Kael Cor: A Vampire's Awakening 363 The Souls Of The Universe Ii : A New God Is Born

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We were moving really fast across s.p.a.ce, that much was understandable, but what I could now see seemed to have made it seem as if the s.h.i.+p itself was crawling across s.p.a.ce rather than moving at more than ten times the speed of sound. I couldn't call what I saw a bridge, and I couldn't call it a highway either, the closest or the only word I could use to describe it was river, it was a river of souls, or mayhem an ocean, But river should be a better word.

On it's own the stream of cl.u.s.tered souls was easily hundreds of meters tall if not a thousand. But it's length was endless, and within it's confines a mult.i.tude of souls could be seen either walking, flying, swimming or just floating by to G.o.d knows where or what. They were either going to the after life or the next life, and based on principle this river should definitely have an end, and maybe if I follow it till the end I would be able to find the answer to a question that has plagued so many people right from the very conception of the universe...….was there life after death.

But I doubt I would be able to find the end, because I really can't say I'm sure which direction the afterlife lies. The river was moving both forwards and backwards, some souls were moving in the direction we were, while others were traveling back. So it's hard to tell which direction leads to the afterlife, or even what it means. This was playing with forces a million times above my pay grade, not even the so called G.o.ds could mess with this.

The river of souls itself was a marvel, but a scary one none the less. The souls of monsters, humans, elves, dragons, every species of creature known and unknown flowed forwards and backwards, so were so tiny I even had to strain my super human eyes to see it, others were so big our s.h.i.+p would be nothing more than just a speck of dust in front of it. For some reason this entire experience made me feel really small, that somehow compared to the true forces of the universe, to the planet Earth, to the monster the devourer or any other cosmic force out there...…I was nothing, just an insignificant speck in a universe of a gazillion stars.

It was a lonely thought, it made me question if we would ever be strong enough to even face off against the devourer and his collective. And it dawned on me that we would never be able to face him head-on, our job was to prepare a stronghold for earth, a universe that the devourer couldn't invade or touch, a fortress.

And once that fortress was made, it would be our job to protect it, to keep the monsters out and patch any holes that might be made on it. It seems like an endless responsibility, but we had no choice. But the silver lining in all of these was the fact that I'm not alone in this, I had the other dragon kings and queens ready to help me and keep on with this fight, no matter how long it would take.

I s.h.i.+fted my attention back to the river of souls, and watched in surprise a occasionally some souls would actually fall out of the cl.u.s.ter or confines that made up the river. The moment they did that, they seemed no different than puppets who have had their strings cut, they wandered about aimlessly without any sense of direction. This seemed to confuse me, and I moved forwards a bit looking closer at what was happening.

Some of the souls that escaped from the river either dissipated, turning into pure soul energy after loosing the protection of the river, others absorbed the excess soul energy and became stronger, gaining a sort of awareness as they either went back into the river, or traveled across s.p.a.ce with a speed I couldn't comprehend, probably heading back to a planet of something. Some of the souls actually started fighting each other and absorbing the defeated souls, growing more and more stronger. And of those getting stronger from battles, they either went back into the river, left back to the world of the living, or remained where they were, akin to pirates as they hunted weaker souls growing stronger in the process.

I was shocked, because it seems that even the world of souls had a strong must eat the weak mentality, I didn't understand anything, this was new to me. However I felt as if there was more that I could do than just see. I felt as if I could command and implement changes to the souls and maybe even to the river itself, like I could reach out my hands, my very own thoughts and pluck out the souls from the river itself. But I couldn't do that, I wouldn't, because that won't be right; right?

I s.h.i.+fted my eyes and my attention was drawn by a soul, or rather two souls that were battling it out with such an intensity I could feel the vibrations of power and energy from within the confines of my s.h.i.+p. The first soul was some sort of stag, and it was on fire. It's antlers seemed to be made of some sort of sparkling red crystal and it's hooves which were on fire were made from the same crystal. The stag had fiery red eyes, and reddish brown coat with deep red stripes that looked like living flames. Of course it's body was made of energy, but with each step it took, each move it made, souls died and it absorbed them, becoming more and more vivid. But of course it was not the only soul that drew my attention, it's opponent wad matching it blow for blow as they battled it out across the vacuum of s.p.a.ce.

The Stag was the very personification of fire, and each of it's moves blazed with an intensity that would have been ever more impressive if it was still alive. It's opponent was a monkey, or to be more precise an armored monkey with an ancient armor and a staff. The moment I saw that monkey the very first thought that came to my mind was the legend of the monkey king Sun Wukong. But this monkey was different.

The Stag was huge, probably the size of size of a small van, but the monkey was just regular size, however it was still able to keep up with the stag in more ways than one. The monkey was pure white with golden and silver heterochromia eyes, there was a black stripe running from the crown of his head all the way to the tip of his tail. One special feature about this monkey was the fact that it had four arms, and while the two upper hands held onto it's ornately decorated staff, the two lower hands seemed to have spell circles that had traces of ice and metal spinning, ready to rain down on the stag.

The fight continued in earnest as the monkey released sharp icicles of ice and spikes of metal at the stag. The stag stomped it's hooves and pointed it's antlers at the incoming barrage of metal and ice, releasing a bright beam of bright orange flames that slammed into the ice and metal, creating a loud explosion that rocked the spiritual plane, pus.h.i.+ng quite a few souls out of the river and even eliminating those who were too close to the blast. For some reason, I felt really annoyed by this, these two were so preoccupied with their fight they did not care one bit about the destruction they were causing to innocent souls, souls that even included those of children.


Sometimes even the power you have would shock you, and if it shocks you, it's hard to imagine just what everyone else would feel. The s.h.i.+p died out, lights went out as it's engines were cut off and the auxiliary life support systems kicked in. Even the river of souls itself stopped for a few seconds, every soul within it's confines forced to stand still for a moment before resuming their movements. The two targets of my words had the full brunt of it, they were both frozen in place, even breathing (if a soul breathes that is) was a problem for them.

"Come here!"

This time my words were more subdued, but it still carried power none the less. I noticed that this power of mine did not come from my runes, or my new ability rune speak, rather it was just the power of my soul. Of the domain of power I now seem to find myself having more and more control over. To those two souls, a king had called for them, and no matter how strong they were, even the universe itself would force them to serve and obey. 

They were dragged and pulled towards the s.h.i.+p until they were placed right in front of me, separated by the s.h.i.+p's protective screen on it's observation deck. I looked at the stag and the monkey, and realized that they were bigger than I thought, the stag itself was as big as the entire s.h.i.+p, a s.h.i.+p that was comfortably housing three hundred crew members, supplies and a ton of weapons and vehicles. Truly it must have been a majestic creature when it was alive.

Monkey was just a quarter of the size of the s.h.i.+p, maybe smaller, but it was still a fifty foot tall creature of great majesty and beauty. But I don't ready cater about all that, as it stands I was ready p.i.s.sed at the reckless att.i.tude of these two, and the damage they had caused.

"I don't want to know who started this fight or what caused it. But your actions today has cost many souls a chance at a new life, at redemption and a second chance. Because of that, you would both have to be punished....severely!"

The fear in their eyes was obvious, heck I could even feel it, and it surprised me that I could instill that much fear in any creature. But I felt compelled to judge and punish them, to take control of the domain of souls and impose my own rules on it, rules that I expect these two idiots to follow and respect. Of course when you thick about it, I was being sort of unreasonable, I've never made any sort of rule before, but yet I expect these souls to follow them. Something must be wrong with me.

"For your crimes against the souls of the innocent and river of souls, I condemn you to an eternity of your current un-living existence. From now on you will be the enforcers of my rules and watch over the river of souls and make sure all my rules are kept. You will work together, fight together and protect each other and the souls within the river. And so shall it be for all of eternity, or at least until I declare your time of service satisfactory or complete!"

As soon as I finished speaking, there was a loud boom, and two golden collars with a rune on it, a rune I recognized as servant, appeared on both their necks.

Their frantic gazes aside, their ma.s.sive bodies began to shrink until they were at a size that would be considered normal for either a stag or a monkey. I felt an intrinsic connection to both of them, and for some reason that connection made me stronger, it made me feel less.....mortal. Both souls bowed to me, and the moment they did so, the universe seemed to shake.

{You Have Given Your First Divine Edict, And The First Coil Of Your Mortal Body Has Been Broken. The Edict Shall Be Upheld By The Power Of The Universe Itself, Never To Be Broken Or Changed, Except By You Or A G.o.d Much More Stronger Than You. As You Have Given A Divine Edict And Broken The First Coil Of Mortality, You Will Now Be Given Your G.o.dly t.i.tle And The Universe Will Bear Witness.}


I felt something in me break as my perception of the world seemed to change again. I didn't feel normal anymore, and I felt connected to not just the two souls in front of me, but to every soul with the merged universe, both the souls of the living and the dead, and with that connection came power, much more than I knew what to do with.





• REALM: G.o.d(1st CIRCLE)





• [SOUL G.o.d: LEVEL 1]








• SOUL G.o.d





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G.o.d RUNES:




What the h.e.l.l just happened, ho....how?

Kael Cor: A Vampire's Awakening 363 The Souls Of The Universe Ii : A New God Is Born

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