Battle Royale Of The Sinners 410 I Was Tricked!

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Chapter 410 – I Was Tricked!

November 2nd, 191 AD.

Chengdu City

On the walls, purple banners with the character "Liu" was replaced with "Khan" as the Xiongnu had occupied the city. Not only Chengdu had fallen, but the entire Yi Province had also been swept by Khan's clone army.

Ma Teng, Han Sui, Ma Chao, and other Ma Clan members contributed to the battles against Liu Yan Army. With the former G.o.ddess Liu Yang and Khan's supports, they destroyed the local defenders with their system skills and intelligence.

The Xiongnu force managed to capture and kill the entire Liu Yan's family. However, the majority of his generals, such as Yan Yan and Zhang Ren, had escaped from their grasp.

Khan reevaluated their campaign against the Han Empire. Now, he had occupied Liang and Yi Province, which could match against Tong's territory.

However, his empire's economic strength was questionable. Since Khan relied on his brainwas.h.i.+ng skill, [Eye of Domination], he could not bestow them an immortal cultivation manual because it would have canceled his brainwas.h.i.+ng skill.

Khan could give Pang De the cultivation technique because he recruited this general without the skill, but he could not do the same to Ma Chao and their clan members.

In addition, his officers lacked domestic management skills. Most generals under Khan had muscle brains, and they were inexperienced in the internal affair.

As such, Liu Yang had her hands full, cleaning the mess that this reincarnated Lu Bu had made.

The former G.o.ddess sighed, "We have to stop expanding our territory for now. We'll concentrate on our economic power, agriculture, and order of the cities. If we don't pay attention to the people, we won't have enough provision for another campaign."

Khan snorted, "I have [Create Food]. We can just create everything out of nothingness!"

"Fool! We have expanded our territory, and we can't keep creating food for the people forever. How many lifespans do you think you need to create a year worth of food for over 10 million in population!?"


"If it's just a million people, you can just waste your lifespans to your heart content. But now, you are the only one who can summon elite soldiers. Calculate a bit, a four-winged angel can cultivate 500,000 to 800,000 years of lifespans a year. It takes 100,000 lifespans to copy 10,000 fodders. How many soldiers can we produce a year? 50,000 to 80,000! But if we concentrate on creating soldiers, we won't have enough lifespans to create food and sustained the population."


"Also, food can rot! You can create a million tons of food at once, but you can't store them forever! We have to improve our farmland to make the locals self-sustainable if we want to rule over them in the long run."

"That's troublesome."

"And who asked you to raise your banner!? Since you want power, you have to take responsibility!"


Khan rolled his eyes and ignored Liu Yang. He walked out of the government hall, returning to his courtyard to rest as usual.

Liu Yang was on the verge of raging. She regretted joining Khan's clan.

'I thought this new Lu Bu can get a brain after his death. He doesn't change at all! I don't think his empire can last!'

Currently, only members of Khan's clan were Liu Yang, Han Sui, Ma Teng, and his clansmen. Many officers, such as Li Ru, Li Jue, Pang De, and Guo Si, had been killed in battles one after another, which was a bad sign.

Furthermore, she heard about Redhare Legion that had blockaded their supply route from the Silk Road, which sabotaged their tax income and provision flow.

At this rate, the Xiongnu Army's fragile foundation would collapse soon!

'What should I do to get myself out of this mess?'

As Liu Yang pondered, she recalled her Intel report from the east of Chang'An that Guan Yu had four angel wings. Her face grimaced as her heart filled with rage.

'f.u.c.k you, Lilith. f.u.c.k you, too, Lilim! I want my power back!'

While the former G.o.ddess cursed at the mother-and-daughter, Lilim mocked her using the system interface.


"Screw you! I won't give you s.h.i.+t! Give me back my power!"



Liu Yang's face paled when she heard that Medusa already regained four wings. At this rate, she might be killed by this demoness as soon as the latter regained all eight wings.

"I can't pay a million lifespan. Give me a quest or something. I'll work for you one more time!"






Liu Yang screamed, "How the f.u.c.k can I kill any otherworlder!? I don't have a skill or my former strength. Are you out of your mind!?"

The list continued.


Liu Yang was taken aback when she saw the fourth choice. Lilim had simply asked Liu Yang to kill Khan.

"That won't do! An ordinary human can't kill a four-winged angel!"


"… You're evil, Lilim!"


"I can't do any of them! Don't be overbearing!"




Liu Yang almost vomited blood when she read the content of the sixth choice. 

In Heaven, it was a known taboo that angel and demon should not conceive a child together. A child that was given birth by both immortals would have an abnormal const.i.tution that they could cultivate both angelic wings and demonic wings.

With both cultivation techniques, the new being could potentially threaten the peace and order of the netherworld as the weakest halfling could cultivate at least 16 wings at the minimum! Had the child been a talented one, they could expect someone stronger than Lilith!

Yet, Lilim wanted to break the taboo!

'Something is not right! Why is she asking for this? Isn't she afraid of the creator's retaliation? What about the audience in Heaven? Won't they report this matter to the G.o.ds!?'

Liu Yang was drenched in sweat, reconsidering the entire situation and this rebirth game.


"Give me some time to think, dammit!"



Killing otherworlders was out of the question, so Liu Yang could not pick the choice number one and two. She did not have enough lifespans, nor could she ask Khan to donate two million years into the clan pool for her. Therefore, the third choice was eliminated.

Disbanding a clan required to kill the clan leader. Since no one could kill Khan, she could not pick this quest.

The only remaining choices were killing ten million innocents or breaking the taboo.

'I'm a proud G.o.ddess successor. I can't dirty my hands! Killing ten civilians will sully my reputation and damage my karma in the long run!'

Liu Yang glared at the last choice, taking several rough breaths.

"You really want me to fall, Lilim?"









Quest Objective:

1. Get pregnant by a demon with four wings or higher.

2. During Pregnancy, obtain at least four wings.

3. Give birth to the Halfling child.

4. Protect the child until he/she comes of age.

Time Limit: Two Years for the first objective, 30 years for the rest.

Reward: A right to cultivate angelic power

Failure Penalty: Death

Note: Once the first objective is completed, you will temporarily get the cultivation manual. However, if you failed the other objectives, all of your power will be erased.


Liu Yang stared at her quest interface in a daze. She slapped her face many times to punish her abrupt decision, forced by Lilim.

It was apparent that this was Lilim's trap or some conspiracy by someone else. Although she was behind Ping's mother for tampering this reincarnation event, Liu Yang suspected that someone else might have learned about it and made use of this opportunity.

'The creator suddenly summoned Lilith back to the netherworld, then Lilim showed up and messed up everything. If I remember correctly, Lilim blurted out something about Morning Star that he attacked the Heaven. Is there something going on over there that we don't know?'

Her suspicion grew when she focused on the first objective. It was somewhat specific.

'Four-winged demon. Getting four wings for angels is already difficult. Getting four demon wings is much harder. That sinner must have the heart of a saint or truly repents for his crimes to get that far. Only fallen angels become high-rank demons these days. But that's not the point. Where can I find a four-winged demon in this … Oh s.h.i.+t! Lilim, you b.i.t.c.h!'

Liu Yang knew that Vida had four wings, but the previous report said Lu Bu had already killed this mercenary. Aside from foreigners outside of China, the only four-winged demon in this country was Tong.

'I've been had! I was tricked!!'


November 20th, 191 AD.

Even though Liu Yang knew she was tricked, she left Chengdu, making her ways to Ye City to present herself as Tong's concubine candidate, trying to complete the quest. By tricking Khan that they had to form a truce with Tong to solve the situation in Liang Province, Khan allowed her to visit Ye City.

This Xiongnu King did not care about Liu Yang or his subordinates. He only wanted to crush all Han Dynasty's loyalists to a pulp, so he could get back on Cao Cao, Liu Bei, and everyone else who was working for the Han Dynasty in the previous life.

Khan wanted to ruin everything!

Liu Yang could still use this mad man to kill Tong and Medusa, but she had to contribute to her vengeance.

'In the end, I have to sacrifice my purity, isn't it?'

She did not like it, and she did not want to do it. Unfortunately, she messed up, and she had to pay the price of her foolishness.

'It's fine. I can salvage the situation. I can simply just take his seeds and escape from his palace before he realized who I am.'




Meanwhile, Tong sent messages to his demon wife and his mother-in-law.

Currently, his concubines were getting aggressive, trying to get another child. Both of them had just given birth to his fourth and fifth princess, but they still want to compete for the first son.

A soap opera drama between Cai Wenji's servants and Du s.h.i.+'s servants happened every day, which was not pleasant in real life. The scale of their battles slowly escalated as they began ama.s.sing their private troops behind Tong's back.

Although Tong forbade all n.o.bles from having a private force, Tong, Zhang Jiao, and his relatives were the exception because they were royalties.

As such, Cai Wenji's bodyguards and Du s.h.i.+'s private force were on the verge of killing each other each day.

This was their war behind the court, which Tong never wanted to take part in it. He needed help.

Diaochan: "From your words, Du s.h.i.+ and Cai Wenji are competing to get the first son, so they will have a chance to become your empress. So, if you want to stop the war in your harem, you have to give someone a son. However, the loser will likely to be suppressed by the victor, and their life will be more miserable than death. This is why they are going all-out."

Tong: "Can you help?"

Diaochan: "I can, but I'll warn you again. I'll have to abandon my post and officially become your concubine. Are you fine with having your mother-in-law as a wife?"

Tong: "As long as we keep our relations.h.i.+p professional, it should be fine, right?"

Diaochan: "Unfortunately, no. In this era, the empress must be able to give birth to a son for the emperor. Therefore, you have to summon Friday back to the court and give her a son. As for me, I have to bear your second son, so I can be appointed as your prime consort to control your harem."

Tong: "Wait, what!?"

Diaochan: "That's why I've been asking you if you are okay with me being your wife?"

Tong: "Ugh … what about Friday?"

Dong Bai: "I don't mind 3Ping with my mother."

Tong: "…"

Diaochan: "You can leave us here to protect Pingyuan and let both girls killing each other behind your back. Or, you can summon us to be your 3rd and 4th concubine to deal with Du s.h.i.+ and Cai Wenji. What say you?"

Dong Bai: "I've already sent your soul back to you when I got my wings. I can always transform into Xiao Wu if you don't like my loli body."

Tong: "… Can I only take back Friday to deal with the others?"

Dong Bai: "Nope. We're a package."

Tong: "But she's your mother!"

Dong Bai: "Because she's my mother. I don't mind."

Tong: "…"


Without a choice, Tong summoned Diaochan and Dong Bai back to Ye and officially named them as his 3rd and 4th concubine.

As for the Demonic Legion, Tong appointed Tais.h.i.+ Ci, who was acting as Tong's bodyguard, to become the new grand commander. He also sent the interns, Sima Yi, Wei Yan, Liu Ye, and Liu Xie to Pingyuan, learning the ropes from the veterans, Zhang Xiu and Zhang Ji.

Battle Royale Of The Sinners 410 I Was Tricked!

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