Kael Cor: A Vampire's Awakening 362 The Souls Of The Universe I : Sight Awakening

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So I could see s.p.a.ce, and stars, and asteroids, and then more s.p.a.ce. Who would have thought traveling in outer s.p.a.ce could be so d.a.m.n boring. I've tried to enjoy the experience to be honest, but there's only so much enjoyment to be gotten from staring at an endless expanse of blackness and bright dots for hours. If the seventh universe was previously thought to be endless, with the merger of the sixth and fifth universe, this place can not really be quantified.

All of the previous maps of the universe that have been created, have all been put aside. The universe was brand new once again, and with that knowledge a new age of exploration began for a lot of people.

There were new galaxies, stars and planets to be discovered, new star maps to be drawn, new species of life to be found, all in all it's meant to be great adventure...…or at the very least that's what people would think, but in the end it boils down to hours upon hours of boredom.

Of course we could travel through s.p.a.ce at light speed, using either the hyper drive or warp engine, or at the very least travel through a few s.p.a.ce gates. But we've done that, and we're currently traveling through an uncharted part of s.p.a.ce, using either a hyper or warp drive that could move a person billions of lights years in mere seconds or minutes could be dangerous. We could just as easily end up right in the middle of a sun.

So I had to endure Max and Baeki getting all cozy with each other, and the rest of our retainers working around the s.h.i.+p, everyone with a job to do, and me the recently awakened King left completely idle with no other choice but to wait and wait, and wait. What a life.

Xaseah and Asha had already moved on to the front lines of the war with the dark G.o.ds. A cl.u.s.ter of mining planets were under siege, and those planets were an important supply depot for our armies.

They had jumped right into the fray to put a stop to the siege, so right now they were probably fighting battles within and outside the confines of those mining planets. Must be really epic, I honesty wish I was there.

"You know it would be wise for you to become more familiar with your body and your new abilities. It would help with the boredom you're feeling right now."

It took all of the strength in my body not to jump up and scream like a little girl once I heard his voice besides me. He really was like the wind, Joshua showed up without a sound or even any sort of warning, silent and still like some predator stalking his prey. This dude is dangerous, but I'm not worried, I'm dangerous too.

"That would be a good idea, but previous examples of when I used to train has shown that my abilities can tend to be really.....explosive. And while we might be able to survive in the vacuum of s.p.a.ce, I doubt the almost three hundred crew members aboard this s.h.i.+p would. How about we spar instead?" I asked him instead. He laughed out loud and said to me.

"A simple sneeze from either one of us could probably put a hole the size of a city on a planet, so maybe we should leave the sparring until we're in a place where the collateral damage won't be as devastating to life. But I still think you should try and train, the soul element and the spirit element are two sides of the same coin, and while they do have serious potential for destruction, their true power has always lain in how subtle and calm they could be in the approach.

Our elements are not really meant for battle, there's more to the soul than just being capable of reshaping nature and the way it works. You should try listening to your element, understand the true power and capabilities of a soul, understand the domain you've now become a demiG.o.d of. And once you've understood it, the command it. Have fun vampire." He me as he turned and literally just faded into the wind.

"you too werewolf." I said back to him, not entirely sure that he was even able to hear me.

But his words struck a chord in me, because that would mean I've been using my ability to control soul energy wrongly. Or rather maybe that's the mistake I've been making, I've been using soul energy, rather than souls itself. Of course I don't think it's ethical to use souls as a power source, however there was angle to it that I wasn't really seeing. Maybe I needed to see a lot more clearer, to truly understand this domain of souls.

I closed my eyes and closed off my senses to the universe, I was stuck in blackness, limbo, nothingness. It wasn't really a weird feeling, but since this was the first time I'm experiencing it, I felt a little off, plus I had no idea what I was looking for. I knew that I wanted to see, to hear, to feel and to know more about souls, but I had no idea how to go about it.

Souls were the collective memories, character and quirks that make a person. Our consciousness, who we really are. Souls are people, just without a body and a spirit to keep them bound to that body. Souls go somewhere when they leave their mortal bodies, the most probable thought would be either the next life, or to heaven or h.e.l.l. But I'm not really sure, I just wanted to see, to perceive them, just like my son, just like Michael I wanted eyes that could really see souls or rather the worlds of souls.


I was just able to read the system message for about ten seconds before my eyes began to burn, almost as if someone had poured acid right into my skull and stood there watching as my eyes melted into a pile of goo and dripped right out the side of my eye sockets and floated right into the air, affected by the zero gravity atmosphere of the s.h.i.+p. There was a lot of pain, and any normal man would probably have crumbled under the intensity of such pain, but this was nothing, I felt it, but I refused to acknowledge it.
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My eyes reformed right in front of me, I couldn't see, but I could feel them. And while my hollow eye sockets left me a bit terrified for a moment, it didn't last long as my eyes moved right back into my skull, and I was exposed to an entirely new universe, a brand new experience that I've not been able to experience so far, I felt my breath caught in my throat, and I couldn't but gasp in shock and surprise.

"Whoa!....that's a lot of souls."

Kael Cor: A Vampire's Awakening 362 The Souls Of The Universe I : Sight Awakening

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