Sword Among Us Chapter 733

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Chapter 733: Push Down Towering Palace!

No sound came out from Knife's apartment, but within less than three minutes, he walked out with a look on his face that said he had already had his questions answered.

“How did it go?”

Happy felt that his tone was not calm. He did not want to hear a person's name.

Fortunately, Knife's answer allowed Happy to release a sigh of relief.

“The boy's a local thief. Once he heard about your stuff in the University of South China, he got a key model to your apartment from another man.

“After he duplicated your key, he was prepared to rob your place. But he definitely doesn't know that aside from your laptop that's worth a few more bucks, you have nothing else.”

“You're certain?” Happy was still a little worried.

“I am. I went into the Public Security Ministry just now and searched for his case. He is indeed a local thief who is active in the area, so he shouldn't have been sent by anyone. This brat's bones aren't even enough for me to chew.”

Knife put on a smile to put Happy at ease before he said, “The boy's terrified of me right now, and I bet he's scared out of his wits. Happy, do you think we should release him or leave him an unforgettable memory by sending him to the hospital?”

Happy cast a glance at the young man through the crack of the door and found that he was shaking like a leaf. Even though he was intact, it seemed like his mind was about to break.

“Since he's not sent by anyone, tell him to stay away from this place from here onwards.”

“Got it.” Knife nodded.

“By the way, where's Silver Wolf?”

Happy suddenly noticed that something this big had happened in the real world, but Silver Wolf was not around. Could it be that something happened to him in the game and he could not leave?

Thunder's expression turned dark, and he answered. “That man in black from Yangzhou Port showed up to challenge our boss, but when they were halfway through their fight, a group of people showed up out of nowhere to attack the branch. Quite a number of our brothers died.

“Big Brother Silver Wolf, Wind Chimes, Little North, and Feng Zhi only managed to take down seven of them after working together. Right now, they're cleaning up the mess.”

When Happy heard Thunder reveal such astonis.h.i.+ng news, he knew that he had stayed for a little too long in Sky Demon Secret Cave. Something had happened in the world outside.

He did not expect that even though he had mobilized quite a number of elites from Mu Clan to Yangzhou City, there were still a large number of casualties on their side!

“Who were the people who came?”

“We don't know for certain, but they're definitely not from Cla.s.s One Hall or Towering Palace.” Thunder paused for a moment before he spoke with certainty. “This group was very good. Based on what Big Brother Silver Wolf said, they're all martial artists. If Wind Chimes hadn't been around, they might not have been able to hold the fort.”

“Have you taken note of their names? Make a reading on them and go after their lives.” Happy might not be as unhesitant with certain matters in the real world when compared to Thunder and Knife, but when it came to the game, his mannerisms immediately changed.

“Since they came to attack Mu Clan, there's no need for us to be nice to them. Don't let those people think that they can look down on us just because they practice martial arts in real life. I'm currently still in Sky Demon Secret Cave and won't be able to come out for the time being. Help me send word to Silver Wolf.”

Knife had been like an executioner earlier, but the crazed look on his face faded away in moments.

Thunder nodded. “I'll do it immediately!”

Happy stopped talking for a while before he snorted coldly.

“I've been troubled by the fact that I didn't have an excuse to send more people to Yangzhou. Since Towering Palace didn't take any action, this group of a.s.sa.s.sins gave us a good reason. Thunder and Knife, you don't need to care about Sky Demon Branch for the time being.

“Take a group of elites from the headquarters and go to Yangzhou. If you don't have enough people, pick some from other branches. Give them fifty thousand contribution points per day.

“Also, keep even closer attention on the people from Towering Palace. If the attackers have any connection with them, we won't need to be polite anymore. We can just push down Towering Palace's headquarters!”

Xu Xin, Xu Yao, Chen Fan, Bai Lang, and Qi Ci had just run up the stairs hastily when they heard Happy make a decision that made their hearts tremble. They were stunned for a period of time.

They blinked, and their gazes moved back and forth between Happy, Thunder, and Knife.


“Are you okay?”

“Where's the thief?”

The Three Lonely Wolves were still worried about Happy. Even though he didn't reveal much, they could guess it when he mentioned something as sensitive as the key. They rushed over because they were worried that something had happened to Happy.

When they saw the two unfamiliar faces at the stairs, they were stunned.

“Who are they?”

“Kindhearted neighbors.”

Happy did not expect that anyone would arrive so soon. They even met Thunder and Knife. He was feeling very troubled by the situation while he explained himself with a bashful smile.

The Three Lonely Wolves were rendered speechless, because they understood Happy very well. “And you just told your kindhearted neighbors to push down Towering Palace?”

The five stared at Happy with a gaze that said “Who are you trying to fool?”

Xu Xin, though, had met them once or twice before. “You live next to Happy—”

“That's right!”

“You play World of Martial Arts as well?” Xu Xin's thoughts were simpler.

Xu Yao, who stood next to her, was stunned. Her gaze moved back and forth between Thunder and Knife's faces. Surprise and bewilderment was in her heart.

She had also heard Happy's words.

Push down Towering Palace!

Happy had never mentioned it to the Three Lonely Wolves or Xu Xin, but now, he said them to strangers? Was something like this even possible?

When he saw that the people's expressions were becoming stranger and stranger, Happy knew that he would not be able to hide things anymore. He immediately sighed in resignation and said, “Let's go inside and talk. Thunder, Knife, go back. I'll tell them about your ident.i.ties.”

“Thunder?! Knife?!”

The Three Lonely Wolves might have placed a lot of their attention on South China Martial Arts Ranking Board, but they still knew Mu Clan's elites like the back of their palms, especially the three aces who were stationed at Sky Demon Branch!

Their strength was above that of Rampaging Dragon, and they were known as the Three Demons of Mu Clan—Thunder, Knife, and Bar…

Xu Yao also looked surprised. It was only then that she noticed that the two people were very similar to the two men in the game both in appearance and temperament.

Thunder and Knife rubbed their noses awkwardly before they waved at the group. One of them entered the apartment next to Happy's while the other went upstairs.

Xu Xin, Xu Yao, and the Three Lonely Wolves brought with them a bag of questions when going inside.

Happy still held that key from the thief in his hands.

He told the general gist of what had happened, and the Three Lonely Wolves were immediately prepared to go and cause trouble for the thief.

Happy did not stop them, but he said. “Knife has already beaten him up quite badly, so if you try to beat him up more, he might really die.”

The trio rolled their eyes at the same time. “Just who are they?”

“Silver Wolf's brothers. They're here to take care of me.”

“No way… Bodyguards? So awesome? It's no wonder why you didn't ask us to come…” There was excitement on Qi Ci's face, and he gestured wildly. “And it's also no wonder why they're so good in the game. You took care of them so much, so I was wondering…”

“That's where you're wrong. Why did you hide such a big matter from us? Aren't you being too secretive?” Chen Fan's words caused Xu Xin to bite her lower lip.

“Little Xin, you were also kept in the dark? Happy, you did bad this time…”

Happy tensed and quickly explained himself. “I was worried that once you all knew that there's someone here taking care of me, Little Xin will definitely not come here to cook for me every day, you know…”

Xu Xin's expression finally turned happy, and a hint of bashfulness came to her eyes.

“Hmph, at least you're sensible.”

Sword Among Us Chapter 733

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