Sword Among Us Chapter 240

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Chapter 240: Heart Devouring Silver Snake

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

There were three things that were of vital importance to sects built in World of Martial Arts.

The first was the land and members of the sect. Whether the location was good or bad would partially determine whether it would rise to glory or fall to demise, and would also affect its reputation to a certain degree. And if the sect's members flourished, they would form the foundation of the sect.

The second was the sect's plate!

The plate might be an inanimate object, but the name, material, and calligraphy of it were all very important. If the name carried confidence, if the material was st.u.r.dy, and the calligraphy was from a famous calligrapher, it would demand respect from the people in the game. The domineering air of the words on the plate would also determine the luck of the sect on whether it would be easily destroyed when a person went up to challenge that sect.

The last was the most important, and it was the sect's foundation and cornerstone.

It had to be bought with one hundred thousand taels of silver crumbs from the imperial court. Not only was it expensive, it was also a one and only object. This meant that once it was destroyed, it could not be rebuilt, unless the players spent even more money.

Destroying a sect's plate would only deliver a blow to the sect's might and humiliate them. However, if someone destroyed the sect's foundation in the headquarters, that sect would be completely erased from World of Martial Arts. Their land would be taken away at any moment, and all their sects would have their positions stripped off. Its members would return to being n.o.bodies.

When Happy slaughtered his way into the headquarters of Five Venoms, the hundreds of Five Venoms sect members inside had nervous expressions. There were plenty of them in the area, and they surrounded the sect's foundation so tightly that not even a single drop of water could pa.s.s.

Yet even so, Happy did not stop moving forward. With a sword with one hand, he stared ahead and left behind a footprint with each step he took toward the foundation. His aura also continued to increase.

The players pushed against each other and motivated each other.

“Why should I be afraid?! He's alone! I refuse to believe that we won't be able to kill him with so many of us here!”

“Let's go!”

“That's right! Let's attack together!”

“Kill him!”

The outermost layer of people protecting the foundation of the sect grabbed their weapons, and thirty or so of them pounced forward. They were finally unable to hold themselves back and were ready to risk everything under Happy's aggressive presence and his oppressive aura.


'You want to use a normal sect's method to fight against me continuously and waste away my qi?'

Happy smiled coldly and put away his Silver Wolf Emperor Breaker Sword resolutely. His Hundred-battle Sword landed in his hand, and with a flick of his wrist, a thin layer of aura from Wind Spirit Spin enveloped the blade. Before the group could react, Happy disappeared from the spot. When he appeared among them, they cried out in surprise.

Flowering Knights Slas.h.!.+

The dark blue saber glare swiftly erupted from the crowd. The players were caught off guard and were sent flying in every direction by a sharp saber glare.

More than half of the thirty or so people instantly died!

There were some of them who were further away, so they were lucky enough to not be knocked back. However, before they could enjoy their luck, a powerful gust of wind came cras.h.i.+ng at them, and a dark blue saber glare went past their necks.

They cried out in pain, and a few people staggered before they were sent flying. Then, they crashed into the ground.

Phantasm Body Movement Skill's bizarreness and its element of surprise was brought out to its max by Happy. When he combined it with the various killing techniques from Flowering Knights' Song, he instantly got into the group of disciples from Five Venoms. Not only did the sight make the sect members of Five Venoms even more depressed and nervous, even the elites who were watching by the side grew solemn.

“I see, so we can even do it this way?”

Corpses landed on the ground, and the Hundred-battle Saber crashed into the ground like a heavy weight. Happy looked up again, and when he swept his gaze over the silent Five Venoms sect members, he went forward once more.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Don't even think about it!”

A young Five Venoms sect member rushed out of the crowd with an enraged roar. A black pot was tossed at Happy's head.

Happy said nothing.

He frowned slightly and stopped moving for a moment while he stared at the black pot that came flying at him. He cut it instinctively. Before the pot landed in front of him, he crushed it, and was prepared to use the power of Wind Spirit Spin, which was attached to Flowering Knights' Song, to destroy all the venomous insects inside.

But the instant the pot was destroyed, a freezing cold that made others fearful traveled out. The temperature in the air was swiftly reduced, and a silver-white light appeared like lightning.

The power of Wind Spirit Spin attached to Flowering Knights' Song was completely ignored by the silver-white light. Along with the inertia from the pot that came flying at him, the light shot toward Happy like lightning.

'Not good!'

His expression changed. He swiftly remembered the name of the venomous creature which had been part of the ambush in his previous life. His arm trembled, and the warning bells in his mind rang out loudly. He did not say anything, but closed his eyes and executed the second of Ten True Dragon Styles—Pet.i.te Dragon!

Pet.i.te Dragon caused his qi to circulate widely in his body, and he would be able to make the most effective dodges according to the dangers around him. His success rate in dodging would increase to 80%, but he would spend twenty qi and twenty stamina every second.

The silver-white object that looked like light instantly struck Happy's body.

The expressions of the people from Chivalry Sect changed while they remained by the wall.

They saw the black pot shatter, and while Happy swiftly executed a highly-difficult dodge with an astonis.h.i.+ng quality, he still did not manage to avoid the silver-white object that shot out from the pot.

When the young man who had run out from the crowd and tossed the black pot saw Happy destroy the pot, fierce delight appeared on his face.

“What a despicable person!”

Lin Xiao clenched his fists tightly. He was the only person who had his qi circulating in his body in the crowd while he spectated the fight. This meant that he was the one who saw everything the clearest.

He noticed that there was something wrong when the young man had tossed the pot. Then, he was able to recognize at first glance that what attacked Happy seemed to be a small, silver-white snake that was as thick as a thread. It was really quick, and since it was so close to him, it was no surprise that Happy could not avoid it.

Thud, thud, thud!

Happy's face was pale. He retreated a few feet backwards and clenched his chest tightly. Those who were attentive could tell that there was a red mark that had spread out from between his fingers and covered his heart.

When the young man saw that Happy was struck in the chest, he relaxed and laughed loudly in a conceited manner. “Hahahaha… you didn't expect that you would end up this way, right? You underestimated us, and you will die! Haha!”

Crazed laughter echoed in the air within the headquarters of Five Venoms.

The other sect members of Five Venoms seemed to have not reacted to it just yet. They did not know how the nameless n.o.body had managed to injure Happy heavily, and Happy's condition did seem to be pretty bad.

Happy laboriously brought out a Dew Pill and an antidote from his Universe Bag and swallowed them. He looked at the young man in front of him and spoke in a slightly hoa.r.s.e voice that held a trace of disbelief.

“Heart Devouring Silver Snake! I didn't expect that you would have this thing with you.”

“As expected of the famous Happy on the Famous People Rank. You are indeed knowledgeable!”

The young man from Five Venoms might have been shocked, but it was difficult for him to hide the cold sneer and smugness on his face. He spread his arms, and the small, silver-white snake returned to his hands.

He paused for a moment, then said with great confidence, “However, it's already too late for you to take antidotes. Heart Devouring Silver Snake's greatest aspect is not its cold poison, but its love for the blood in the heart. It will only ever eat human hearts. Since your heart has been struck, you will not be saved. Why waste your medicinal pills?”

When the people in the area heard his words, their expressions changed!

Their gazes when they looked at the silver snake which was as thin as a thread in the hands of the young man from Five Venoms became incredibly solemn and wary.

Heart Devouring Silver Snake! Five Venoms actually had something like that?!

“Haha! Good! Very good!”

Proud over All Life's overjoyed laughter rang from behind Happy. He closed in on Happy while the latter was still heavily injured, and his voice turned fierce. “Now, tell me, what right do you have to destroy my sect, huh?!”

As he spoke, he did not notice that Happy had put away his Hundred-battle Saber at some unknown point in time.

“Sect Master Proud, don't you think it's too soon for you to say something like that?!” a cold voice asked. It was full of strength.

Sword Among Us Chapter 240

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