My Gay Husband Is A Pervert Chapter 103

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Published at 30th of October 2019 01:25:11 AM Chapter 103

Mai Yuerui left the place as fast as she could . Her heart was beating really fast . She didn't believe herself that she could really do this with this much confidence .  

As soon as she left the place and went to a little distance she burst into laughter .

"Pttfff . . . . "

"What just happened?"

"Oh G.o.d, whenever I watched any contract marriage drama, I always thought if it could be real or if I will ever get to see such a thing . But you actually sent someone of propose me such a contract . Hahaha . . . "

"Oh . . G.o.d, today was so entertaining . I will never forget this incident . "

Yuerui couldn't stop her laughter and subconsciously rubbed her belly .

"Oh . . . I am hungry . Let's buy some ramen . "

Yuerui went to a shop to buy some ramen . She doesn't have any job the next day . So she can watch kdrama and eat ramen all night .

But when she went to buy some she saw that she didn't have enough cash money . She tried to use her cards but to her surprise all her cards were blocked . So she couldn't buy ramen and returned home empty handed .

She was not feeling good . She already didn't have enough money to spend the whole month . And now her cards were blocked .
She took out her phone from the bag and dialed a number .

"Hey I went to buy some ramen . . . . " She was stopped in the middle .

"What? you are making ramen! I am coming to your apartment right now . I am hungry . " The other person on the phone didn't even say 'h.e.l.lo' politely but was drooling hearing the name of ramen .

"Let me finish first jerk . I thought of making some ramen but all my cards are frozen . Tell me what's wrong?"

"Hehe . . . So they really did that . Good for you . " The person in the phone was grinning .

"You good for nothing brat I am suffering from hunger and you are making jokes of me!"

"I can't do anything about it . It's the consequence of you doing BYE!" The phone was cut abruptly .

Yuerui was more angry now .

"This brat never behaves well . And now he cut my call in the middle . " She became annoyed .

Yuerui went to the kitchen and saw that her groceries were almost over . She can manage up to 2 days most .

Tired and disheartened Yuerui went to her bed and threw herself at her soft and cozy bed . She didn't even wanted to change . She was too tired to do that .

Suddenly she stood up with a jerk .

"How will I manage this whole month?"

"I don't have my job too . "

"It will take some time for me to get another job . How will I suvive untill then?"

"Eehhh . . . . " Yuerui couldn't help cry at her misfortune .

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The next morning, 8 a . m .

Yuerui was looking at the ceiling of her apartment while lying on her soft bed .

She didn't know how to manage the whole month .

"How am I supposed to live this month?" She said in daze .

"I still have to pay my rent . "

"Ehhh . . . " She again cried while covering herself with the blanket .

After a minute she jolted up from her bed .

"Right . I have completed a month in that office and didn't get my salary yet . Yes . . . . . " Her face brightened up .

"Let's go to the office and get my salary .

Khaja [1] Yuerui . "

Yuerui went to her closet and looked for some decent outfit . Since it's the last time she is gonna go there, she wants to look good . While looking for the dress she holted .

"I have to be careful and not come across that Xianw.a.n.g . Yes, Yuerui you can do it, right?" She encouraged herself .

She wore a black colored sleeveless top paired with a check designed skirt which covered her slender white legs . She picked up one of her which matches her dress . Put on a flat shoe and left for the office .


When Yuerui entered the office area it was 8 . 59 a . m 

By the time she reached the HR department it was already 9 .

Coincidentally, Xianw.a.n.g's car reached the main building by that time .

When Xianw.a.n.g came out of the car he was as usual greeted with the flock of team leaders of all departments .

He has worn a grey colored coat, white s.h.i.+rt and completed his look with a red colored tie . His pitch black hair is brushed backward . Not a single hair is disheveled . His perfect jaw bone is making him look more enticing .

When he was being greeted, his eyes fell on the small little fellow outside the HR building .

On the hand, Yuerui didn't look at the time when she was entering . She was praying not to come across Xianw.a.n.g . But when she came near the HR building she felt like someone is looking at her . She subconsciously looked around and found that Xianw.a.n.g's sharp gaze was fixed at her .

'Oh my dear lord!' she immediately covered her face with her backpack and ran into the HR building .

'Going to the HR department?' Xianw.a.n.g tilted his head and gave a smirk .

Only Si ying knew the meaning of his smirk . But other employees were dumbfounded by his actions . They didn't know how to react with his smirk .

Xianw.a.n.g looked at Zongguan and said," Mr Lin, come to my office . " Saying so he rushed back to his office .

[1]= Let's go .

My Gay Husband Is A Pervert Chapter 103

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