staff materialized on his hands . This staff emitted the same aura as his G.o.dly Palace, which this G.o.d sent hurtling towards Cheva's eyes .

Advertis.e.m.e.nt The s.p.a.ce both trembled and quaked as this staff made its way, with the tip of the staff filled with numerous spatial rifts . An immense amount of physical energy can be felt leaking out of this staff, which shows  the danger hidden in this staff!

In fact, this current staff attack had enough power to destroy a portion of a continent itself, a feat which only powerful martial artists can do .

"Hoho… you wield the Law of Staff Martial Arts? That's unique . But still, that's not enough for you to win . " Cheva murmured as he looked at the staff with interest .


Before this staff could land on Cheva's body, the Abyss Monster let out a small groan as he opened his mouth wide .

From this mouth, a ma.s.sive snake the size of a bus came flying out .


The snake, which displayed the colors of the rainbow on its body, let out a hiss as it wrapped its whole body on the G.o.d who made the staff attack . Even this G.o.d's staff was also included in the wrap-up too, with the power of the staff unable to stop the snake .

"Crunch!" With a sound comparable to that of a crunched can, the rainbow snake quickly crushed the poor G.o.d into a deformed fleshbag . As for his staff, the snake had also destroyed it into numerous wooden pieces, leaving nothing but only the power inside it, which was quickly dissipated by the snake's tough body .

"You may be a mortal with a powerful physical body, but in face of my power, that is nothing at all . Do you think a mortal can fight against a snake that has almost transcended the laws? No, that's not possible, so just mourn for your fates here . " Cheva said in an even tone as the two remaining G.o.ds began to react from what happened on their crushed comrade .

"You! You should die for the name of the Emperor!" The star-wielding G.o.d shrilly shouted as he pointed his finger towards the snake .

"You little s**t! I will burn you until you are roasted!" The star G.o.d exclaimed as the star behind him began moving straight towards the rainbow snake .

This time around, the heat emitted by the star continued to increase to the point that the rocks around him had already turned into gas already .  Even the very air was affected by the heat, with the gases in them burning into nothingness .

The star G.o.d laughed as the rainbow snake made no move to dodge to incoming star . For the star G.o.d,  the rainbow snake's fate was already sealed at the moment that it stopped moving .

The heat of this star alone was already enough to incapacitate weaker Sixth Stage Beings . As for being hit head-on by the star? Only powerful Sixth Stage Beings can receive this kind of attack and even them had to suffer some injuries!

So who cares if this snake was able to kill the staff-wielding G.o.d? In face of the power of a star, not even this snake could do anything against it!

"Really? You want to use that weak star to destroy my power? How disappointing…" Cheva muttered in clear disappointment as the rainbow snake opened its mouth wide .

This snake then swallowed the incoming star in just one gulp, bringing its entirety inside the snake's body .

"Schii…" Faint bubbling sounds could be heard as the star did its best to burn the rainbow snake from the inside . The snake's skin, throat, and chest began to turn red as the heat form the star began to affect it .

Upon seeing this, the shocked sun G.o.d laughed again as he thought that the snake had overestimated itself .

But just a second later,  the burning sound disappeared as the snake brought the star towards its stomach .


Here, the star's existence quickly fizzed away into nothingness, with its heat and light disappearing like a lit firework .


The star was only able to glow brightly  for a few seconds, before it was consumed by the darkness inside the snake . Such fate of this star seems to have affected the star G.o.d hard, as he began to spurt blood with his body suddenly collapsing to the floor .

He appeared to be extremely weakened by the destruction of the star, something that made Cheva look at the star G.o.d with more derision .

"Now that I destroyed your star, you are already a cripple . Hehehe, I thought of killing you earlier, but now that I felt your despair, I realized that letting you live will be much better . " Cheva said in delight as he inhaled all the despair that blossomed form the sun G.o.d . "Haaah… This kind of despair is what I have wanted to feel! Haaah… . Mortal, you have made me so satisfied and happy!"

"Ahh!!!" With the sun G.o.d and the staff G.o.d now defeated, only one more G.o.d remained . But unlike the first two G.o.ds who fought directly against Cheva, the third G.o.d only gave Cheva one terrified look before he began to fly away .

This G.o.d seemed to have no interest on fighting Cheva anymore, which in this case, is a proper thing to think . After all, Cheva just easily demolished 2 G.o.ds in a  span of a few seconds; a feat which no ordinary Sixth Stage Beings can do .

"Ahh!! Why is there a half-step Transcendent here? Only the Great General can fight off something like this!" The third G.o.d shouted in anger as his body continued to distance itself away from the Blue Moon . There were flashes of both fear and despair on his face as he made his escape, something that is natural for him . "Why… why are we so unlucky to encounter someone like him here!"

Right now, this G.o.d did not dare to look back at the Blue Moon, as he knew that slowing down will just lead him into a dark end .

Why should he stay here anymore, when certain death awaited him?

"I must inform Emperor Litch and the Great General about this . Only they… can deal with this monster!" The G.o.d thought to himself as he decided to activate his messenger crystal .

But it was at this moment that the G.o.d felt a shadow looming all over him .

"Huh?" The G.o.d looked up, only to see a snake's gaping mouth closing down on him .

"No! This is not-" Before the G.o.d could even react to this, the mouth had clamped down on him, plunging the G.o.d into a world of darkness and pain .

"Ahhh!!!" The G.o.d began to shout out in agony and desperation as he unleashed numerous attacks to free himself .

Ice beams, flame spears, wind swords, and numerous earth golems were unleashed by this G.o.d in succession, creating a maelstrom of attacks which if used on the Four Moons World, will be enough to annihilate a whole continent .

These attacks may seem strong in one look, but in face of the rainbow snake, these attacks were nothing at all .

"Arghh!!!" The poor G.o.d was only able to hold onto his consciousness for one more second, before his mind collapsed from the pain and fear that enveloped him .

His body flopped down as all his faculties collapsed, leaving nothing but a brain-dead G.o.d mumbling nonsense inside the snake's mouth .

Naturally, the snake did not let this G.o.d continue mumbling .


Like a small cobra swallowing a rat, the rainbow snake smoothly consumed the G.o.d straight into its stomach . Nothing was wasted from this G.o.d, with all of his power and his G.o.dspark also devoured by the snake .

"Have you had your fill now?" Cheva mumble as he saw the carnage made by the rainbow snake . He only shook his hand for a  moment before he gave the snake a stern look . "You useless snake, you only eat all the time without even working for me! Now go and do some job for me! Go and destroy this  moon!"



"Alex… you actually did it . " This was all that Queen Moher could say as she watched the Blue Moon imploding itself on the sky .

Even when she was not actually at the scene of the fight, Queen Mother's senses showed her the intensity of what had happened, especially when the Abyss Monster began to make its move .

"The way that that Abyss Monster used that rainbow snake… it's similar to the way that the Great TimeMaster manipulated her boat . " Queen Mother thought to herself as the fragments of the Blue Moon continued to scatter in the sky . "Since that was the case, then this Abyss Monster is really a Half-Step Transcendent Being…"

As she reached this line of thought, Queen Mother frowned as she looked at Sierra, who was floating beside her .

This baby had a look of awe in her eyes at the Blue Moon's destruction, as if she had just seen an exciting toy .  She seemed to be not worried about the existence of the Abyss Monster, which made Queen Mother feel more despondent .

"Now that the Blue Moon is destroyed, what should I do next?" Queen Mother thought as she did her best to ignore Sierra's tinkling laughter . "Since the act of destroying that moon is related to the matters of the World Soul, then there's a high chance that I have a role to perform here . But what is that role? Does that include fighting off the Abyss Monster?" Queen Mother  mused as she let out an inward sigh .

"Sigh… if I were only like Sierra . " Queen Mother thought as she shook her leaves . "SIerra is just . . . a World Soul who only lives by her principles . A World Soul who… wait, Sierra is a World Soul . A World Soul that is living beside me…"

Endless Journey: Infinite Realms Chapter 452

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