My Gay Husband Is A Pervert Chapter 70

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Published at 10th of September 2019 02:15:04 PM Chapter 70: 70

Yuerui was more anxious than Su . She was panicking from her head to her toe but she didn't let her friends know . She doesn't want them to worry about her .

Her hands were shaking a little but she covered them by holding her hands .

"Then let me go and find him . " Yuerui suggested .

"Let's go together . " Su and Kai both said .

"Then whoever finds him first inform the others . " Yuerui said and then they hurriedly left their room .


Advertis.e.m.e.ntAfter an hour and half, the three of them returned to they room with failure .

"We searched everywhere but couldn't find him . " Su sighed

"Yeah . We searched every single department but couldn't find him . He isn't even picking up his phone . " Kai became angry .

"We searched everywhere, except . . . " Yuerui said with a little annoyance .

"The CEOs office!" The three said in union .

'That weirdo! Always makes trouble for me without even realizing it . What a unbelievable fate we have!' Yuerui became vexed .

"Little cat, I have an idea . Wanna hear it?" Su asked .

"Of course Su . Any idea is welcomed . Just help get through this problem . " Yuerui said with hopeful eyes .

"Then pack your files and go to the CEOs office . Then you can show it to Zongguan immediately . " Su said .

"Yes! You have the authority to go their anyway . So if anyone sees you going there that wouldn't be weird . " Kai said .

"And . . . You can show them to the CEO as well . " Su gave a wink .

"If that weirdo knows that I forgot my pendrive, he is gonna dig me alive . " Yuerui got worked up .

"But he is gonna find out eventually . " Su brings out the fact .

"Yeah . . . But I don't want him to find out this early . " Yuerui said in a low voice meekly .

"Why! Since you know he might not be a gay, are you admiring him by spending time with him?"

Su and Kai didn't know about that Yuerui had peeped through Xianw.a.n.g's office a few days ago and misunderstood him . They are still in their previous a.s.sumption .

Hearing their teasing Yuerui wanted to vomit .

"I don't wanna break Si ying's family with him . " Yuerui slowly murmured and chuckled .

"What did you say little cat?" Su asked .

"Nothing at all . . . Let's call Zongguan one more time . " Yuerui didn't wanted to tell Su and Kai about her discovery because she wanted to protect Xianw.a.n.g's secret which was actually not true at all .

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They tried to call Zongguan a couple of times but he still didn't answer .

"Okay . Now that's enough . Yuerui let's go to the main building . You don't have much time . It's almost time for lunch . So we have to inform Zongguan as soon as possible . " Su became worried as well as restless .

"Okay . " Yuerui nodded .

She turned towards her table to get the file .

But to her horror the file wasn't in her table .

My Gay Husband Is A Pervert Chapter 70

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