Trapped With Tycoon 257 One Step Ahead

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Liam got the email report from Amin about Leong movement. His suspicion is right this time. Apparently, Leong work together with Tan in the back of Liam. Leong must be seeking back up from Tan as Choi Corporation CEO. Leong didn't know in the inside of Choi Corporation, Tan already blacklisted on the Choi Corporation and their subsidiary company. The underground issued a bill to avoid Tan at all cost or Liam will hunt them down. Even Liam is not in Choi Corporation but his underworld power as Choi Clan leader. Liam instructed Amin to pressuring Leong for his lost s.h.i.+pment. Liam tried all measure to drive Leong crazy by cutting his source of income.

The crazy Leong can't reason his action and went to hospital. He really needs Eric to tell him about the s.h.i.+pment. He met Tan earlier and he also can't do anything to help him at this stage as he still just took over Choi Corporation. He saw unconscious Eric on the bed with all the life support machine. Leong got this new drug that can make the coma to wake up and tell them all the answer. This drug develops and sold underworld for another form of torture to confess. Leong told the nurse to inject Eric with the drug. It won't take long time for Eric to wake up with the excruciating pain. Eric opened his eyes but he feels pain in his head really bad. He couldn't think really clearly due the pain. He could see Leong on his side bed and he hit his face. However, every time he tried to close his eyes the sharp pain started in his head and all over his body. He remembered Leong kept asking him about the firearm but he didn't know any fire arm in his warehouse. The only firearm in the warehouse only are for him and the boys to use. He knows about the new s.h.i.+pment arrives in the night but he didn't check the boxes. The pain is really excruciating on his head and it made the blood ooze out from his nose and ear. Finally, Eric body give up and he pa.s.sed away. The machine show a flat line on the screen.

One of the spies planted by Liam informed him about Eric condition. He asked him to do nothing and keep take picture of the whole incident. He will use the evidence to make them indictment. The death of one person will be sacrifice for the greater use. However, he keeps it a secret from everyone about this acknowledgment. He even planted an evidence pointing out to Tan with Leong helped. Liam got the picture when they meet up and all their business plan going on.

As expected, Annie got really dependent with Eddie now. The Song family also dependent to him now. Apparently, Madame Song and Annie signed the contract with Liam companies to sell their shares. Basically, Bella is the new owner for Song and Xie Corporation.

Zhen Er walked out from hospital after her s.h.i.+ft finished. She still in delusion of becoming the madame of Xie corporation. She has been upset in hospital as she couldn't get a hold any information about Bella, Cecile and Mia. It made it worse when Allan didn't contact her at all. She decided to walk into Allan's office after a h.e.l.l of work and calling everywhere. She arrives in the lobby of the corporation and manages to sneak in with her nurse uniform.

She walked into his office to see his haggard face and he slept in the sofa. She sat down on the floor in front of his sleeping face and rested her face in front of him. She drifts to sleep in front of him. She didn't know about his difficulties as if she could do anything. However, she knows that Xie family is one of the top family in Imperial and Hong Kong. It won't take long for him to open his eyes from his quick nap. He sat down and saw Zhen Er sleep with seating position on the sofa. He cuddles her hair and let her sleep more. He walked to his work desk and work again to review all the payment plan from his finance team.

Bella woke up from her short nap after releasing her pregnancy hormonal. She felt hungry and saw her husband still a sleep next to her. She was going to walk out from the bed when Jun put his arm around her waist and rested it on her stomach.

"Where are you going, my love?" Jun asked her while rested his head into the valley of her neck.

"I am hungry… Someone supposedly cook for this pregnant lady as I were not allowed to cook," Bella rubbed her stomach.

"okay… what do you want to eat? I will make it happen…" Jun told her.

"Can we eat in the night market?" Bella purpose it to him.

"done…" Jun kissed her check.

"When?" Bella asked him.

"It will need time though… give me two hour to arrange everything…" Jun walked out from the bed and get his phone. He goes to the bathroom while making a phone call to Ben. He wants to made a night market on the back of s.h.i.+n Mansion. He needs to arrange some of stall to come and made the food in the back of the house. The event staff in s.h.i.+n Corporation needs to decorate the back of the s.h.i.+n Mansion as night market bustling with the lamp and some entertainment within 1 hour.

Ben ran from the office and made a quick arrangement. He also asked the staff from the secretarial department to invite some of the street vendor to s.h.i.+n Mansion instead in the market. Jun will pay their revenue of the night. The transportation already arranges and they fitted twenty famous food vendors from the market to the s.h.i.+n Mansion and install their food vendor there. The maid and worker in s.h.i.+n Mansion really busy to help out made this event.

Trapped With Tycoon 257 One Step Ahead

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