Sword Among Us Chapter 581

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Chapter 581: Seven Star Beauty Orchid Gra.s.s

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The situation was incredibly complicated!

 The quest was very extraordinary. Not only did it concern the safety of Beggar's Sect's branch in Phoenix Sun County, it also concerned the safety of Reverend Zhang Sanfeng's head disciple, who was also the future sect leader of Wudang Sect.

 If Happy could not complete the quest successfully, it would not just affect his relations.h.i.+p with beggar's Sect, but Zhang Sanfeng's affection for him might also plummet. Also, there were Ming Cult's people in the hall as well. If Happy could not save them, Zhang Wuji's affection for him would also fall, and his relations.h.i.+p with the rest of Ming Cult would return to what it had been before!

 'Huang Rong, Guo Jing, you two are truly amazing. This favor is so hard to return…'

 Happy sucked in a deep breath and quickly calmed down.

 “Physician w.a.n.g, since you are confident that you can save Great Hero Song and my friends from Ming Cult, that is good. Where is this Seven Star Beauty Orchid Gra.s.s?”

 “Ah…” Physician w.a.n.g sucked in a deep breath in a troubled manner. “I do know where Seven Star Beauty Orchid Gra.s.s lies. This herb loves the cold. The colder it is, the higher the chances of it growing there.

 “There are only two places in Phoenix Sun County that are suitable for Seven Star Beauty Orchid Gra.s.s to grow. Based on the herb picker of my apothecary, to the north is a mountain called Moon View Mountain, which has a cold spring at the summit. There might be Seven Star Beauty Orchid Gra.s.s in the cave near that cold spring.”

 Physician w.a.n.g had only mentioned the first spot, and he was not even certain whether Seven Star Beauty Orchid Gra.s.s would really be there, but Happy noticed that Chen Youliang seemed to have something to say, and he instantly frowned.

 “What about the other site?”

 “The other site is too far away. And I heard rumors that it is one of the hiding spots of the evil cult. If you go there, there is a high chance that you will not succeed, and you might even lose your life. I believe that you should go and test your luck at Moon View Mountain,” Physician w.a.n.g kindly said.

 “With Great Hero Song and the others' physical const.i.tutions along with my Calming Fragrance, they can last four days (which is forty-eight hours in real time). If you can't find it in Moon View Mountain, then we can only blame me for making a misjudgment, and it is their fate to fall to this poison.”

 When Happy heard that, he noticed that Chen Youliang's expression had turned incredibly resigned, and he immediately became certain that there would be no Seven Star Beauty Orchid Gra.s.s on Moon View Mountain. The antidote was somewhere else.

 Besides, since the poison-like substance came from the evil cult and the other site was coincidentally a hiding spot for the evil cult, there was no need to even think to know the relations.h.i.+p between the two.

 “Physician w.a.n.g, since there is no danger on Moon View Mountain, why didn't you send someone to search for the herb?”

 When Physician w.a.n.g heard Happy's question, he laughed bitterly. “I-I'm afraid I must tell you the truth. I sent two of my disciples to search for it, but they found nothing. I really have no other way to cure them now.”

 'I knew it!'

 “If that's the case, please tell me the location of the other site. There's absolutely no problem with me taking a little risk for Great Hero Song and my friends of Wudang Sect and Ming Cult,” Happy said in a justified manner.

 Chen Youliang and Physician w.a.n.g looked at each other.

 “If that's the case, Physician w.a.n.g, please tell all that you know to Young Swordsman Happy.” Chen Youliang stopped talking for a moment before he said, “I will transfer Great Hero Song and the others to a secret branch underground to protect them. At the same time, I will attract the evil cult's attention so that I can buy you some time.”

 “Since you're willing to do it, then I will leave the safety of Great Hero Song and the others to you.” Happy wrapped his fist in his palm.

 Once he finished speaking, he learned of the location where the evil cult hid and received the quest before he left in a hurry.

 Phoenix Sun County to Extreme Yin Lake, which was the spot Physician w.a.n.g spoke of, was actually quite far. Happy would need around fourteen to sixteen hours to travel back and forth on a normal steed, but he did not have that much time to waste.

 Happy did not dare to be negligent. He sent Thunderous Battle a messenger pigeon and asked him to send him a Horse Plate before he got on a horse and left with a trail of dust behind him!

 While riding, Happy looked through the Universe Bag he got from the evil cult elite, and he found that there were actually quite a lot of good items inside. Aside from a few grade one masterpieces and a Moksha Realm fist technique manual, there was also a Sky Demon Order and three Hill Breaker Golden Needles that caused his mood to go up.

 Sky Demon Order was currently useless, but in the future, when their strength and equipment was up to date, the item would become very useful to enter the ruins of Sky Demon Sect.

 As for Hill Breaker Golden Needle, it could be used after learning certain hidden weapon techniques, but its damage and speed was not the main thing that was attractive about it. Instead, it was its ability to break body fortifications at close distance, which could catch people off guard.

 Flap, flap, flap!

 A snow white messenger pigeon shot into Happy's hand at an astonis.h.i.+ng speed while he was charging forward on a horse.

 Happy was stunned.

 It was a letter from One Emperor.

 [You managed to kill one and make the other flee within ten moves even when you faced two Inaction Realm NPCs alone. Not bad. I'm no longer humiliated that I lost to you. But there are still two months left until our promised meeting, and I will win this time.]

 The letter was as expected of One Emperor. Even though it was filled with a burning fighting spirit and an air of solitude, he did not hold back on praising Happy. In his previous life, Happy had never heard One Emperor give that sort of comment to anyone.

 Even though there were quite a number of his friends who sent him congratulatory letters, only One Emperor's letter and its weight caused Happy to release a long breath.

 [I look forward to your subsequent slashes as well.]

 Soon after the messenger pigeon flew away, One Emperor's reply returned. [We'll meet at the summit of Mount Tai two months later. I won't leave without seeing you.]

 When Happy saw the elegant words written on the letter, he felt as if the fighting spirit that had been acc.u.mulating for years in his heart had started burning. He looked up, and a brilliant s.h.i.+ne shone in his eyes.

 [I, too, won't leave without seeing you.]

 The thunderous horse hooves echoed on the government-made road.

 Extreme Yin Lake had appeared because of a cold underground mine. It caused the temperature of the lake above it to be much lower than that of other lakes, and the cold environment caused the lake to be void of any living beings. It was also rare for any plants to grow in the area.

 At night, Extreme Yin Lake gave off a feeling that it was an eerie forest that had been targeted by cold and callous monsters. It brought fear to other people's hearts and great discomfort.

 However, recently, some people had set up a camp near Extreme Yin Lake, making it slightly livelier. Groups of fires that were set up very closely to each other caused the banks of Extreme Yin Lake to look as if it was still daytime at the lakeside.

 There were more than twenty tents.

 More than thirty evil cult disciples with extraordinary skills guarded the lakeside like warrior attendants. They sealed off the area and did not allow anyone to get close.

 There was a huge tent in the middle, and light shone brightly inside it. Sometimes, a few people with astonis.h.i.+ng aura and dark faces could be seen walking out of it!

 Happy had been observing the camp in the dark for some time, and his gaze gradually turned incredibly solemn.

 He did not know why the evil cult chose to set up camp at Extreme Yin Lake, and why they did it in such a flashy and grand manner.

 Also, what puzzled Happy was that there were many evil cult elites present. There were already around eight of them who were at the ranks of elders.

 Happy had no idea who was the master of the main tent, but that person was definitely not a nameless n.o.body. Happy was terrified that he had actually run into the evil cult while they were carrying out a special mission, and he sucked in a sharp breath and prayed that he would not run into the supreme-cla.s.s elites like Zhu Yuyan, or else, he would definitely die right there and then.

 'Forget it, I'll look for Seven Star Beauty Orchid Gra.s.s first.'

 When Happy turned around, he suddenly became wary, because he suddenly realized that a woman dressed entirely in black chiffon had appeared behind him at some point in time in the silver and gentle moonlight. She sat at the top of the tree like a dark elf while swinging her bare feet. Her eyes were clear and charming, and there was a mischievous smile on her lips as she looked at him.

 “Gusu's… Blue-robed Hero?”

 The woman's voice was like pearls on a plate, both clear and enchanting. There was even a unique charm to it.

Sword Among Us Chapter 581

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