My Gay Husband Is A Pervert 121 Bickering In The Car

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In the car,

When Xianw.a.n.g sat in his seat Yuerui reached out for the seat belts but before she could reach, Xianw.a.n.g came forward and took the honor of fixing her seat belts. Yuerui was startled by his sudden approach. She leaned back towards the seat to avoid any contact with him.

Her face got a tint of red color on her cheeks. She was feeling awkward as well as a little shy because of his sudden approach.

Xianw.a.n.g chuckled at her reflex. He also found it cute.

Xianw.a.n.g then put on his seat belt and started the car. Before he pressed on the accelerator he asked Yuerui," By the way Ms. Mai, you didn't tell me your address. Where will I drop you?"

'Aghhhh... O.. so you are in a mood of making a fun out of me now. Thanks to you I was on the verge of being homeless again. Thank G.o.d I took the right decision beforehand.' Yuerui thought.

"Didn't you put spies on every one of your employees? I thought your spies have already informed you about where my new address is." Yuerui razzed.

"You seem to be upset about the spy thing."

"Of course not! Who doesn't love to get their private s.p.a.ce violated by some stranger?" Yuerui was venting out whatever came across her tiny little mind.

"Stranger!" Xianw.a.n.g replied with surprise in such a tone as if he got hurt.

'Aigo... Mr. Xianw.a.n.g got hurt. I am not sorry. I said those intentionally.' Yuerui laughed in her mind.

"Forget it. Will you tell me your address, Ms Mai so that I can get the honor to drop you home." Xianw.a.n.g asked gently.

Yuerui restrained herself from spurting nonsense for a while and told Xianw.a.n.g the location.

Xianw.a.n.g was surprised to hear that Yuerui didn't ask to drop at any hotel instead she said the location of the house which she rented recently. 

'Strange! Why are you still going to the home from where got kicked out?' Xianw.a.n.g was thinking deeply while his black Lamborghini was pa.s.sing across the busy roads.


The busy streets were dazzling with the nightlights of various markets, shopping malls, hotels and building. The busy streets never gets silent. It's always resounded with the noise of people. And of course one thing that never leaves these streets is the traffic jam.

Xianw.a.n.g's car has been stuck for while because of the traffic jam. Being bored he turned on the radio. It was a coincident or fate that a sweet and soft romantic song was playing. The song made the environment even more awkward and uncomfortable.

Mai Yuerui coughed a little. Xianw.a.n.g understood her awkwardness. So he immediately changed the channel. But G.o.d knows why every channel was playing romantic music.

"Wow... Everyone is playing romantic music today. The couples will really enjoy these music."

"Why don't you ask Zhang Eliza? She would love to enjoy them with you." Today Yuerui had no filter in her mouth. She was saying whatever she was thinking. She was really enraged about what Xianw.a.n.g did to her.

"Why would I enjoy them with other women when I have you?" Xianw.a.n.g replied bluntly.

And Yuerui's teasing backfired at her.

"What?" She sneered.

"Nothing." Xianw.a.n.g chuckled inwardly.

After a while Yuerui's phone rang.

She took out her phone and saw the name that surfaced on the screen. Yuerui gave a bright smile. Seeing Yuerui smile at her phone Xianw.a.n.g frowned his eyebrows.

She received the phone call and put it on her ears. She was waiting for the call to cut but she found that the dialer did not have any intention of cutting the call.

'O c.r.a.p. I forgot whom did I gave this work. He won't cut the call.'

"He... h.e.l.lo.." she tried to remain excited.

"Hehe... You finally said something." The man on the phone said.

'You brat.' she cursed.

"Oh yes. I am absolutely fine in my new house. Haha."

"You don't have to worry."

"No no... You don't have to come."

"Okay. Check on me tommorow. Now I am going home and have a good night sleep. Bye dear."

Yuerui said those words in such a way as if she was chatting with her boyfriend. Then she immediately cut the call.

Xianw.a.n.g's face got darkened. Black lines surfaced on his forehead.

When the traffic jam finally released them Xianw.a.n.g drove towards Yuerui's address with extreme speed. In his thought he was thinking about who this girl was talking with and why is this girl still going to the same house. She should be out of her house according to the report he got.

'Slow down, what's with this exteme speed? Do you wanna die? Even if you wanna die, die alone. Not with me.' she thought.

"Ms. Mai, are you comfortable in your new house?" He cannot but ask.

"Yeah." She replied shortly.

'I am so comfortable. I have never been this much comfortable before.' Yuerui mocked.

"That's great then." Xianw.a.n.g went silent again.

After a while he again asked," Is your new landlady good with you?"

"Aren't you asking a bit too much today, BOSS?" She replied.

Xianw.a.n.g coughed a little then replied, "As a responsible CEO, I should know if my employees are living okay."

'O really!' Yuerui rolled her eyes.

Meanwhile in their bickering, they reached to Yuerui's house from which she got kicked out today.

"You can drop me here. Thank you." After thanking Xianw.a.n.g Yuerui went out of the car then went towards her old house. She doesn't want Xianw.a.n.g to know that she has got another house.

Xianw.a.n.g was dumbfounded to see that Yuerui was still going to the house from which she got kicked out today.


He picked up his phone and dialed a number.

"Find out that if Mis Mai got kicked out of her new house."

After that he drove away from the site.

When Yuerui was a.s.sured that Xianw.a.n.g was not around she went outside the building and went to her new house.

My Gay Husband Is A Pervert 121 Bickering In The Car

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