My Gay Husband Is A Pervert Chapter 23

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Published at 19th of August 2019 08:03:27 PM Chapter 23

Just as the mood was getting lighter and Yue rui was relaxed a bit there was thud sound in the door and Ran ruo entered with her two sycophants .

The skinny one between the two is named Xu hao and the other with chubby face is called Bai lu .

'G.o.d you don't wanna let me stay relaxed for bit . Do you?' Yuerui thought seeing the group of three .

"How could you start the party without me? I am so disappointed . " Ruo bit her lips and made a disappoint face .

The male worker caught off guard and began to coax her .

"Sister ruo ruo we thought you would be busy with your 'boyfriend' so we didn't want you disturb you . " Su said interruting their coax .

"Well I am indeed late because of him . Never mind I am not disappointed any more . " Ruo said in a low voice and then gave a bright smile .

Ruo came forward and raised a gla.s.s to Yuerui .

"We already introduced earlier . So no need to do again right?" she said .

"Yes sister ruo ruo . " Yuerui gave a bright smile although it wasn't sincere .

After that, Ruo signaled the other two and they began clapping their hands to draw everyone's attention .

"We only drink on our welcome parties always . So to give it a change I have arranged a fun game for you . " Ruo said .

Xu hao brought a bowl of chits and Bai lu brought a spinning wheel .

"Here in the spinning wheel there are some tasks and on the chits everyone's name is written on it . Every time a chit is picked up the person in the chit will spin the wheel and do the task which is stopped at the mark . The chit will again be added to the bowl so that a persons name can be said multiple times" Ruo explained the rules to everyone .

"Whoa what a great game . It's gonna be so much fun"

"Yeah . . . let's play the game . "

Everyone cheered with joy .

Yue rui began to scan the wheel to see the tasks written on the wheel

Let's see,

Gives you phone number the first person you see outside the room and convince him/her to call you

Pick a fight with the first women you see in the club

Drink two bottles of wine and dance in the club

the 4th one made her soul go out of her body . It said,

'Sell a packet of condom to the first man you see at the entrance of the club . '

' . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . '

'What the h.e.l.l!!!!!!!!!! I can't even talk properly to people . If one asks me how am I, I continue to stare at them like a fool then reply to them because I have to think thousand times before replying to that simple question . '

'G.o.d you have been playing around with me since yesterday . If I get this task today I am never gonna talk with you . Please Grant my wish . Get me whatever any other task but not this one . I beg you . ' Yuerui continued to pray vigorously and fixed her gaze at that fourth task .


The game begin .

Ran ruo smirk looking at Yuerui and tosed the chits . Then she picked one and read it loud .

"O my G.o.d . The first is our newbie cat . Come soon the wheel" there was a mischievous hint in her eyes .

'Seriously? Newbie cat? Even little cat is a better name than this . Oghhhh . . . . G.o.d please help me this once . . . . You have to help me okay?' Yuerui looked upward as in talking to G.o.d and dragged her body to the spinning wheel .

'In the name of G.o.d spin' she span the wheel .

Yuerui's eyes were fixed on the fourth task .

To her happiness the fourth task didn't ended on the mark . She was overjoyed with happiness .

'G.o.d you have heard my prayers . You are the best . ' she thanked G.o.d .

'Let's see what I have to do . . . . '

My Gay Husband Is A Pervert Chapter 23

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