My Gay Husband Is A Pervert Chapter 66

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Published at 21st of August 2019 03:54:18 PM Chapter 66


"In three days?"

"What is Zongguan talking about?"

Ruo understood that now she had to explain the truth . So she gave a foolish smile and said, " Ah . . . People, how can you not let me finish and reach the conclusion yourself? I didn't say that I didn't get the chance . "

Everyone became more surprised .

Ruo continued," Mai Yuerui and I both got the chance . But since only one of us will get the chance at the main event, so we are told to present our presentation separately in three days from today and one will get selected . "

Ruo made it look like she didn't try to slander Yuerui at all . It was all their misunderstanding .
The male colleagues got fooled by her fake acting . But the female knew what was Ruo's intensions . Even though it was proved to them that Ruo tried to slander Yuerui but it was not also a lie that Yuerui got chosen . So Yuerui can't be forgiven .


These three days had been the most depressing days in Yuerui's entire life . Even the devil boss didn't spare her any time to breathe . She had to go early to the main building, then when Xianw.a.n.g thinks she had done enough work only then she is able to return to marketing department .

But after the devil, she had to go through the jealous women who were ready to bully her . In every 30 minutes, she had to run errands for these women in the middle of her work . They tried their best to disturb her in her work . All Yuerui could do is give them a sweet smile and do their jobs quietly . But of course her mind wasn't quiet . She was constantly cursing these women .

Sometimes she even thought to spit in their coffee but she hardly restraint herself .

After all the exhaustion of the office she still didn't get time to rest . And why is that? Since those female colleagues of hers didn't give her time to work, she had to bring her data to home and work overnight .


(The night before the presentation)

4 AM

"Aaaahhh . . . . Finally complete" Yuerui sighed .

"These three days were the worst days of my life . "

"G.o.d please please please don't get me involved in this kind of situation again . Or I don't know how will I survive there . "

Yuerui looked at the clock and got startled .

"Oh c.r.a.p . . . . It's very late . I had to wake up in time . Thank goodness I already picked up my clothes . "

"G.o.d please help me wake up early today . " She prayed to G.o.d and went to sleep .

7 . 45 AM

It was the ninth or tenth alarm which was able to wake her up . Yuerui lazily reached her hands to turn off the alarm and used all her might to raise her head and look at the clock .

"Oh s.h.i.+t . . . *******"

"Mai yuerui, you idiot, you useless brat, when will you listen"

"It takes at least an hour to go to my office . how will I be able to get on time today?"

All the sleepiness in her head flew away from the room and she jumped from the bed in panic .
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Thank goodness she got her dress ready the previous night .

Even though Yuerui always wears casual outfit in the office but she clearly knows today is not the day she can wear her typical but comfortable outfit .

She wore a black colored long pencil skirt and a white colored blouse with balloon sleeves .

Everyday she does a messy bun since she is tooo lazy to comb her hair property and the messy bun is the easiest hairstyle . But today she had to comb her long black hair which exeeds her waist . It's true that her thick long hair has given her a very hard time today . She had to properly disentangle every skeins of her hair . She tied up her hair in a simple formal style bun .

Yuerui didn't like to reveal any skin . So to cover her slender white legs, she wore a black stocking .

Her slim and curvy figure was looking gorgeous . If she had the pa.s.sion to become a model then she would be a super model by now . She was looking exact opposite of her everyday look . She finished her dressing with a pair of semi heal shoe . She didn't put any make up but put some lip balm out of habit .

She went in front of the long mirror of hers to see her overall get up . But she didn't know that she looked at the mirror only to squeeze the middle of her eyebrows .

My Gay Husband Is A Pervert Chapter 66

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