Sword Among Us Chapter 736 – Nine

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Chapter 736: Nine-Tailed Fox Killed

Barren Murderer showed up in a flashy manner and provoked Mu Clan.

This matter soon spread through the entire game. Previously, Yang Xiao, who only had average talent, had used his second realm Heaven and Earth Great s.h.i.+ft to jump straight into the ranks of Inaction Realm martial artists. Zhang Wuji had also gained a steady footing among Myth Realm martial artists with this skill.

Barren Murderer's Undying King of Abyss Art was near Undying Body, and with Heaven and Earth Great s.h.i.+ft, it would be very difficult for anyone to defeat him if he stood in a crowd.

Just when the news of Barren Murderer provoking Mu Clan in a flashy manner spread out, Cla.s.s One Hall announced that just a day ago, they had managed to kill the peerless beast who had once slaughtered all those it saw in its path and bathed cities in blood—Nine-tailed Fox!

Nine-tailed Fox was once a.s.sessed as being in Inaction Realm.

But in truth, she was already in Myth Realm!

Not only did it drop Yao Hua's Robe, which Yao Hua once wore, along with a high-grade divine weapon, Moonlight Saber, it also dropped an ultimate technique, which Dream Clouds took for herself.

This news was like an explosion that shocked the entire world of martial artists!

A creature at Myth Realm had died.

It was quite like that it was the first Myth Realm NPC to die in the game!

For a period of time, Cla.s.s One Hall, which was basically unknown to the areas beyond the north, rose to the top of the game once more and became the topic of discussion!

Cla.s.s One Hall's fame instantly increased by a large degree. Not only did they suppress Towering Palace and Chivalry Sect, they even showed intentions of using Nine-tailed Fox's fame to become equals with Mu Clan.

The storm in the game directly affected Mu Clan's branch in Yangzhou City.

Silver Wolf immediately noticed the possible scheme behind Cla.s.s One Hall's bold provocation, and not daring to be careless or negligent, he gathered all the branch higher-ups in Yangzhou City for an emergency meeting.

“Those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds from Cla.s.s One Hall… they sure hid themselves very well. Why didn't we just gather a group of people and destroy them in the first place?”

Little North was part of the meeting. After he died, not only did he not show even a single sign of being pale and feeble, he actually had a healthy shade of red on his cheeks and looked very lively.

When Little North jumped about and cursed Cla.s.s One Hall, quite a number of people sighed in relief.

Only Silver Wolf, Wind Chimes, and a few others rolled their eyes.

Once Little North died, he obtained quite a number of people's pity, but who would have expected that he would immediately receive a drop of Fire Qilin Blood from the headquarters, which not only released him from his severely injured status, but also increased his qi out of nowhere. He could be considered to have gained a blessing in disguise, which was why he did not treat his death as anything serious.

“They think they're great just because they killed that Nine-tailed Fox?! They actually dared to come to our doorstep and flaunt their prowess by killing our friends?! We have to teach them a lesson!”

“That's right! They can't even defeat that man in black! Does Barren Murderer think he can turn the heavens by himself?!”

The branch masters made a request to Silver Wolf indignantly.

“Big Brother Silver Wolf, what did those two say?”

“I say, why don't we just make a request to wage war?! I've long since found those Cla.s.s One Hall b.a.s.t.a.r.ds an eyesore!”

“That's right!”

“Let's get rid of them first before we say anything else.”

Wind Chimes sat quietly in her spot and ignored everyone's thoughts. She only stared at Silver Wolf's side profile quietly and noticed that he seemed to be thinking about something. He was frowning harder with each pa.s.sing moment, and she could not help but be curious.

“Big Brother Silver Wolf? What are you thinking about?”

Still with the frown on his face, Silver Wolf answered without turning his head to her. “I just find it strange. During the battle at Yangzhou Port, logically speaking, the people from Cla.s.s One Hall should not have been that useless.

“If they can fight against Nine-tailed Fox, it means that they're very strong… The more I think about it, the more I believe that they intentionally pretended to be useless during the battle at Yangzhou Port.”

Once he finished speaking, the people in the hall instantly fell silent.

“Why?” Little North was the first to look over with a puzzled expression.

Silver Wolf continued speaking with a frown. “It's simple. Yangzhou has never been Cla.s.s One Hall's territory, and Happy has shown up in Yangzhou. They might have been worried that if they were too aggressive, they might bring trouble to themselves. Perhaps they're intentionally hiding something.

“Besides, with today's events, Cla.s.s One Hall seems to have already made preparations to fight against Mu Clan, but I just don't understand it. Based on Dream Clouds' usual way of acting, isn't it better to suddenly attack our cities in Changjiang?

“By attacking us, she's showing that she wants to maintain the balance, but at the same time, she's also provoking us in an ostentatious manner. That's why I find it strange. It just doesn't make sense.”

Silence fell in the hall. The people inside could not wrap their heads around what Silver Wolf said.

While they continued pondering over the real meaning behind Dream Clouds' actions, a messenger pigeon flew in from outside and landed on Silver Wolf's arm.

He took out the letter, read it, and his expression turned cold. He stood up quickly from his seat.

“What's wrong, Big Brother Silver Wolf?” Wind Chimes and the others quickly noticed that something major might have happened.

Silver Wolf's expression was dark. “Just now, Towering Palace publicly announced that they have formed an alliance with Cla.s.s One Hall… I see, Cla.s.s One Hall wasn't thinking about fighting against us, but did it to show Towering Palace their strength.”


Flap flap flap…

A second messenger pigeon flew into the hall.

Silver Wolf quickly took its letter and read it, and his expression turned even colder.

“The a.s.sa.s.sins are indeed hiding in Towering Palace!”


All the higher-ups from Mu Clan in the hall instantly broke into a ruckus. The group made a clamor and demanded to immediately mobilize forces to strike Towering Palace. The person who made the loudest cries was Little North.

After he joined the game, it was the first time he had died, and he died in Towering Palace's hands, so was there any way that he would not be angry?

“Stay where you are!” Silver Wolf ordered and lowered the letter from the second messenger pigeon.

“This is a message from Happy. He guessed that once Cla.s.s One Hall showed their strength and Towering Palace agreed to the alliance, they would definitely let the a.s.sa.s.sins come out without fear. If we attack Towering Palace now, it'll be very difficult for us to win with only this number of people. Besides, this is still Towering Palace's territory.

“Since Towering Palace took the initiative to contact Cla.s.s One Hall and even brought those people out, it means that they have done their preparations. This fight will be very hard to win!”

When the group heard this, they instantly calmed down.

Once they thought about their situation in depth, they could sense the chilling intentions behind everyone's actions.

World of Martial Arts was unlike any other game!

Once they died and Guanlin Temple was surrounded, where could they go? It would be difficult for them to even move about for a few days.

Besides, the battles between the top-cla.s.s sects in the Chinese server were extremely brutal. If higher-ups like them made a wrong decision, they would not be the only ones who died. Countless elites from Mu Clan's branch would also die.

Right now, most of the elites from Mu Clan had gathered around them. If something happened to them, no matter how great was Mu Clan's strength, they would not be able to live through that setback.

“What should we do?” Little North also became nervous. “Based on what you said, even if we don't fight, Towering Palace and Cla.s.s One Hall will definitely attack us.”

When he finished speaking, another messenger pigeon flew into the hall.

Silver Wolf spread open the letter and read it. Then, he released a series of orders quickly.

“Immediately summon all our friends inside and outside Yangzhou City. Call those who have already logged off to log in.

“Go outside immediately and tell our clan members to prepare for war. Mobilize our forces and secure the branch!”

The atmosphere in the room instantly became grave.

Sword Among Us Chapter 736 – Nine

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