The Two Lives Of Aaron Wade: The Gamer And The Heir 138 Dragon Wars & The Trident City Of Atlantis Ii : Hercanilion

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We made port on the island in a hurry, and just as we did so we were sieged on all sides by a variety of water based races. There were Sahagins pointing tridents to our faces, sirens with rather nasty looking daggers, and mermaids or at least I think they're mermaids considering they're walking on two legs, but have sh.e.l.l necklaces and bras(so that's actually a thing.)
"Please these are friends of ours, it was their help and intervention that saved us, let's be more hospitable." Persephone said to the ma.s.sive crowd.
They're were just being careful, but obviously I could see they really didn't have any sort of ill will against us. The crowd slowly parted to the side letting someone or rather something come through. It wasn't until it reached us that we realized what we were looking at. A dragon, more specifically an eastern dragon that was more snake like than lizard. She had s.h.i.+ny blue scales and white whiskers that flickered around me and my crew, almost as if she was looking through us and unearthing our secrets.
"It is a joyous day that we're all able to stand in the presence of the dragon avatars of wind and fire. With your presence here I believe I and my people will be safe. My name is Hercanilion....but you can just call me Herca."
Ignoring the fact that an almost hundred foot long water dragon was talking to me, I looked around the people gathered here, counting them to be about 600 or there about, but that shouldn't be possible. For an island this big there should at least be thousands of inhabitants on it.
"Is this all of you, or are there more hiding somewhere? Those guys are still coming back and we need all the help we can get." I Said to her as I moved closer. Maybe I should have been nicer and engaged in small talk a little bit more, or at the very least introduced myself to her. But there was a f.u.c.king countdown above my head, and it showed me I had just 18 minutes before the dragon G.o.d guild comes and burns everything in their path.
"How dare you speak to the high priestess in such a manner!" someone who I suspect to be a Naiad said as she pointed a rather nasty looking harpoon at my chest. Qitar responded by raising her sniper rifle up, Mack waved his staff as water began to swirl around him, and Darke had his dual elven swords out and ready to cut through anyone who made a move on me.
I can't say that I'm not touched by how fiercely protective of me they are, but this was no time for violence. "Come on guys, you don't need to worry about that. Stand down, we don't have the time to be fighting amongst ourselves."
"He is right, please disciples lower your weapons, it is unbecoming to point them at our saviors. And seeing as he outranks me, both in the eyes of the G.o.ds and by virtue of my race, I say he has earned the right to talk in such a manner with me. He carries the power of the sea with him, and that's all we need to survive." Herca said as she flew up above both mine and Zareth's head.

"Please all three of you should follow me, we don't have time, but there's something you should see and things you must know."
She flew swiftly Inland, Zareth and I gave each other a look before we both took to the air and followed behind her. Persephone followed a little ways behind, surfing on a cloud of ice that was constantly being released from her hands. She reminded me so much of Ice-Man from the X-men. He was my least until they made him gay. We followed Herca for close to three minutes, but given how fast we were flying, I would say we had covered quite the distance.
We came to a stop above a temple, there were statues of five G.o.ds placed in a circular position, with an altar in the middle. There was a dagger of sorts floating above the altar, and the moment I saw it, the fork on my back began to vibrate and shake in antic.i.p.ation. It was a weirdly shaped dagger, but it looked very much like the missing middle of the trident.
"I'm sure you three already know that in the world today, any dragons except the sin dragons or as they're know to everyone else the virtue dragons, are evil. Which of course is not the case as we elemental dragons just want to be left alone. All we've ever pursued was knowledge and balance, and after the war with the ancestral dragons imprisoned; the rest of us scattered to the four corners of the universe. Hiding and biding our time until when the sparks of the next war would be ignited, or so we have hoped.
My job as it has been the responsibility of every high priestess for the past 2000 years, is to look after the next generation of elemental dragons. The nursery beneath this temple has over seven thousand eggs, a thousand each from every elemental dragon. However the most important of these Seven thousand eggs are the eggs of the spirit elemental dragons. Because it is from any one of these eggs that we hope the ancestral spirit dragon would be reborn.
You all might be surprised and you would probably swear that you saw the spirit dragon when you first met the other dragons. However she had fallen during the first dragon war, she sacrificed herself so that we all could escape and leave a way for the other dragons to find their avatars. The spirit dragon is also known as the dragon of magic, which makes her descendants very valuable.
There was once a hundred such nurseries, but this is the last of them, over the years and quite recently too, the sin dragons, their followers and their avatars have corrupted and destroyed them all.
The sin dragons can't make a move on their own, doing so would alert other forces to the fact that the future of the elemental dragon race laid in stasis under this Island. They intend to capture and enslave the unhatched dragons, or destroy them all if they can't get to them. And this can only be done by their avatars, which means this is a war only you three and the remaining three avatars will be able to fight.
Ultimately whether or not we're able to win the upcoming fight, the unhatched dragons are no longer safe here. Yes you will have to fight, but after this or even during the fight all three of you must find a way to leave here with all of them, and find them a safe place to hatch. And you must do it quickly, because the moment you leave here with them, the spell that has kept them in stasis will vanish, and they'll be ready to be born into the world, it will up to you three to protect and teach them.
But none the less I believe we will win the fight, because it is quite surprising to me that you, a child of the wind would obtain the blessing of the seas and the recognition of the G.o.ds who govern the sea. The ocean scepter, the symbol of divine royalty and domain over the seas, and the ultimate s.h.i.+eld of protection lays in your hands. How did you do it?"
I looked up at Herca very much surprised by the severity of the situation that I just so randomly found myself in. I shrugged my shoulders as I answered her. " I really don't know, it just seems like something has been blowing and leading me right to this place with the trident in hand. It almost seems like….."
"Fate." Herca completed for me and I gave her a nod in agreement. "That trident is not a weapon, the fact that you've been using it as one makes me feel no small amount of shame, however I can't blame you as it chose to let you use it that way by even creating a sword form and skills to follow. However what it truly does is control the seas, protect a city or kingdom and give it the blessing of the G.o.ds of the seas. It is time to finally reunite and complete it and unleash it's true power."
Just as she finished speaking, the trident flew out of my hands, and the last piece placed on top of the altar went up into the air and joined, fully completing the trio of p.r.o.ngs, making it a full trident. A flash of blue and green lights was released off the form of the trident and shot into the sky, exposing a sprawling constellation that I didn't recognize. The five statues seemed to suddenly come alive and their hands was pointed to the trident, and suddenly the middle turned gold, stretching down to cover the middle of the trident all the way to it's base. And then the remaining two p.r.o.ngs took on a glossy black color that looked like the very depths of the sea itself, making the trident a striped version of black, gold and black.
The trident dropped down right in the middle of the altar and released a piercing gold and black glow that spread across the entire island, creating a dome that completely covered and isolated it from the rest of the world. Right in front of our eyes, fog began to spread across the ocean surrounding the island and whirlpools were suddenly born as the scent of a storm brewed on the horizon.
"Oh great G.o.ds! On this blessed day of both sorrow and great joy, your servant has received your edict and your servant shall obey."
So I didn't notice it, but the 100 feet long dragon was now an old woman with glowing eyes, the energy that was currently wafting of her body was so intense that I had to take a step back, and cover my eyes at the intense glow. Then a light shot towards me, Zareth and Persephone, catching all three of us off guard as my armor seemed to rapidly heat up and burn me in all but a second. The pain was intense for just that second, but after that a cool feeling poured through me, filling me with energy.
{SYSTEM ALERT: You have received the life energy of a water dragon. Your dragon transformation skill has left it's cool down, and from now on it's cool down has been reduced to 20 hours. Your armor has received the skill water form, besides the skill air form. You have gained the heart of water, you can now control the water element.}
"Ganga the Faithful, Poseidon the Earthshaker, Yemoja the River mother, Susanoo the slayer of serpents, Njord the protector of sailors. I have done my duty and I have served with great faith and fervor, loyalty to you and my race has driven my entire existence. Alas today has finally come...…..I am ready to come home."
Right in front of our eyes, we could see Hercanilion's form s.h.i.+ft back into a dragon, and then turn into water. We could see through her, but the main part of it was that she was glowing, and the hands of the statues within the temple were pointed at her. Then she turned to us and spoke what I suspect to be her final words.
"go below the temple and retrieve the egg seed, it holds all seven thousand unhatched dragons. It is up to you three to protect them and find them a home within the next five months, because that's when they'll hatch. Honestly even if the remaining avatars join you, all six of you can't do it alone, you need to search for help.
The Trident city of Atlantis can no longer be above ground, you have to use the power of the trident and sink it. It's the only way the others would be safe once you're gone, in fact you're to do it as soon as possible. The Trident will follow it's new master, so it can't be left here to protect the Island, only the embrace of the sea can do so. And as for you son of the skies and seas, you can no longer use the Trident as a weapon. It commands the sea and will bless your voyage and s.h.i.+p and your lands should you have any, though I advice you to have one near the ocean. But from this day hence it would not be able to attack, rather it would be a symbol of your power, a true scepter of n.o.bility befitting one chosen by the G.o.ds.
I'm sure you have no idea when or how you were chosen, but I believe the moment you fell into this world you were welcomed and blessed by the sea and loved by the wind. Know that you're not watched by the sea alone, but also by the skies. But to be fair to you, the boons the trident gives you will not fade, but the G.o.ds will not want you defenseless so they will bestow you a weapon. However understand something, your position is unique, you're not just bound by duty to the dragons, but also to the G.o.ds. I pray you do not find yourself in a position where you would have to choose a side.
Protect the future of the elemental dragon race, it is up to you now, all three of you. Failure is not an option."
And then she exploded, literally. There was a shockwave of light that spread across the sky and blinded everyone who could see it for all of five seconds. And when the light faded away, there was a sword; a katana laid on top of the altar, it was sheathed in a glossy grey sheath that seemed to have snake skin like patterns. But before I could fully inspect it, a screen popped up.
{SYSTEM ALERT: BLESSING: You have been blessed by the G.o.d of the seas and storms Susanoo No Mikoto, you have received the legendary blade: KUSANAGI NO TSURUGI!}
"Oh s.h.i.+t!"

The Two Lives Of Aaron Wade: The Gamer And The Heir 138 Dragon Wars & The Trident City Of Atlantis Ii : Hercanilion

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