Sword Among Us Chapter 108

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Chapter 108: The Seventh Realm

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

When Thunderous Battle returned to the main hall in the ancient tomb, he heard the sound of something slicing the air, and the sound was as loud and hoa.r.s.e as a violent gust of wind.

Whoosh… Whoosh… Whoosh…

The sound was incredibly motivating. It was relaxing, composed, but gave off the feeling that the attacks were closely connected to each other. The attacks came one after another, and they were very clear-cut and clean.

When he looked up, Thunderous Battle was instantly stunned!

He saw Happy happily fighting against a Stone Giant alone.

He still wore that inconspicuous attire that made him look like a hunter. The weapon he used was also the Hundred-battle Saber, which was a weapon that was below a masterpiece. Even though they had not seen each other for half a day, a faint blue light had already appeared on the Hundred-battle Saber.

A halo!

The others might not be able to tell what it was, but over the past few days, Thunderous Battle had practiced his high-tier martial art, Infinite Sword Technique, hard, and he knew clearly what this meant. This was the sign that the martial art was about to enter the seventh realm!

All high-tier martial arts would have different signs signalling their realms, and those signs were all different from low-tier martial arts starting from the first realm itself. Saber techniques would have saber glows, saber glares, and saber halos, and the color would move from faint to bright.

The first three realms would only show on the weapon itself and make the weapon s.h.i.+ne even brighter while also making it appear even livelier and more intimidating.

During the fourth to the sixth realm, the weapon would begin to show faint signs of a glare, and it would increase the attack radius and lethality of the martial art from its very essence, causing the damage to increase exponentially.

Starting from the seventh realm to the ninth realm, not only would the weapon gain an even brighter glare, a halo would appear between the execution of each skill, and the brightness would turn from faint to bright depending on the realm as well. Not only would it dazzle the enemy's vision and throw him into chaos, it could also hide trajectory of the attack.

Thunderous Battle remembered that when his Infinite Sword Technique reached the seventh realm, he had been excited for a long period of time, because that was the result of him working hard for more than a week.

However, he did not expect that Happy would be able to push Flowering Knights' Song into the seventh realm in just three days. At the same time he was shocked, he also felt incredibly depressed.

For the time being, he stood in the distance and watched quietly.

As time pa.s.sed, Thunderous Battle gradually had an inkling of the situation. He frowned slightly, and he would occasionally put on a contemplative or enlightened expression.

Clearly, Happy had already discovered the Stone Giant's set attack trajectory through its attacks. He made use of the Stone Giant's rigid attack patterns to increase the effects of his dodging, and not only did he cut down on the time needed to rest and recover, the frequency in which he attacked was also very astonis.h.i.+ng once he got used to its chained attacks. He could now attack several times faster than before, so it was no wonder that he could increase the realm for his martial arts so quickly. The EXP for martial arts was given to the user using the times the user effectively attacked and defended as the basis.

Once Flowering Knights' Song reached the seventh realm, its damage increased by leaps and bounds, and in just a few minutes, Happy dealt with the Stone Giant in front of them. Then, he noticed Thunderous Battle walk toward him not too far from the distance.

“Brother Thunder, you're done with your task?”

“Yup.” Thunderous Battle clicked his tongue in admiration[1] as he walked over. He looked at the Stone Giant's mangled corpse and smiled wanly before he punched Happy's shoulder. “Not bad, boy. In just half a day, you reached another realm. You're about to leave me far behind you.”

Happy smiled faintly and rubbed his shoulder.

“I've been following you over the past few days, and I witnessed many things, so I managed to figure out the Stone Giant's attack trajectory, otherwise, it would have been impossible for me to have my current achievements.”

“Enough with it, stop flattering me.” Thunderous Battle rolled his eyes. “I've trained with my friends for a long time, and none of us managed to figure out its attack trajectory. You're just putting me to shame, right?”

Happy smiled and explained. “That's different. If you have a few people with you, the Stone Giant will react according to the person closest to him, and its actions will be rather complicated. Why don't you stand by the side and watch?”

“Alright.” Thunderous Battle's expression became stern, and he nodded.

Hundreds of players gathered in Purple Sun Sect's headquarters in Xuzhou City. Their gazes were cold, and they held their weapons or bows in their hands. With a murderous aura about them, they gathered in the hall and long corridor, and all of them gazes at the direction of the door.

At that moment, Phantom Jade, who had appeared in the ancient tomb before, stood to the left of a middle-aged man with an awe-inspiring face. Phantom Jade himself had a stern expression. He held his long metallic whip in his hand, and he let out an aggressive and chilly aura!

To the left of the middle-aged man was Young White Dragon, whose face was no longer as scornful as before, but was now a little sterner and graver. After he was resurrected, he had long since put away his paper fan into his bag, and he held his Cuprite Longspear tightly while he stared at the spot outside the door with blazing eyes.

There was a reason why Purple Sun Sect looked as if they were about to face a great enemy!

In truth, the jade slit ring was from a Blessed Realm player who came from Immortal Fox Village. He got after he killed hundreds of foxes.

Purple Sun Sect originally did not pay too much attention to it, but later on, they got to know from an information source that once the Blessed Realm player from Immortal Fox Village died, he went to search for a sect with great power in Beijing—Life Ending Hall.

Lately, there were quite a number of sects from Beijing who had been very active in the south. One of them was Life Ending Hall, who became famous through a.s.sa.s.sinations and the usage of hidden weapons.

Life Ending Hall had more than one hundred people in Blessed Realm, and they had dozens of players who had high-tier martial arts. During this period of time, they had also seized many tributes, and rumors had it that the tributes they obtained had already filled up the storeroom in their headquarters.

Purple Sun Sect might be known as the strongest sect in Xuzhou City and also have the ability and prestige to back it up, but when they were compared to Life Ending Hall, they seemed much weaker. If they fought against them, they would just be trying to use eggs to strike a rock.

Yesterday, the sect master of Life Ending Hall sent a messenger pigeon and demanded them harshly to return the jade slit ring within two days, or else Life Ending Hall would march into Xuzhou en ma.s.se and destroy Purple Sun Sect's headquarters.

While the government was in charge of the safety and defense of the city in the game, they would not concern themselves with the sects of the martial artists seeking revenge against each other. They would just shut their eyes and allow such things to happen.

Hence, they would not bother with any of the attacks launched in the name of revenge near the headquarters of any sect.

This was why Purple Sun Sect had mobilized all its members and formed such a great lineup, because they wanted to fend against Life Ending Hall's attack when the time limit was up!

“Foster father!”

Young White Dragon had already died once, and because of it, his self-conceited air and arrogance in the past was completely gone.

When he sensed the threat from Life Ending Hall and experienced how weak Purple Sun Sect was compared to them, he was incredibly worried, and he could not help but suggest to the sect master of Purple Sun Sect.

“Since the jade slit ring is no longer in our hands, why don't we just tell Life Ending Hall about this and let them fight against each other?”

When he heard this, Phantom Jade also put on an attentive expression, along with a look that said he agreed with the suggestion.

Life Ending Hall had extraordinary strength. Their spies had returned to tell them just now that many of the people from Life Ending Hall had appeared in the city, and they were swiftly moving toward them. Clearly, the worst case scenario was about to happen.

Phantom Jade knew very clearly that once they decided to fight, the effort Purple Sun Sect had poured in to search for the jade slit ring over the past month or so and the estate they built will all be in vain, and it was something he did not want to see!

The sect master of Purple Sun Sect did not say anything, and neither did his expression change. He did not seem to have heard anything, but only kept looking ahead. He refused to say a single word.

After a few breaths, their door was filled with over one hundred players dressed in the black attire of an archer. The few people in the lead had the words [Break Blades and Spill Blood] sewn over their chests with gold thread to serve as their sect emblem. Their expressions arrogant and cruel, and their showed outstanding presence. At that moment, they stared at the plate above Purple Sun Sect's door with dark expressions, and fighting spirit burned in their eyes!

Sword Among Us Chapter 108

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