Sword Among Us Chapter 476

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Chapter 476: Book of Wumu

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Once Zhang Wuji came to understand Taichi Sword Will, his abilities broke through Inaction Realm. He was now far above Inaction Realm. Happy did not have any confidence in winning against him if they fought. He never had that confidence in his previous life, and he did not have it in his current life either.

Besides, based on Zhang Wuji's actions, he would not hurt Happy because of the injured Zhao Min before things came to light. Zhang Wuji had never been the sort of person who would slaughter innocents indiscriminately.

“Give me Dragon Saber, and you can leave.”

Zhang Wuji did not say anything else. He just cast the duo a glance with a complicated expression before he extended his hand. He did not dare to look Zhou Zhiruo in the eye while she gritted her teeth and refused to have tears fall from her eyes.

Happy suddenly admired himself quite a bit.

If Dragon Saber had been in his hands, would Zhang Wuji be so courteous? He might have s.n.a.t.c.hed it before the conversation even started.

When Happy thought of it, he was suddenly a little eager to see how things would progress.

He originally thought that once Zhang Wuji caught up to them, they would need to hand over at least Dragon Saber, so he could only complete half of the quest. Happy did not expect that even though Zhang Wuji caught up to them, he would find an unexpected trump card in his hands that could be used against the man.

Zhou Zhiruo!

As Happy expected, once Zhou Zhiruo was emotionally hurt time and time again by Zhang Wuji and Zhao Min, she became completely disappointed in him, and she glared at him coldly.

“Cult Master Zhang, you do not need to be so polite! After all, Ming Cult is the enemy of the six great sects, and Zhao Min is the culprit behind the disaster that befell the six sects. I, Zhou Zhiruo, wanted to kill that witch Zhao Min for the previous sect leader of Emei Sect, but you stopped me repeatedly, and this is proof that the imperial court has decided to work together with Ming Cult.

“Cult Master Zhang, since you have decided to protect Zhao Min so much, why are you still wasting your breath here with me? Why don't you just kill us together and hand over your foster father's Dragon Saber and Emei Sect's Heavenly Sword to Zhao Min so that she can hand it to the imperial court?”

The mocking tone in her words was very clear, and it was filled with deep-seated hatred and disappointment.

“However, if you want to s.n.a.t.c.h Dragon Saber and hand it over to the imperial court, I, Zhou Zhiruo of Emei Sect, will absolutely not agree to it, Cult Master Zhang. You will have to step on our corpses to get to the two weapons, or you will have to bring our boat back to Spirit Snake Island so that your foster father can kill us with his palms.”

Zhang Wuji was already filled with guilt toward Zhou Zhiruo. Not only had he let her down by not reciprocating her fee protected Zhao Min, which hurt Zhou Zhiruo yet again. When he heard Zhou Zhiruo's righteous words, an awkward look appeared on his face. He opened his mouth a few times, but he could not say anything.

Happy seized the perfect opportunity to speak. “Cult Master Zhang, go on and attack us. Zhao Min might have stolen Dragon Saber and Heavenly Sword today because she wanted to have it sent as a gift to the imperial court, but that is only the start. The imperial court has long since wanted to destroy Ming Cult and the six great sects. If Zhao Min succeeded in her quest, we would surely witness a disaster that affects all lives!

“Sect Leader Zhou does not wish for Dragon Saber to return to your foster father's hands because you trust Zhao Min. But once Dragon Saber is gone, Emei Sect will be in great danger. At that time, Zhao Min will turn around to attack Sect Leader Zhou, and I cannot bear to see Emei Sect being destroyed.

“That's why, even if I die at sea today, I will definitely not let you achieve your wish and give the two weapons to Zhao Min to serve as her dowry.”

Once Happy finished speaking, he positioned Heavenly Sword horizontally over his chest while standing together with Zhou Zhiruo. He had the posture of someone who wanted to fight against her enemy together with her.

Not only did Zhang Wuji have Great Swordsman Zhang's blood, he also inherited his mother, Heavenly Eagle Cult's Yin Susu's wisdom. There was no way he could not understand what Happy implied.

He lowered his head and sighed. “There will definitely come a day when what happened today will come to light. What you said is right. When Dragon Saber is in my foster father's hands, it is a disaster, not a blessing. Today, I will not trouble both of you. Leave. Young Swordsman Happy, take care of Miss Zhou.”

Once Zhang Wuji finished speaking, he jumped and rushed over the vast sea to head back to Spirit Snake Island, which was 328 feet away from them.

'Whew! I managed to get through!'

When Happy saw Zhang Wuji leave without turning back, he sighed in relief in his heart.

When he turned his head around, he saw Zhou Zhiruo turn to the cabin with tears streaming down her face. He wondered whether it was because of Zhang Wuji's cold-heartedness toward her or whether it was because of his final sentence before he left.

Happy did not dare to say anything.

He had started with the quest to attack Light Summit, then went to save the six great system-allocated sects, visited Emei Sect to serve as their bodyguard in secret, traveled the sea to Spirit Snake Island and fought against Xie Xun, Zhang Wuji, and now, he was finally able to obtain Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber after going through what could be considered to be a lot of trouble.

He did not dare to be negligent, however. He quickly went to the cabin and handed Heavenly Sword to Zhou Zhiruo.

At the instant she took Heavenly Sword, the clear and pleasant sound of the system's notification rose again.


“Completed quest to escape from Spirit Snake Island!

“Quest for Zhou Zhiruo to obtain Dragon Saber and Heavenly Sword complete!”

Zhou Zhiruo stared at Dragon Saber and Heavenly Sword, which were both in her hands, with a complicated gaze. She wiped away her tears, and a flash of resolution shone in her eyes. “Before my mistress pa.s.sed away, she once told me that there is a great secret hidden within these divine weapons.”

As she spoke, she held the sword in one hand and the saber in the other.

She then swung the saber against the sword at the spot seven inches away from the hilt.



Heavenly Sword, which could cut through iron as if it were mud, and the domineering Dragon Saber were instantly reduced to mere pieces of metal. They were snapped into two and fell on the bed.

Even if Happy was prepared for it since a long time ago, when he saw that the two divine weapons had lost their original l.u.s.tre and awe-inspiring presence, his heart still surged for a moment.

Zhou Zhiruo's expression did not change. She brought out a small role of silk brocade from the gap in Heavenly Sword, then took out a small manual from Dragon Saber.

Happy's breathing instantly quickened.

He could clearly see four astonis.h.i.+ng traditional Chinese words on the manual in Zhou Zhiruo's hands.

[Book of Wumu]

He redirected his gaze to look at the silk brocade in Zhou Zhiruo's other hand.

'Could it be?'

“Book of Wumu. It is a book on the art of war, and it is the only other book about war aside from Yue Clan's Fist Technique and Yue Clan's Spear Technique, which still circulates in the market today. The ultimate techniques of Beggar's Sect throughout the generations is also written in it by Guo Jing. It seems that the rumors are true.

“Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palm and Dog Beating Staff Technique… These two techniques are extraordinary. Then, this silk brocade must be the way to quickly master Nine Yin Manual, which Beggar's Sect's Master Huang Rong personally wrote.”

While Zhou Zhiruo read it, to Happy's surprise, she put away Nine Yin Manual.

“Beggar's Sect's palm technique and Dog Beating Staff Technique might be amazing, but they are both Beggar's Sect's ultimate techniques. I am from Emei Sect, and it is not suitable for me to use them. Having the ability to mobilize forces and lay out formations is also not a hobby among wandering martial artists. I will give these to you.

“Young Swordsman Happy, treat it as a little compensation from me on behalf of my mistress and Emei Sect.”

While saying that, Zhou Zhiruo handed over Book of Wumu, which was a manual that martial artists fought over, to Happy.

The system gave a notification.


“Obtained Book of Wumu!


“Practiced Book of Wumu. Successfully studied the book on the art of war. Obtained the ability to mobilize forces and set up formations. Increased all attributes by 10 points! Arm Strength: 102, Affinity: 117, Comprehension: 104, Body Movement: 106!


“Successfully learned high-tier Life and Death Realm martial art Yue Clan's Fist.


“Successfully learned high-tier Life and Death Realm martial art Yue Clan's Spear.


“Successfully learned high-tier Life and Death Realm martial art Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palm.


“Successfully learned high-tier Life and Death Realm martial art Dog Beating Staff Technique!”

The continuous stream of notifications telling Happy that he successfully learned various martial arts were a great surprise. They caused his emotions to surge wildly.

Book of Wumu!

As expected of Book of Wumu!

Sword Among Us Chapter 476

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