Trapped With Tycoon 211 The Flash Back Of Their Youth

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Collin leaned back on his working chair and remembering the day when they all in high school. They were enrolled in s.h.i.+n private school in The Imperial City. Elder Lu made the s.h.i.+n foundation to strengthen Jun s.h.i.+n education toward his business empire. He made sure the s.h.i.+n education established due on Jun s.h.i.+n needs for special education packages. Jun was a special kid since they have known each other. The decision was made to accommodate Jun needs of special education and security toward his life. the school was built in the hill of Imperial City with the highest security. The school also had the most advanced facility to support the best education for them.

The school was so strict on the policies and their curriculum. There is a fingerprint machine to check their attendances to school or their parent or guardian will need a reason to explain. three times unexplained attendances will result in dismissal from the school. they all have to use school uniform and shoes which cost them a fortune. Their enrolment fees also cost triple the elite private school but the brand of s.h.i.+n empire made the student future career secure properly.

Jun, Dan, Collin and Harry were in a special cla.s.s with the tightest schedule. They had to learn history, economics, accounting, financial management, chemistry, physic, all the basic such as English, literature, mathematics, biology, law, taxation, three different languages, coding and computer sciences. They were learnt about riding a horse and golf. The lecturer was flown all over the world from the top university, they were the best on their field. Jun was able to aces on most of the subject with Dan. Harry was really good with law and argument on some of the school and management policies which made him a trouble maker for the However, Jun always s.h.i.+elded him and took all the blame. Meanwhile, Collin would busy with all his study and experimenting. Collin was actually three years younger than Jun, Dan and Harry. He managed to excel in his study due to his high IQ. He managed to join the same cla.s.s with Jun after he was complaining and argue with the about his curriculum. He even could explain and talk with the university level professor for his theory and knowledge. It impressed Jun who told him to join his cla.s.s.

In one afternoon, as usual, they ran away from their cla.s.s and would just sit down on the gra.s.s. They would lay and took a nap from their busy cla.s.s schedule. They looked at the sky and the scenery without doing anything. they were exhausted from the cla.s.s marathon this time and planned on the short trip in the weekend. suddenly, they could hear a huge commotion from the corner of the bush. it was really disturbing due to the voices of a girl which plea for help. They were looking at each other and started to stand up. they would need to check the commotion.

In the corner of the park hides on the bush, they could hear a pack of boys bullied a small girl until Mia came and started to defend the little girl. It made Harry mesmerized with the bravery that Mia had to defend the weak. He even saw her s.h.i.+elded the poor girl with her body without thinking about the consequences. They s.h.i.+fted the attention to Mia and made Mia as a punching bag. it was not made her scare at all. She even kicked them back and fought back. Harry couldn't hold his emotion to see the incident and wanted to intervene when Dan and Jun stopped him. Dan knew one of the boys and contacted him to come over after school with his friends. They were over the moon to be contacted and invited by the elite Alfa in the school. They left Mia and the little girl away. They could see the rich always want to step on the poor, even in this privileged school. 

Elder Lu was making sure to enrolled few unfortunate students from the poor background on full-scholars.h.i.+p. It would give a life lesson to learn about their social status. they were the same in the school regardless of their family background. however, There was always a narrow mind family in the society who always think worse than another human being. they always thought their family was always better than another family.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Collin came near them and checked their condition before helped them to the infirmary. Harry looked at her strong face and fl.u.s.tered straight away. Everyone knew that Harry likes Mia in the first place. Harry kept denying it and walked away after made sure about Mia condition.

They told them to meet up inside their suite in the school. Jun and his group got a special suite to rest up and relax between their cla.s.s. Their social status was showed more exclusively compare to another student.

The packed of boy taught they were got special privilege by joining Jun's group. They were wrong when they got ambushed and received a heavy beating. Jun even pressured the board of s.h.i.+n school director to ban them from their school. They were not able to study in good school and settled to study in the outskirt public school.

Their punishment was not stopped until there. Jun and Harry were concocted plans to crush their family business. Harry was backing up Jun act with the law. It was their first step to making sure no one dares to provoke Jun s.h.i.+n and his group.

Collin was smiling to remember their high school time. They were pretty much unbeatable in Imperial city. It was due on Jun s.h.i.+n inheritance and his hard work. Even nowadays, Jun still s.h.i.+elded them with his business empire. Collin let out a big breathe before started to look for the pilling work in front of him.

It was after dawn when he finished all the work in front of him. He walked to his suites to join Cecile into slumber. As soon as, he snuck inside the bed and adjusted his position into Cecile when she snuggled into his arm.

Trapped With Tycoon 211 The Flash Back Of Their Youth

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