Trapped With Tycoon 253 Harry Lu

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Allan meets up with Max in the coffee shop in the downtown of Imperial City. The exclusive café in the bustling CBD complex made it full with all the executive who seeks for lunch. the exclusive cafe notorious for their good food and quick service during lunchtime. Max managed to get a table on the corner using Choi Corporation name before Allan come. He ordered up a lemon-lime bitter and New York strip steak for his lunch menu. He is so happy to get new mission as the business owner and he didn't have to do stake out again. He used up this mission to get good food before who knows his next mission. This is the first time ever, Liam put him on the mission with a good clothes and corporate card to have a good meal in the restaurant. 

Allan walked into the café and greeted by the host. He got escorted to the table in the back of the area which gives quiet ambience to discuss some business. The café full of other businessman or executive to discuss their business and work during lunchtime.

"Good afternoon, Mr Xie… I am Max Ji. Nice to meet you," Max stood up and shake his hand.

"Good afternoon, Please call me Allan, Mr Ji. Have your order?" Allan put his gesture to call the waiter.

"I have ordered mine. I am sorry for the rush but I really don't have much time," He looks at his hand watch. Allan looks at the menu and settled his meal to simple pasta with white sauce and gla.s.s of white wine as he saw Max already got his drink served on the table.

"I will be quick then. I need some cash injection for my company and I can get it funded from you," Allan gives out the flyer from the bag he carried.

"Indeed… But there is the condition that you have to put your shares as a guarantee. There is two way to do it. One is just to sell your shares for the amount of the money or the second way is to put it as a guarantee and you pay the interest with the loan," Max gives the explanation and started to cut his teak when the food presented in front of him.

"How much is the interest over a year?" Allan asked him while sipping his white wine.

"I will set up the payment plan over 6 months weekly 10% on top of the total loan. At least, our company is cheaper than Choi Corporation which put it on 12% weekly. If you can't pay it off within 6 months then you can put it on again with lower interest 9%," he talked and chew his food.

"It's a really big interest for me? Can you lower it a little bit?" Allan spoon in his pasta.

"It's up to you… if you accept it, I will ask Harry to draft the contract and prepare the agreement for the shares holding. As soon as you signed and the fund will be wired to your company account," Max keep eating his delicious steak.

"Let me think about it about it. When is the offer expired?" Allan asked him.

"Tomorrow," Max finished his steak and his drink before stood up and pay it the whole bill on the cas.h.i.+er. Liam issued him with the corporate card.

Allan got gobsmacked with all the detail that Max provided. He even used the service from Harry law firm. His company must be in the top corporation until exclusive Harry law firm able to cover their legal service. Harry fee for becoming the legal consultant for the company is not cheap. It means that Max's company is really loaded with money and he is not joking around with it.

Madame Song got Harry phone number from her friend to help the case of her son. Mr Song collapsed last night due to the news of his corporation had been sealed due on the illegal activity. No staff or people could enter the company due to the investigation. She decided to make a call to Harry law firm to ask legal advice after walking around in her living room.

"Good afternoon, is this Mr Lu?" Madame Song asked on the phone.

"Yes... May I know who is calling?" Harry answered the phone while still munching to his celery stick.

"My name is Song Yun and I need to make an appointment for legal advice happened on my family company and my son," she explained on the phone.

" Can you afford the initial fee for a consultation? If you like with a session with me it will be capped at 10,000 for 10 minutes. If you want to be cheaper, my a.s.sociate could help you with a cheaper rate," Harry explained to her.

"no… I want it with you and I will pay for your time," madame Song answered him.

"I could spare you this evening some time if you could go to Harry Law firm around 4 o'clock and I will tell my secretary about it," Harry told her the instruction.

"Sure… I will come to your office before 4 o'clock," Madame Song excited with the answer.

"I will tell you in advance that this initial consultation only normal consultation. There is no guarantee that I will accept your case," Harry told her.

"I do understand and I am sorry for disturbing you," Madame Song closed the connection.

"I never know that you made money that much for 10 minutes… You are so rich, my friend," Dan makes a comment to Harry.

"Jun made more money than me… He made 100 K every ten minutes without doing nothing," Harry told everyone. Jun only smile to everyone about his ability to made money.

"I have to go to make money guys," harry still eat the celery and walked outside the study room. He rode his Maserati to his law firm. 

Trapped With Tycoon 253 Harry Lu

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