Two-Faced Husband, Have Some Decency! Chapter 178

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Chapter 178: Song Yu Turned and Looked at Qi Chengzhi in the Driver's Seat, and Leaned over Suddenly

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Qi Chenglin glanced over, weighed his options, and decided to tell the truth. "Song Yu was the one who told me. Yesterday she went to the mall with her mother and saw them. Zhou Mingyan looked a little frightened when she b.u.mped into them. Zhou Mingyan is not a bright woman—her initial reaction can't trick anyone."

"I know you have a thing against Song Yu, but Chengyue, you're not dumb. You're the exact opposite. You know very well that Song Yu and Big Brother are truly in love with each other, and she only has Big Brother in her heart—there is no s.p.a.ce for Jian Yi in there. She's also not the type to do something harmful to herself and others. Big Brother and I have reservations about Jian Yi as a person, but because you liked him, as your brother I can't stop you—I could only be your clear conscience.

"Song Yu does not need to use this to ruin your marriage. She chose to let me tell you this because she was afraid you would think she's intentionally berating Jian Yi to ruin your marriage. To be frank, she wasn't sure about what's going on between Jian Yi and Guan Xiaolin. Jian Yi could even be innocent, and Guan Xiaolin is the one who's trying things. But she wishes that you would pay a little more attention to this since another woman is waiting to pounce on him.

"If Jian Yi and Guan Xiaolin really betrayed you, you shouldn't be played by them like this. If Jian Yi is innocent, and Guan Xiaolin is the one trying things, then you should be careful of her. This is why Song Yu wanted me to talk to you about this."

Qi Chenglin sighed. He rested his elbows on his kneecaps, leaned his body forward, and proceeded to intertwine his fingers between his knees.

"If you don't believe me, I will check the s.h.i.+ft schedule at the store Zhou Mingyan shopped in yesterday—we can go meet the salesperson at the time during her s.h.i.+ft."

Qi Chengyue looked down and did not utter a word.

"Chengyue, what are you thinking?" Qi Chenglin looked at her.

Qi Chengyue stayed silent for a while before replying, "I got it."

She stood up and said in a cold voice, "If there's nothing else, I'll leave."

"Chengyue! I don't care if you believe me or not, the least you can do is remember what I said. I will investigate Jian Yi and Guan Xiaolin, and I will not let you be played by them," Qi Chenglin stood up and said.

Qi Chenglin walked a few steps toward her, but not too close—he was afraid Qi Chengyue would be uncomfortable.

"Chengyue, you're my sister. Believe me, I will not let you be bullied by others."

Qi Chengyue finally turned around slowly. Qi Chenglin felt relieved after seeing that she did not cry. She looked like she believed what he said.

But she looked vulnerable—it was heartbreaking.

Qi Chengyue silently nodded. "I understand."

Jian Yi finished his call and entered the house. He found Song Yu and Qi Chengzhi alone in the living room and smirked before sitting across them without a word.

Qi Chengyue and Qi Chenglin came out together. Song Yu looked at Qi Chenglin, and Qi Chenglin nodded slightly.

Qi Chengyue sat down quietly and glanced over at Song Yu.

"Deng! Deng! Deng!" Qi Youxuan changed into his little tuxedo and came down the stairs.

This tuxedo of his was bought during New Year's. Grandma realized that Qi Youxuan had gained weight and made him go on a diet—which was why he could fit into his New Year's clothes.

"Why are you dressed like this?" Qi Chenglin looked at his son—his eyes twitched.

Qi Youxuan looked down shyly and said, "I've invited my in-laws, they should be here any minute."

"…" Qi Chenglin asked, "What in-laws of yours?"

"Ugh Dad, you're speaking as if I am a player. I only have one father-in-law and one mother-in-law, and they're Muran's parents!" Qi Youxuan became indignant—he thought his reputation was ruined by his father.

"…" A speechless Qi Chenglin looked at him for some time before saying, "Don't learn those thick-skinned things from your uncle."

"…" Qi Chengzhi was speechless.

Qi Youxuan ignored him and went to the toilet to grab Grandma's hair gel. He put it in Qi Chenglin's hands and said, "Dad, help me style my hair like the one you did for Sports Day at the kindergarten."

After getting urged by Qi Youxuan, Qi Chenglin quietly dug some hair gel from his hand and styled Qi Youxuan's hair.

The doorbell rang just after the styling was done. Qi Youxuan rushed to the door after hearing Aunty Liu say it was Wei Ziqi and family.

After Wei Ziqi and Wei Ran walked in, Qi Youxuan cleverly called, "h.e.l.lo uncle, h.e.l.lo aunty."

Wei Ziqi was unexpectedly nice towards Qi Youxuan and said, "Happy birthday."

Wei Ran also pa.s.sed a present to Qi Youxuan and wished him a happy birthday.

"Thank you uncle and aunty, I will definitely treasure it and pa.s.s it down to your grandchild," Qi Youxuan said before even opening his gift.

"…" Wei Ziqi and Wei Ran were speechless.

Later on, Qi Youxuan dragged Little Muran to check out his racetrack.

Grandpa and Grandma came home after some time.

Grandma's part in the film was done for the day, and she did not have any more scenes after that. This was specifically requested by Han Zhuoli—Grandma's scenes were to be shot without tiring her, and she was not to spend too much time with the film crew. As long as it scratched her itch it was good enough.

Grandma was a little sick of spending time with the film crew. She would not be taking up parts for some time.

After changing in her room, Grandma cracked open sunflower seeds as she asked, "Song, girl, are you free next"

"What's the matter, Grandma?" Song Yu asked.

"Haha, I wanted to bring you to the old Han house—a few friends want to come as well. They want to meet Chengzhi's new wife." Grandma looked annoyed at these people, but her cunning eyes were glowing.

"Don't worry, I won't make you spend too much time with us old women. I've told Chengzhi to come pick you up when you get bored."

"Okay." Song Yu agreed right away.

For Qi Youxuan's birthday, Qi Chengzhi made Yanbei City send their top chef to the house to prepare dinner.

The birthday cake was made in the morning by a top pastry chef and brought to the house.

It was dinner time, so Song Yu went upstairs to get the two children.

After reaching Qi Youxuan's bedroom, the door was open and she saw the children playing with four-wheel toys. In actual fact, Muran was the one playing and Qi Youxuan was just watching her.

Every time Little Muran came across a problem, Qi Youxuan was there to help her solve it.

Muran successfully made her four-wheel toy run around the racetrack, and it did not fall off at sharp corners. She immediately clapped in excitement, and her doll-like face was flushed as she shouted, "I did it! I did it!"

Qi Youxuan was buzzed and grabbed Muran by her wrist. He leaned over all of a sudden and kissed Muran on her pink cheeks.

"Ahem!" Song Yu cleared her throat. If she remained quiet, Muran would be further taken advantage of by Qi Youxuan.

If Wei Ziqi found out about this, Qi Youxuan would not be forgiven.

Song Yu glared at Qi Youxuan. After getting caught for kissing Muran, Qi Youxuan—who was usually thick-skinned—became flushed.

How unlucky he was, getting caught when it was his first time doing so.

Song Yu walked over and lightly flicked Qi Youxuan in his head, saying, "Don't take advantage now, pursue her proudly when you're older."

Qi Youxuan stood up with his little belly as he twisted his waist in embarra.s.sment.

Song Yu laughed and said, "Come, let's go eat. You're the birthday boy today."

Qi Youxuan extended his pale and chubby arm towards Little Muran and walked downstairs together hand in hand.

Wei Ziqi's face changed as he saw them. He moved his lips in annoyance and extended his arms towards Muran and said, "Muran, come to Dad."

Muran's face lit up when she saw her father. She ditched Qi Youxuan and ran straight into Wei Ziqi's embrace.

Wei Ziqi knelt and looked at his daughter in his arms, glanced over at a disappointed Qi Youxuan who had just been ditched, and said, "Never simply hold hands with boys again. If someone touches you, tell daddy—even if it's just hooking a finger."

Little Muran nodded in seriousness and thought about how she was kissed on her cheek by Qi Youxuan just now. She was contemplating about telling her father about it, but after some thought, she figured he was speaking about the future, and not what had happened before. Muran thought the past did not count, and so she decided not to speak about it.

"What happened?" Wei Ziqi asked.

Little Muran shook her head decisively.

Today was Qi Youxuan's sixth birthday. There were six candles on the cake—it was supposed to be one candle in the form of a number, but Qi Youxuan said he liked making the effort to blow many candles at once. Hence, normal, skinny candles were bought.

After lighting the candles, everyone became silent—Qi Youxuan's chubby hands intertwined under his chin as he looked down and closed his eyes. He seemed very focused on making his wish before blowing the candles.

"Youxuan, what did you wish for?" Guan Liya tilted her head and asked. She thought if he wished for something, she could go buy it and make her grandson's wish come true.

However, Qi Youxuan looked down in embarra.s.sment and tugged his pants with his chubby little hand. He looked at Little Muran and said, "It's a secret. I'll reveal it when it comes true."

After dinner and celebrating Qi Youxuan's birthday, everyone sat and chatted for a while before leaving.

As she walked towards the door, Song Yu gave Qi Chengyue a worried look.

Qi Chengyue suddenly looked back at Song Yu—as if she realized her stare. She then looked back down and got in the car without interacting with Jian Yi at all.

Song Yu felt sorry for Qi Chengyue. Everything Jian Yi owned today was thanks to Qi Chengyue.

His car, his new house, his parents' allowance, and his position in the company.

After giving him so much, he could not even reciprocate with love.

After getting into the car, Song Yu turned and looked at Qi Chengzhi in the driver's seat, and leaned over suddenly. Her head rested on his shoulder, and her hands were wrapped around his arm.

As there was quite some s.p.a.ce in between the seats, the position was not very comfortable—but she was still leaning on his shoulder and stayed there.

As they stopped at a traffic light, Qi Chengzhi turned and looked at Song Yu's smooth forehead and her thick lashes that were facing down. He lowered his head a little and kissed her forehead asking, "What's up?"

Song Yu shook her head and replied, "I just feel bad about Qi Chengyue. Even if Jian Yi did not cheat on her, he doesn't love her. Jian Yi loves himself, and he does everything for himself. He never reciprocated Qi Chengyue's love."

Qi Chengzhi squeezed her hand, held it up and kissed it, saying, "The Qi family will never let one of its own be at a disadvantage."

The next day, Song Yu came out at noon and found Qi Chengyue standing at the door. Song Yu saw Qi Chengyue and became stunned.

Ruan Danchen sighed next to Song Yu and tapped her shoulder saying, "Why is it so hard to have a meal with you!".

Song Yu forced a smile. She was not ignoring Qi Chengyue, but ever since she had doubts about Jian Yi and Guan Xiaolin she felt more compa.s.sionate towards Qi Chengyue.

She took the initiative and walked towards Qi Chengyue. Qi Chengyue still looked a little awkward—but she was not pus.h.i.+ng her away.

Before Qi Chengyue opened her mouth, Song Yu said, "Let's find a place to talk. There's a j.a.panese restaurant nearby that's pretty decent, and it even has a two-person lounge. It's quite nice for chatting."

Qi Chengyue nodded silently. She glanced over at Song Yu and lowered her head again.

Song Yu greeted Ruan Danchen and walked ahead.

She brought Qi Chengyue to the j.a.panese restaurant near her office. Luckily, there was one lounge that had not been reserved.

The duo sat in the lounge and ordered two set meals.

After the waiter served food to both of them, Song Yu told him that he should not enter the lounge without their request.

The waiter left, and Qi Chengyue rested her left hand on the table while holding and turning the exquisite teacup unconsciously. Her fingertips turned white as she tightened her grip on the teacup.

"What do you know about Jian Yi and Guan Xiaolin?" Qi Chengyue's voice sounded stiff and unnatural.

She used to hate Song Yu. Even if she was disappointed towards Jian Yi, found out the truth about his character, and unconsciously let go of her grudges against Song Yu, the history between the duo made Qi Chengyue spending time with Song Yu unnatural..

She even felt embarra.s.sed by what she had said and done in the past after coming to terms about many things following her disappointment towards Jian Yi.

"I know they were together in university. Jian Yi's expenses in university were all paid by Guan Xiaolin. Remember that time you came to see me at Shengyue?" Song Yu asked.

Qi Chengyue became embarra.s.sed and set her sight on the teacup while nodding stiffly. "Yeah."

"I went to Jian Yi's to ask for details. Who knew the moment I walked out of the lift, I overheard his conversation with Guan Xiaolin. That was when I knew he had hidden things from me for years. He obviously broke up with Guan Xiaolin after meeting you."

Song Yu told Qi Chengyue every detail of the conversation between Jian Yi and Guan Xiaolin.

Qi Chengyue could not help but become distracted. She knew a little later that Song Yu merely ran into Qi Chengzhi.

She had thought more than once—how could there be so many coincidences?

She knew Song Yu existed because an anonymous source gave her those photos.

She went to Shengyue that night because of a call from Qi Chengzhi.

After she left, Song Yu met Qi Chengzhi, went to see Jian Yi, and overheard the conversation between him and Guan Xiaolin—and that was when Song Yu learned of Jian Yi's true colors.

Qi Chengzhi had, directly and indirectly, partic.i.p.ated in all of this. Qi Chengyue remembered the warning he gave her before this—she had finally realized that all of this was coordinated by Qi Chengzhi to steal Song Yu from Jian Yi!

Even if Jian Yi was a decent person, he would not have been Qi Chengzhi's match.

She was envious of Song Yu for having a man like Qi Chengzhi—for her, he made move after move to marry her.

Qi Chengzhi may be full of ideas with others, but he was loyal to Song Yu.

If there was a man who treated her this way, even if he was not as brilliant as Qi Chengzhi, as long as he was loyal to her, she would be content.

"When Chengs.h.i.+ and Guanyu were fighting for the design contract for Qilin Hotel, Guan Xiaolin had planned to seduce Chengzhi. I don't know how he solved it, but Guan Xiaolin never went near him again." Qi Chengyue heard Song Yu say.

"To me, if Jian Yi wanted to, he would not let Guan Xiaolin win the heart of Zhou Mingyan. Even if he was not with Guan Xiaolin, he was closing an eye to what was happening. He wanted to lead Guan Xiaolin on to gain advantages from her. As for Guan Xiaolin, if she knew her efforts would amount to nothing, she would not try to impress Zhou Mingyan. This is why I am suspecting the both of them," Song Yu said as her thumb traced the sakura pattern on the teacup.

Song Yu lifted her head and looked at Qi Chengyue intensely, saying, "If I were you, I would pretend to not know anything. I know Chenglin is investigating now. Before anything comes up, don't let Jian Yi know anything. If he is innocent, there will be one less argument between you two. If he really cheated on you, he would hide the evidence from you once he knows you're suspecting him. This would cause trouble to Chenglin's investigation."

"I know, not long after getting married I knew he did not love me. I gradually saw his true colors," Qi Chengyue said softy. Her elbow was rested on the table, and her palm was supporting her forehead and pus.h.i.+ng her hair to the back of her head.

"But I love him, I really loved him. If I didn't, I would not have married him—I ignored his status, and how he had nothing, and married him anyway. I gave him whatever he wanted. But I don't want to be an idiot and still give him everything when I know he doesn't love me. Eventually, he could kick me out after owning everything."

" I even thought if he could eventually love me, I would wait for him. I would forget the past. But I know this isn't possible. He will never love anyone." Qi Chengyue shut her eyes to hide her tears. Her hands covered her eyes.

"To be honest, Song Yu, I envy you a lot. My big brother loves you so much and puts you before anything else. The things I want are simple—really simple. I'm not demanding my partner to have a high social standing or strong financial abilities. I don't even mind it if he's from the working cla.s.s, as long as he treats me well with all his heart and doesn't betray the love that I give to him." Qi Chengyue nearly choked while she spoke. Her shoulders were trembling continuously.

Two-Faced Husband, Have Some Decency! Chapter 178

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