My Gay Husband Is A Pervert 10 Yue Rui Is Screwed

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'Is he trying to make a rhyme?' Yue rui was totally puzzled.

'But if he is trying to make one then it's a total c.r.a.p. There's no rhythm in it. Brain and dream…yeah no rhythm at all.' She laughed in her mind.

'Wait, but why would he rhymes in this situation?' she was dumbfounded.

On the other hand in Xian w.a.n.g's head, 'I was right. She actually looks like as if all the wires in her head had teared off. Look at her hair, her dress, she didn't even iron it properly as if she just woke up from her sleep and flew to the office.'

The wrinkly white t-s.h.i.+rt and pretty undone shoe lace of Yue rui made Xian think like that.

Not in his acknowledgement Xian was actually right. Yue rui indeed did that.

But seeing her dumbfounded and not replying to his words Xian w.a.n.g become more angry.

Yue rui saw Xian's angry face and got chills. She had no other choice but to look at Si ying and Zongguan for help.

Both of them understood that Yue rui didn't understand a word. So Si ying took the initiative and said, "Miss Mai CEO is saying that you are not forgiven because of your talent but Mr. Zongguan since he praised you in front of our boss."

Then she looked at the file that was thrown to her feet.

"O that file is the record of other employees of the office to let you know that they are all highly educated and not to take them for granted."

"Aaa…aaaa..ahh…" Yue rui now understood but when she moved her face to Xian w.a.n.g she shut her mouth immediately and hung her head down again.

"Mr. Zongguan thank you very much for your appreciation. I will not let you down. Yue rui said to Zongguan.

Then she turned to Xian w.a.n.g, "Thank very much for giving me another chance. I will never make any mistake ever again."

Though she apologized and thanked Xian, but actually in her mouth but in her mind,'a.s.shole, bulldog, weird CEO, what in the world made you think that i would think to highly of myself and ingore my colleagues. Who would have thought I would get insulted like this only for 1 minute late.'

"Ever again?" Xian w.a.n.g continued his arrogance then threw another file to her.

She caught the file with her hands. 'What does that mean now?' Yue rui is helpless again.

Zongguan glanced at the file. "Isn't this one of the project we have been discussing to take sir?" he asked.

"Give it to her. You have 24 hours." Xian w.a.n.g concluded his speech.

Yue rui was still in confusion. She looked at Si ying.

"Sir means you have to make a report of the marketing and budget on this project within 24 hours." Si ying said.

'What!!!!! A full report on this file in one day? Are you insane weirdo? G.o.d why have I chosen this job?' Yue rui is totally screwed.

My Gay Husband Is A Pervert 10 Yue Rui Is Screwed

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