Two-Faced Husband, Have Some Decency! Chapter 326 - When You Come Back Tomorrow, You Will See Aunt Ruan Sleeping In Our Home

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Chapter 326: When You Come Back Tomorrow, You Will See Aunt Ruan Sleeping in Our Home

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Madam Zhao's expression s.h.i.+fted. She started to feel that Yang Yunshu's words had some sense in it.

"That's why she wants to imitate Song Yu. That way, even if she doesn't have many clients—or any clients for that matter—the company still won't be able to take any actions against her. On the contrary, the company will have to treat her like a G.o.ddess. Nonetheless, her plan had failed and she ended up enraging Qi Chenglin. Madam, what I'm truly afraid of is that Qi Chenglin's wrath toward Ruan Danchen might affect the whole company. It's true that with Song Yu around, Qi Chenglin won't cause any trouble for Chengs.h.i.+, but Song Yu had now become the Qi family's precious daughter-in-law. She won't be staying at Chengs.h.i.+ for much longer. Besides, she's pregnant now so she's guaranteed to leave sooner or later. When we don't have Song Yu anymore, why would the Qi family still care about Chengs.h.i.+? If there are any suitable jobs for us in the future, Qilin might refuse to hand it to us just because of Ruan Danchen. Wouldn't that cause ma.s.sive losses for the company?"

Yang Yunshu glanced at Madam Zhao. Hesitantly, she revealed, "Moreover, there's one more thing, but I'm not sure if I should tell."

"What is it? Just let me hear it," Madam Zhao commanded in a stern voice.

"On Monday morning, Ruan Danchen said that she was going to meet a client, but when she came back in the afternoon, her face was flushed, eyes dreamy and lips swollen—it was obvious that she had just…" Yang Yunshu's reluctance to say the word was evident on her face. "…been with a man. Since we're colleagues, I didn't want to make a.s.sumptions—what if I was wrong? Hence, I asked her where she had been, and she told me she was out to see a client. What could she have possibly been discussing with a client that made her look like that? I fear that to gain some clients, she resorted to…"

Yang Yunshu sighed. "It's great to bring in customers for the company, but I'm afraid that she'd spoil the company's name, making the world think our company allows its employees to use unethical methods in order to gain clients. It doesn't matter if only Ruan Danchen's name is spoilt, but because of her rotten name, the rest of us would be too humiliated to admit we're from this company too. Nowadays, it's not easy to find a job in this field, so we can't just easily switch jobs either. I—"

"From my knowledge, you used to be in the design department too, right?" Madam Zhao interrupted abruptly.

"Yes," Yang Yunshu answered with a troubled expression.

"I heard from Lao Zhao that back then, Qi Chengzhi personally requested him to fire you. You were only able to remain in this company because Lao Zhao s.h.i.+fted you to another department," Madam Zhao brought up.

"Madam, it was a misunderstanding. When I first came to the company, I was too hasty in trying to prove my worth, so when I saw Qi Chengzhi, I wanted to leave a good impression and could not help but blew my own trumpet. Yet, Ruan Danchen held a grudge against me for a reason even I don't know—she rattled to Song Yu that I was trying to seduce Qi Chengzhi. Besides, I already had a boyfriend at that time. Nonetheless, Song Yu believed her words and was unhappy about it. Madam, even you know that Qi Chengzhi pampers Song Yu immensely. To make her happy, he didn't care that I was wrongly accused. Immediately I was transferred away. I had no say in the matter."

"However, Madam, the reason I am here today is definitely not to exert any kind of revenge toward Ruan Danchen. I'm only telling you facts. She tried so hard to push me out back then, so now that she has done such unspeakable things, of course I won't help her hide it. Truthfully speaking, the saying 'repay good for evil' doesn't make sense to me."

If Yang Yunshu had reb.u.t.ted strongly, it was likely that Madam Zhao would question her words against Ruan Danchen. However, now that Yang Yunshu had spoken so honestly, Madam Zhao could put herself in Yang Yunshu's shoes and understand her situation.

Madam Zhao nodded. "I'll keep my eyes out for Ruan Danchen."

Yang Yunshu guessed that Madam Zhao had no other intentions against Ruan Danchen, yet she did not dare to express her disappointment. As she was leaving, Madam Zhao announced, "Song Yu is on leave right now. She's not in the company. Besides, that means that we're left short-handed in the design department, so I'll get someone to issue a transfer order for you to rejoin the design department. You can go back to your old position. Do report to me any other issues in other departments too, no matter big or small."

"Thank you, Madam Zhou, for your trust," Yang Yunshu swiftly thanked as she rejoiced.

Madam Zhao waved her hand dismissively. Then, Yang Yunshu left.

It was morning. Ruan Danchen was ready.

Yesterday was Qi Youxuan's last day of kindergarten. After the holidays, he would be starting as a first-grader in elementary school.

The night before, Qi Chenglin told Ruan Danchen that he would come to pick her up and drive her to Prestige Residences to discuss the design of Qi Youxuan's toy room. Ruan Danchen was overjoyed to hear that she could spend the whole day with Qi Youxuan.

As she waited at home, her phone rang. When she saw Qi Chenglin's name displayed on her phone, she immediately leaped to her feet. Qi Chenglin said over the phone, "I'm here. Come down."

Once she hung up, she hurriedly grabbed her bag and dashed out the door.

Upon reaching the first floor, she saw Qi Chenglin's black Mercedes stopped at the front. She did not dare to make him wait so she quickly trotted toward the car, opened the door and sat inside.

Qi Chenglin was wearing a black b.u.t.ton-up s.h.i.+rt without a suit. His appearance was especially casual compared to usual, yet he still looked smart and stylish.

His tight s.h.i.+rt displayed his attractive body clearly. A black belt was wrapped around his slim waist and his long legs were curled up in the car.

Every inch of his body gave off a fresh and pleasant aura.

Qi Chenglin turned to her. His thin lips moved slightly. In his intoxicating voice, he said, "Why aren't you greeting me?"

"…" Ruan Danchen was troubled—she did not know what she should say. Her lips twitched, but before she could think of any suitable words, she was pulled toward him.

Qi Chenglin wrapped his arms tightly around her waist and locked lips with her. He came on strong. She felt his thin hot lips against hers. He gave off a powerful aura distinct to him, overbearing yet indulging.

After a long while, he finally let go of her. Indulged in his kiss, she was thrown into a drunken stupor—she did not even realize he had buckled her seatbelt for her. She just sat there obediently.

Qi Chenglin felt as though his body would act subconsciously whenever he touched her. When he removed his hand from the seatbelt, his hand landed on her waist again as if it had its own mind. Ruan Danchen's cheeks reddened. Seeing her fl.u.s.tered and submissive manner, Qi Chenglin was extremely satisfied.

"It would've been great if I was conscious seven years ago that night," Qi Chenglin commented abruptly as he kissed the corner of her lips.

Ruan Danchen started at him with her gorgeous eyes and a flushed face. Her pupils tremored as she murmured, "If you were conscious, you wouldn't have wanted me. Then, we wouldn't be here now."

"I would. I would always want you," Qi Chenglin stated firmly in his hoa.r.s.e voice. He smirked, tightening his grip on her waist. "Would you like me to prove it?"

Ruan Danchen's lower abdomen pulsed vigorously. She felt defenseless when placed in front of Qi Chenglin.

In all those years, he was the first and only man who could make her heart race. Back when they were at the Shen family's house, she felt the exact same when she saw him sleeping soundly on the bed.

When she saw him then, she knew she liked him immoderately.

When she cried, it was not because she had to sell her body off to a stranger, but because he would never know it was her that night.

Deep in her heart, she longed for him to know. When she glanced at him one last time before leaving the room, she was deeply in love.

Back then, her heart wrenched at the thought that Qi Chenglin could be under the impression that the woman that night was Shen Zhijing for the rest of his life.

Her whole life she never believed in love at first sight. Now that she was with him, she realized she truly had fallen in love with him at first sight back then. For the many years that pa.s.sed, she had never fallen for any other men, making her mistakenly a.s.sume that what she wanted was a love that developed slowly.

However, now Qi Chenglin would kiss and touch her every time he saw her. She knew that this man would not have the patience to wait for a few months and develop their relations.h.i.+p first.

From the moment she became his target, he had made advances to her at lightning speed. Every word he spoke and every move he made clearly ill.u.s.trated his urge to make her completely his.

Before this moment, Ruan Danchen never thought about it, but she could confidently say she would not hesitate now.

Perhaps it was because she had done it with him seven years ago. Nonetheless, what was important was the pa.s.sion and love she had toward him. When completely in love, she would not hesitate—as long as he wanted it, she would give it to him without any reservations and despite her bashfulness.

That feeling for Qi Chenglin remained ever since, even now.

She even had a hunch that after going to his house today, she would not be able to leave.

Though his bright clear eyes seemed calm and unwavering, they reflected Qi Chenglin's fiery l.u.s.t.

He stared straight at her through his deep, dark eyes. Only then did he return to his seat and started driving.

Ruan Danchen was staring down. Suddenly, an exquisite hand appeared before her eyes. It was elegant yet manly. Strands of black hair stood out on his fair fingers—they looked especially virile.

The hand in front of her eyes held onto her hand tightly all the way until he parked the car into his garage.

After he exited the car, he went around the car and took her hand again. Their fingers were interlaced as they entered the elevator.

Ruan Danchen felt as if she was floating on air. She did not dare glance at Qi Chenglin the entire way up until they entered his home, with Aunt Zheng greeting them at the door.

When Aunt Zheng saw Ruan Danchen, she smiled a genial smile and greeted, "Miss Ruan."

Qi Chengzhi introduced, "This is Aunt Zheng."

Ruan Danchen was surprised that even Aunt Zheng knew who she was. Qi Chenglin had mentioned Aunt Zheng to her before too, so they were not complete strangers.

Aunt Zheng kept her amiable smile on as she looked Ruan Danchen up and down. Aunt Zheng concluded that she was truly a capable woman—a beautiful one to boot.

In the house, Aunt Zheng would hear the father-and-son duo chatter about Ruan Danchen all the time. Even when they were eating, they did not forget to cook up a scheme to trick the lady into coming to their home somehow. As they plotted, they did not think to hide it from Aunt Zheng at all.

Ruan Danchen greeted Aunt Zheng politely, making Aunt Zheng quite content.

However, after what felt like an eternity, Ruan Danchen still did not even see the shadow of Qi Youxuan. According to his personality, he should have bolted out here the moment she arrived.

"Where's Youxuan?" Ruan Danchen asked as she scanned the house.

"He just started his holiday today. Those at the old mansion misses him, so I sent him there to stay for a few days," Qi Chenglin explained calmly as he led her into the living room.

Ruan Danchen's heart dropped. She could only come here without fear because she thought Qi Youxuan would be around. She also wanted to interact with him more. Even so, she came all the way here yet Qi Youxuan was not even home.

Reading her mind, Qi Chenglin glared at her and said cooly, "His holiday is still long. Just let today go."

Ruan Danchen's ears were starting to burn up. Her scalp itched and she did not know what to do.

She felt like a sheep entering a lion's den. Without Qi Youxuan around, she felt especially uncomfortable. Even her hands felt awkward and constantly pulled at the hair by her ears.

"Then… Since he's not here, I can't discuss the toy room's design," Ruan Danchen mumbled, her face boiling.

"You can take a look at the room first and produce a design draft. If he needs anything else, you can revise the design. Nonetheless, I think as long as you're the one designing it, he wouldn't mind anything." Qi Chenglin looked down to see Ruan Danchen's face red like a sunrise. His heart throbbed.

His gaze made Ruan Danchen extremely tense. She did not dare to look him in the eye—his eyes were too seductive.

Qi Chenglin looked down at her face which had reddened with shyness. From above, he could see the tip of her high-bridged nose. Overcome by pa.s.sion, he bents down and pecked her lips.

Aunt Zheng had long known that Qi Chenglin was bringing Ruan Danchen over, so she had prepared a fruit platter and was bringing it out from the kitchen. When she walked out of the kitchen door, she saw that Qi Chenglin helplessly kissed the lady in the living room. Instantly, Aunt Zheng brought the fruit platter back into the kitchen. She did not dare to glance back, not wanting to disturb the couple.

In her mind, she thought that Sir must really like Miss Ruan—he could not even restrain himself for a second. Gazing at her, he looked like he would eat her alive.

With his slender body, he was much taller than Ruan Danchen. Just from this scene, it was obvious that Ruan Danchen would not stand a chance to escape from his embrace.

Ruan Danchen's face was so hot that it was on the verge of exploding. The warmth of his lips lingered around from the peck; the tenderness made her heartbeat accelerate.

"I'll bring you to see Youxuan's toy room and his bedroom. He wants you to redesign his bedroom too," said Qi Chenglin.

Ruan Danchen was exhilarated. She could not wait to see where the little boy grew up.

Qi Chenglin held her hand and led her upstairs.

Qi Youxuan was thrown into the car by Qi Chenglin early in the morning. Qi Chenglin had Xiao Yang come to fetch him to the old mansion.

Their regular family gathering was held today, so besides Qi Chenglin, everyone else was there.

Qi Youxuan speculated that this was all part of his father's scheme. The night before, Qi Youxuan even tidied up his room and waited in antic.i.p.ation for Ruan Danchen's arrival today.

Unexpectedly, his dad told him that he needed to go to the old mansion earlier today.

Naturally, Qi Youxuan opposed it immediately. In the end, his dad questioned, "Do you want Aunt Ruan to live in our home?"

Qi Youxuan nodded his head vigorously. "Of course I do. Do you really need to ask?"

"Then, if everything goes smoothly and if you're willing to cooperate, you'll see Aunt Ruan sleeping in our home when you return tomorrow," Qi Chenglin told Qi Youxuan.

Qi Chenglin's face had an unusually convincing quality. Besides, Qi Youxuan was confident in his dad—if he said it out loud, that meant he could achieve it.

Therefore, Qi Youxuan was willing to sacrifice his happiness temporarily for the good of the finale. He went to the old mansion and left the entire house for his dad.

In spite of that, Qi Youxuan was still melancholic about it. He wondered what could his dad possibly do with Ruan Danchen at home.

"Youxuan, are you not feeling well? You're not even eating your snacks. What are you pondering upon?" Seeing her grandson absentminded, Guan Liya could not help but worry. She was anxious that their constant restriction on his snacks to make him lose weight had somehow broken him.

Qi Youxuan could only eat snacks once a week, so on usual days, he would have pounced on the snacks mercilessly. Today, he did not even reach for one.

"I don't have an appet.i.te for food now. I don't know how Dad and Aunt Ruan are doing. I left the house to both of them, so Dad has to be strong," Qi Youxuan muttered dejectedly. He was still lost in his thoughts.

When he finished, everyone turned silent. Horrified, he finally snapped out of it.

He turned to see the whole family staring at him with dumbfounded expressions. Qi Youxuan retracted his neck and scanned the room anxiously. Finally, he stuttered, "Did I… say something?"

Two-Faced Husband, Have Some Decency! Chapter 326 - When You Come Back Tomorrow, You Will See Aunt Ruan Sleeping In Our Home

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