My Gay Husband Is A Pervert Chapter 136 - A Memory

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In the corridor, Yuerui texted Su that she is sick and inform the HR department about her leave. Even though the HR head was present in the meeting, she still needs to inform the HR department.

While she was typing her hands were shaking.

"No.. you stupid hands, stop shaking."

She put her phone in her bag and started to walk faster. She has to leave the place. She doesn't want to see that face.

"How could you do this to me, G.o.d? How could you? Haven't I suffered enough."

"Why! Why! Why!"

"I don't want him in my life. Why has he appeared now?" 

Yuerui was murmuring to herself as she was leaving.

As she left, a pair of black shoes saw her leave. His eyes squeezed a little.

"Mr. Han, do you need any help?" Si ying asked him from behind.

"No. I was just watching outside."

"Did you finish your call? You came outside to attend a call."


"Oh.. then please come inside. By the way have you seen Ms Mai?" Si ying asked.


"The girl who just left before you."

"Why do you need her?" Yefang said coldly.

"A... She just left her pendrive in the meeting room. I came to give it back to her." Si ying found it a little awkward that why is he being angry at him. But he didn't think much. It must be his att.i.tude just like his friend.

Yefang looked at the pendrive in his hand and said, "Oh... I don't know. I didn't see her."

"O.. then please come inside. I will return it to her tomorrow."

After that, they went back to the meeting.

A rainy night. It's neither raining heavily nor it's drizzling. But the perfect rain to enjoy with your beloved one. A boy in his 20's is holding a girl in her early 20's by piggyback. Anybody who sees them would find them a teenage couple who are deeply in love.

"Do you know what is my definition of a boyfriend?" the girl coyly asked the boy.

"What?" The boy asked. 

"Husband." The girl shyly whispered in the boy's ears. She burried her face on his shoulder out of shy.

"Do you wanna marry me?" The boy asked again.

"Of course. What? You don't wanna marry me?" The girl asked in hesitation.

She was still a little uncertain about what will the boy answer. Her heart was beating really fast.

The boy could hear the beating sound of her anxious heart. He stopped walking and gently put the girl down. He turned towards the girl. He cupped her face in his hands and said in the most gentle way, "You are the only girl I love and you are the only girl I will marry."

"Promise me, you will never leave me." The girl still wanted to make sure.

The boy came close to the girl and kissed her forehead then whispered in her ears, " I will never leave you, Mai Yuerui."

Mai Yuerui opened her eyes.

It was a dream. No, it was not a dream but a memory. A memory that was once the happiest memory of her life. But now it gives nothing but pain, an indescribable pain. Tears are falling from the corner of her eyes but she didn't wipe them off. Her pillow got soaked in tears which began to irritate her. She sat up and threw the pillow in the floor. Then covered herself with blanket and turned off the lights.

 The VIP suit of the most expensive hotel of the city....

The whole room is dark. Only the side table lamp is lighten. The room is filled with smoke which can make one suffocate. He doesn't know for how long he has been smoking. But two empty boxes of cigarettes are lying beside him.

He didn't pay any attention to them since his eyes are fixed at the diary he brought with him.

He remembered when he saw her today in the meeting.

He was alone sitting in the meeting room checking bussuness related news in his mobile. Then he heard someone coming. He didn't pay attention to the person and concentrated in his phone. His neck began to ache since he had been looking at the phone for a while. He stretched his neck and subconsciously his eyes fell on Yuerui who was busy in her work.

At first, he didn't believe his eyes. He thought he must be dreaming. He even pinched himself to check.

There was no one in the room except them. And she was like her usual self. Paying no attention to her sorrounding and emerging her self in her work. She was always like that. And she still didn't change. The fringe in her forehead was poking her delicate cheeks. He wanted to reach to them and tuck them behind her ears. She and her are inseparable with on another. He chuckled.

She kept on swirling the pen in her hand.

'She still has this habit, same as mine.' he thought.

While she was reading her file Yuerui was subconsciously biting her pen. 

'There we go, old habit never leaves.' he smiled. He doesn't have habit of biting pen.

But he finds it very cute when she does that.

He wanted to approach her, ask her how she was all these years. But he was scared as well. He was scared that he might frighten her. So he kept looking at her silently.

But his scare came in reality in the end. Yuerui was so scared that she almost tripped on her leg and hurriedly left the place.

His heart ached when he saw her leave.

Back to reality...

Yefang turned the pages of his diary and the familiar picture came in vision.

The girl in the picture is looking at him intently making his heart warm. He touched her face in the picture gently.

"Is it still so hard for you to see me?" His heart ached.

My Gay Husband Is A Pervert Chapter 136 - A Memory

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