Sword Among Us Chapter 124: Zen Meditation-Related Questioning, Passed The Test

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The small temple in Mount Song that was provided for Shaolin's eminent monk, Master Xuan Kong, was actually a place of repentance. The Master of the Profound Void was a famous fighter of his generation in Shaolin Temple. While his abilities were slightly weaker than those of the unfathomable Sweeper Monk, with a few extraordinary skills within the Seventy-two Ultimate Techniques, he had practically become the master of Shaolin Temple. 

However, Profound Void made a wrong decision that led to serious consequences, and it made Shaolin Temple suffer great humiliation. He took the initiative to leave and built this Repentance Temple far away from Shaolin Temple to regret the mistakes he made in his life. 

Many small statues of Buddha were enshrined in the temple. There were three incense sticks in front of them. Happy lit them with familiar ease. Once he wors.h.i.+ped them respectfully, he requested to meet Monk Zhi Heng's master, who had been waiting for him by the side. 

"My master has isolated himself to train. I am afraid it will be inconvenient for you to meet him. Patron, please forgive me for this inconvenience." 

Perhaps it was because of Happy's appropriate behavior, but Monk Zhi Heng did not take offense at his request. He only tactfully rejected it. 

Naturally, Zhi Heng could not agree to the request so easily. It was a chain quest with zen questioning at its core. The reward for clearing the first level was already an increase to one's attributes, so there was no way the quest could be cleared easily. 

Happy remembered that countless Shaolin Disciples had entered this small temple in his previous life. They challenged Zhi Heng alone, and some had even challenged him in a group, but they never managed to shake him off and enter the temple. 

It was impossible to use brute strength to enter the inner room of the small temple! If anyone wanted to bother Xuan Kong's meditation forcefully, Zhi Heng would be ruthless; he would break his vows and kill. 

Even Happy did not have the courage to attack Zhi Heng. 

If he wanted to enter the small temple, he needed to seize a fortuitous chance that would link him to Buddhism!

'Only those who are fated can enter!'

Fortuitous chances were the core of World of Martial Arts, and it was the same for Shaolin Temple. As long as a person could seize them, they could trigger quests and enter the small temple. 

But once one entered the temple, they would be faced with the difficult task of persuading Monk Zhi Heng to let them meet Master Xuan Kong. For that, they had to rely on their intellect to make Master Xuan Kong appear on his own!

In Happy's past life, there had been countless players who were stuck halfway. 

Even if they racked their brains in the small temple, they found no way to enter the inner room. 

There were very few people who managed to obtain the rewards for the quest. 

Happy had only managed to get the gist of the quest because he had ran into an old player who quite enjoyed Zen meditation-related questioning. He was also one of the seven players who obtained the chance to meet Xuan Kong. 

Zen meditation-related questioning!

Happy had said that he was fated with Buddha and persuaded Zhi Heng to let him enter the small temple, in which he succeeded. 

The second step was to question zen. 

He had to pay attention to quite some things around him. 

"I see." Happy put on an enlightened and regretful expression. "If that is the case, I have truly been ras.h.!.+ This place is the spot where the both of you meditate quietly. If that is the case, then I shall bid my leave so that I will not bother the both of you."

Zhi Heng uttered the name of Buddha in a very polite tone. "Amitabha! Patron, you do not have to be so courteous. Since you have come here, be at ease. It is night now. Rest for the night in the temple before you go. My master is studying Buddhism in the room. Patron, as long as you do not make a ruckus, you will not bother him. Please go to the lateral room to rest."

"Thank you."

Under Zhi Heng's guidance, Happy reached a small room. The decorations there were the exact same as in his previous life. Aside from a simple wooden bed, there was only one small table where he could place his things, and an oil lamp. There was also a very thin blanket on the bed. 

"The room is simple and crude. Patron, please put up with it," Zhi Heng said while turning around. His tone was very calm. 

Happy was focused. He quickly placed his palms together and answered. "Master, you worry too much. Was there not a poor girl who went hungry and spent her one coin to buy oil so that she could light a lamp and respect Buddha? I am already very grateful that I could spend the night in the temple!"

"Amitabha." Zhi Heng turned around and left with a smile. 

When he shut the small door to the lateral room, Happy knew that he should have pa.s.sed the second stage. In World of Martial Arts, all monks learned of the Buddhism cla.s.sical stories. Zhi Heng should tell Happy's answer to Xuan Kong later. 

If he could resist the urge to come out after a person who is fated with Buddha and understands the ways of Buddha entered the temple, it would be very difficult to clear the quest. 

Happy immediately composed himself and sat down cross-legged on the bed to execute Complete Reality Qi Cultivation Technique. He wanted to recover the small amount of qi he had spent while he dashed to this place. 

Time pa.s.sed very quickly. 

He did not know how long he had meditated, but he still did not receive any news about Master Xuan Kong summoning him. 

But Happy was not in a hurry. 

There was still some time before daybreak. 

Besides, while this quest was good, there was no absolute need for him to complete it. 

When he thought of this, he became calm and at peace. With the scent of the incense sticks influencing him, he shut his eyes and had his qi circulate in his body. He had his mind and body immersed in an incredibly mystical state.

When an unknown amount of time had pa.s.sed, Happy was snapped out of his meditation by a sound outside the temple. He thought he heard some faint cries, and weapons seemed to have been drawn. He could not help but frown and push the door to go out. 


An old voice spoke from across him. Under the dim light from the lamp, a monk with a kasaya and a white beard walked out of the darkness with unsteady steps. His eyes seemed to be incredibly murky, but they contained the peacefulness and calm contained of those who walked down the path of Buddhism. 

"My Buddhist name is Xuan Kong. Patron, I believe that you are the person my disciple Zhi Heng mentioned is fated with Buddha. Judging by your appearance, I can see that you have extraordinary bearing. You should be an outstanding person."

Master Xuan Kong walked into the light slowly and stared into Happy's eyes. There was a calm and harmonious smile on his face. 

When he remembered how much this man had helped him in the past, Happy felt greatly sentimental upon seeing the same scene again. He could not help but be dragged into the amiable atmosphere the monk created, and he placed his palms flat against each other and answered, "Master, you praise me too much."

"Patron, you say that you are devoted to the ways of Buddha, but why do you practice the qi cultivation technique from Complete Reality School, and stranger still, why did you appear in Mount Shao's territory so late at night. Could it be that the item in your hands is the tribute that the imperial court is searching for?" 

Master Xuan Kong's expression was as peaceful as ever, but the barrage of questions made Happy feel a bit of invisible pressure. 

Happy smiled wanly. 

The storyline for non Shaolin Temple players seemed to be a little different from the storyline he obtained last time. 

What should he do?

Once Xuan Kong appeared in his previous life, he only said a string of Buddhist advice and teachings that caused others to fall into deep thought. Then, the system would notify them that they gained one point in Comprehension. Happy had not expected that in this life, Xuan Kong's att.i.tude would be completely different. In fact, he was a little aggressive. 

He sucked in a deep breath and answered, "I will now answer your question. I am a disciple of the Murong Clan. I have come to Shaolin Temple for various reasons, and after wandering about the mountains, I have come to this place. The brocade box in my hands is indeed something that belongs to the imperial court, but I have seized it from a group of incredibly fierce and evil bandits."

"Hmm." Master Xuan Kong stared into Happy's eyes calmly. When he could not detect any signs of lies, he nodded quietly. 

"I see, so you are a young swordsman from the Murong Clan. It is of no wonder then that your bearing is so extraordinary."

A hint of a smile appeared on Xuan Kong's face. 

"Some time ago, the previous master of the Murong Clan played a game of Go and even recited the meditation mantra with me. The old master of the Murong Clan had an understanding toward meditation that was rarely seen in the world. It is of no wonder that you possess such kindness and a sense of justice within you, even though you are still so young. 

"You are also very familiar with some Buddhist cla.s.sical stories… I have great admiration toward you. Today, I feel as if I have met an old friend. Young swordsman, if you are not sleepy, do come to the inner room and talk with me inside," Xuan Kong said with a smile and opened the door to the inner room. Happy instantly felt his heart tremble furiously. 

He actually managed to clear the quest so easily?!

Sword Among Us Chapter 124: Zen Meditation-Related Questioning, Passed The Test

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