My Gay Husband Is A Pervert 131 Who Is Mai Yuerui?

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"It's was not me." He replied apologetically.

"You want me to believe that?"

"I am telling the truth. You have to believe me."

"Believe you? You have done tons of things behind my back to make me accept your contract. I have refused you respectfully all this time. You made me leave my apartment, I didn't say a thing. You wore a matching outfit with me and made people misunderstood, I still remained patient. But what you did today was the limit of my patience. Enough of your schemes." Yuerui said all these words with a calm expression. 

Even if she looked calm on the outside, Xianw.a.n.g knew she was not okay at all. Her hands were shaking and she was holding them together to stop shaking. She was furious, raged and she might be wanting to smack him in the face. 

He knew he was being a jerk all this while. So he didn't say a word and let her finish.

"I admit that I did the previous things. But this time it is not me. It is that stupid reporter."

"I believe, not even a single reporter was allowed to enter, CEO Kong."

"Yes, I know. But I don't know how that reporter got those pics. Believe me."

"Huh!  Believe you?" Yuerui mocked. She didn't wanted to say it out loud but her anger made her spit it out.

"You don't believe me?" Now Xianw.a.n.g didn't wanted to deal with it anymore.

"No" and Yuerui didn't want to back off either.

"Don't believe me then. I can do nothing if you don't believe me."

"Make the news stop." Yuerui said.

"Make it stop? Your face isn't even showing there. So why are you bothered?" Now that Xianw.a.n.g had lost his patience, he didn't want to deal with it anymore.

"What do you mean? Even if my face is not shown, I know it's me."

"You and I know it but they don't."

"Only you and me? The rest of the people who were there in the party know as well."

"They won't spit a word." Xianw.a.n.g replied in straight voice.

"Why are so obsessed with making me agree to your contract? I mean there are tons of other girls. Just pick any of them. Not to mention you don't know anything about me."

Xianw.a.n.g didn't say a word.

"See. You know nothing. And you were talking about marriage with me. I think I have cleared my thoughts in this contract. So, please don't ask me again and clean the mess you created."

Saying to Yuerui turned to leave.

'I am just gonna stay here until Zongguan recovers. When he is fit and can continue his work, I will leave this company and we will never see each other again.' she thought.

Yuerui walked towards the door and approached the doork.n.o.b to open the door but she was stopped as Xianw.a.n.g began to speak.

"Do you mean that I don't know the second daughter of Mai Minghui and Meng Xihuan aka the second young miss of Jiankang pharmaceuticals company."

Yuerui halted her motion. She was like strock with lightening. She turned towards Xianw.a.n.g and saw him leaning his body against the table and smirking at her.

"Yes, I know that you are the second child of the CEO of Jiankang pharmaceuticals whose ident.i.ty is unknown to the world, Miss Mai Yuerui."


" do you know that?" Yuerui stammered as she was shocked.

Xianw.a.n.g laisurely went back to his chair and pulled out a file. He began to read.

"Mai Yuerui, daughter of CEO Mai Minghui and his beautiful wife Meng Xihuan."

"Age: 26, Height: 5'3"" he began to say out loud.

"Graduated in marketing from 'A' University."

"Oh.. I have been there before." He murmured in the middle.

"So where were we? You have an elder sister, Mai Tainning who is married to Ran Huangzhen, a scientist at a microbiology research lab."

"You have another sibling, a younger brother, Mai Yirong. He is only a year younger than you. So you are like a buddy to him."

"Both of your siblings studied pharmacy and hold high positions in your dad's company."

"When your whole family is involved in research and medicine, you decided to ditch them and studied business."

"Your educational and other history or news are known to public untill you were in your middle school. Then may be you were bitten by some insect that suddenly a thought came to your mind and you decided to hide yourself from the public. You even released yourself from your family's support when you entered university."

"So you left your house are started to live alone then. You even paid your own tution fees by yourself. Impressive!"

"But your family was still concerned. So they always keeps their eyes on you in a distance of course."

"Yeah! With this you may have figured out that I know a lot of things about you." Saying so Xianw.a.n.g closed the file and looked at Yuerui with a smile.

Yuerui was still shocked and nervous. She never in million years thought that Xianw.a.n.g would know that. Why would she? She spent quite an amount of money to seal all her information. But here is this guy smiling at her with her info in his hand.

"How did you know this?" She finally asked something.

"You really didn't underestimate my power, right?"

'Oh yeah. How can I forget.' Yuerui rolled her eyes.

"When did you know? Did you know from the start?"

"At first, No. But I started to doubt when you jumped from one apartment to another like a piece of cake. So I did a background research. I am pretty useful, right?" Xianw.a.n.g chuckled.

Yuerui crossed her arms and said with

confidence, "So what of you know?" She have to act strong.

"Nothing, I am just asking, are you not willing to the contract because your ident.i.ty will be leaked?"

"No! It's just that you are not my type."

"What! I am not your type?" Xianw.a.n.g couldn't believe what he just heard.

"What? Are you gonna sue me?" Yuerui said with straight face.


"Now that you know who I am, then you better not bother me." Saying so she left the place.

My Gay Husband Is A Pervert 131 Who Is Mai Yuerui?

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