Sword Among Us 636 Happy's Wild Imagination

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Happy said nothing toward Silver Wolf's acknowledgment. 

He had to admit that Rampaging Dragon's strength and temperament were rare, especially when he had to face certain sudden situations. He could handle them alone very well. 

Happy was not miserly when it came to treating the talented people in Mu Clan. As the number of branches increased, each region required at least one talented person to serve as a garrison as well as control it. 

He did not wish Rampaging Dragon to be limited by his equipment and have his progress stagnate at the level of a first-cla.s.s elite, so he could only ever be a branch master. 

But now, Happy let his imagination run wild!

Instead of setting up branches everywhere in the Chinese server, it would be better to govern the branches after splitting them up into different regions. He could choose one person who had great leaders.h.i.+p qualities and was someone trustworthy to govern one area, and later on, he could promote them to the extent where they were almost at the same position as Thunderous Battle. 

That would not only reduce the pressure on Thunderous Battle, the commands in Mu Clan would be issued faster and in an even more effective manner. He could also turn the branches that were scattered in different corners in the Chinese server into solid iron fortresses. 

Of course, if he wanted to do that, he had to choose great players who had leaders.h.i.+p qualities and stood among the top in terms of strength. 

When it came to commanding and leading the people, Thunderous Battle, Silver Wolf, Momo, and Phoenix Dances had already pa.s.sed the test. 

Thunderous Battle was already in charge of Changjiang River Basin. With Baokang as its center, it was a region that had rich resources that were centralized in one spot. 

Phoenix Dances was in charge of West Region!

Happy was not certain where he should allocate Momo and Silver Wolf, but he intended to let them manage the south. As for the borders of the southwestern front, while it was not a large region, the act of setting up Sky Demon Branch was unique and incredibly important. 

Happy intended to let Rampaging Dragon take up the task of managing this area, because he was more suited to this compared to everyone else in Mu Clan. 

Happy had actually heard in advance of how the southwestern elites would come over and provoke them. Not only did he receive the timely news from Phantasmal Shadow, Wind Chimes' divination had also accurately deciphered information about the group right down to every second of their journey. 

Instead of saying that Happy had done a lot to prepare for the upcoming challenge from the southwestern elites, it would be better to say that it was the final test for Rampaging Dragon's ability to undertake the task of leading people. 

Happy had personally sent Rampaging Dragon the fourth-echelon Purple Scale Armor Set. 

Rampaging Dragon clearly knew the great meaning and heavy responsibility behind that expensive armor!

He did not back down and chose to take up the task. 

Even though equipment advantage could not decide everything, ever since he lost against Tiger on the Road in West Region, Rampaging Dragon had been thinking about how he could wipe away the disgrace he suffered the next time he fought against him. 

And he decided on staff techniques!

He did not make this decision based just off the game, but he had read up on related material about Muay Thai on the Internet and other sources in the real world to search for the way to counter it. 

His hard work yielded success. 

There was a saying in the world of martial arts that they counteracted or reinforced each other. 

Fist and kick techniques that focused on fierce and strong attacks allowed its user to move about with ease, and they were astonis.h.i.+ngly fast. They could counter many martial arts, but there were certain heavy weapons that could deal with them, such as staff techniques!

Fist and kick techniques maximized the advantage brought by speed, and when applied to Muay Thai, which had a uniquely fierce and strong fighting style, they could mow down all resistances. They were not easy to deal with. 

But there was a sentence that circulated the world of martial arts, and it was that the shorter a person's weapon was, the closer they had to get to the enemy. The faster they moved, the more risks they had to take. 

The advantage of weapons was actually very clear. When a staff and spear user reached a certain level, their enemies would not be able to get close to them, which would not allow them to show off their true strength. 

Thus, Rampaging Dragon chose a staff technique!

Once the fourth-echelon Purple Scale Armor covered his entire body, Rampaging Dragon brought out an awe-inspiring and domineering black staff. Its ends were shaped like diamonds and had multiple holes in them. 

Fourth-echelon Sky Breaker Sound!

Three colors flowed over it, and there was a faint metallic color that looked as if it came straight out of a fantasy covering the staff. 

Rampaging Dragon held it in his hand, and an aura that seemed like it belonged to a fierce beast swiftly spread out from it. 

Tiger on the Road was the first to come into contact with the change in Rampaging Dragon's aura.

Even though he was a person who believed in the superiority of power, there were a few rules that needed to be obeyed in the gaming world, and the threat brought by a set of equipment at the fourth echelon was great. With a fourth-echelon Sky Breaker Sound, Tiger on the Road noticed that Rampaging Dragon's qi swelled up, and he started showing signs of behind ahead of him. 

Abu, who stood among the onlookers, sucked in a deep breath before he mumbled extremely solemnly, "The strongest clan in China… What a clan…" 

He had heard that there were quite a number of fourth-echelon grade one masterpieces as well as a few fourth-echelon low grade masterpieces that had appeared among his people, but since they came from Thailand, where refinement was a little behind that of China, he could not imagine just how powerful a person would be when they had so many fourth-echelon equipment pieces.

Yet a normal branch master of Mu Clan had brought out an entire set worth cities right in front of their faces, and every piece of it was at the fourth echelon. And if that wasn't enough, he had a fourth-echelon low-grade demon vessel. The sight of it made everyone's hearts tense with anxiety.


Abu shouted loudly in the crowd, but he used Thai, which was a language the Mu Clan members would not understand. After blurting out a string of words, he became quiet again. 

Tiger on the Road silently looked away and nodded at Abu. 

Most of the people on the spot were not used to switching on the translation system, and since Abu and the others had used the translation system to talk to them, practically no one understood what Abu had said.

But he did not manage to hide what he said from Happy or Silver Wolf. 

Happy had experience from his previous life, and his translation system was constantly switched on, so he understood what Abu requested of Tiger on the Road.

As for Silver Wolf, he had no problem in understanding Thai. 

They were stunned for a brief moment before they sneered coldly. 

"They're still thinking of getting Mu Clan's equipment. In this sort of situation? I wonder if these people have a few screws loose because of all the kicks to their heads, or whether they have been thinking this while killing Chinese players."

"Hmph, let them."

Happy's gaz turned cold. He crossed his arms across his chest and watched the fight. 

Rampaging Dragon and Tiger on the Road had both entered fighting stance before striking out to test the waters. 

Even though Tiger on the Road agreed to Abu's request to kill Rampaging Dragon when it was necessary, Rampaging Dragon's fourth-echelon Purple Scale Armor was not made of paper. Not only had its defense reached an astonis.h.i.+ng three thousand, along with his body fortification and defense from his martial arts, the attacks from Inaction Realm martial arts could no longer pose a great danger to him. 

Tiger on the Road was incredibly careful… 

His attacks to test Rampaging Dragon's depths all ended in vain.

Even though he did not use his full strength, from the degree of tremors on Rampaging Dragon's Purple Scale Armor and how much he swayed, Tiger on the Road had an idea about the defense of the armor and how much time was needed to break past it.

Rampaging Dragon's expression did not change. 

Since there was no way he could keep up with Tiger on the Road's speed with a staff technique, he blocked Tiger on the Road's tentative attacks without using too much strength. 

When ten moves were exchanged, Rampaging Dragon noticed that Tiger on the Road's footsteps had become faster, and his fist-generated wind also became much fiercer. His grip on Sky Breaker Sound tightened then, and two invisible forces spread out from the diamond-shaped ends of the weapon. One of them was long, and the other short. Two shrill whistles pierced through the air and tore it as if they were two invisible weapons. 

Tiger on the Road was caught off guard, and several terrifying wounds quickly marred his body. He was soon drenched in blood...

Sword Among Us 636 Happy's Wild Imagination

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