Battle Royale Of The Sinners 411 192 Ad Arrangement.

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Chapter 411 - 192 AD Arrangement.

March 1st, 192 AD.

Winter had pa.s.sed, and the civil war activities resumed.

Tong rearranged his Legions, sending Zhang He from Henei to support Lu Bu in Wuwei. He s.h.i.+fted the Monster Legion, led by Zhang Liao and Li Feihong, to protect Henei from Guan Yu and Cao Cao.

Zhao Yun's new legion had completed their training this year. Since Zhao Yun respected Gongsun Zan, he named his soldiers, the White Horse Legion. The general and his 10,000 white riders were summoned from the north to replace Zhang Liao's team.

To support the new legion, Tong transferred 10,000 elite policemen, 10,000 newly graduated militias from Julu, and 20,000 veterans from Ye.

Unfortunately, Zhao Yun only had enough warhorses for 10,000 of his elites. The task of breeding more warhorses fell to Li Feihong, who was the major contributor to all livestock, such as cows, pigs, fishes, and horses.

Li Feihong promised Zhao Yun and Tong that he would deliver 50,000 warhorses to them by the end of this year. For now, they were not in the condition to fight, but they can train the 40,000 newbies.

As such, Zhao Yun would be busy this year, training his men in Ganling.

Using this opportunity, Tong transferred Sima Yi and Wei Yan to support Zhao Yun as his supporting general and strategist, while Liu Xie and Liu Ye remained in Pingyuan.

Liu Ye had to serve Tais.h.i.+ Ci as his strategist of the Demon Legion. As for Liu Xie, he would learn his jobs from all generals and civil officers.

The Demon Legion did not move from Pingyuan even though Dong Bai and Diaochan had resigned from their posts and officially joined Tong's harem. Zhang Xiu and Zhang Ji stayed behind to protect this commandery and teach Liu Xie about their system.

Sima Lang had graduated from Ye Academy, and Sima Fang agreed to allow his eldest son to serve as Tong's civil officer. As such, Tong sent the young Sima to Ji Commandery to govern the territory, which was empty for years.

After finis.h.i.+ng the relocation, the army arrangement table was as the followings;



Immortal Legion

Troops – 100,000

Location - Ye

Commander - Tong

Vice Commanders - Dong Bai, Diaochan

Strategist - Xun Yu


Silver Axe Legion

Troops – 60,000

Location - Beiping

Commander - Xu Huang

Vice Commanders - Zhang Bao, Zhang Liang

Strategist - Jia Xu


Ghost Legion

Troops – 60,000

Location – Moving to Liang Province

Commander - Zhang He

Vice Commanders - Han Hao, Qu Yi, Gao Lan

Strategist - Xun You


Monster Legion

Troops - 40,000

Location – Moving to Henei

Commander - Zhang Liao

Vice Commanders - Zhou Cang, Bo Cai

Strategist - Li Feihong


Redhare Legion

Troops - 50,000 (All Redhare Cavalry)

Location - Wuwei

Commander - Lu Bu

Vice Commander - Gao Shun

Strategist - Ju Shou


Demon Legion

Troops - 40,000

Location - Pingyuan

Commander - Tais.h.i.+ Ci

Vice Commanders - Zhang Xiu, Zhang Ji

Strategist - Liu Ye, Liu Xie


Whitehorse Legion

Troops - 50,000

Location - Ganling

Commander - Zhao Yun

Vice Commanders – Wei Yan

Strategist – Sima Yi





Troops - 30,000

Location - Xiangping

Governor - Tian Yu


Troops - 30,000

Location - Julu

Governor – Zhang Jiao


Troops - 30,000

Location - Beihai

Governor - Kong Rong

Deputy Governor - w.a.n.g Xiu


Troops - 30,000

Location - Jinyang

Governor - Ding Yuan


Troops – 20,000

Location - Zhongshan

Governor - Zhen Yi


Troops - 20,000

Location - Nanpi

Governor - w.a.n.g Yun


Troops – 10,000

Location - Ji

Governor - Sima Lang


Troops – 10,000

Location - Shangdang

Governor - None


Each major commandery consisted of at least a million civilians and over ten thousand households, which required many police officers to maintain the public order.

Combined with this information and all commandery's tax reports, Tong could tell that Shangdang and Ji required development. However, the other regions, aside from Julu, Nanpi, Ye, and Jinyang, could barely meet their standard.

Ideally, every city should be able to self-sustain and generate tax harvest income or produce anything with equal value, such as Jinyang, where iron ores and coals were mined there. Still, only Julu, Ye, Nanpi, Beihai, Beiping, and Jinyang managed to achieve the goal. As for the rest, it would take another year to test their development result.

Although the domestic affair required attention, Tong's military power was the best among the country's warlords.

He ama.s.sed over 500,000 soldiers strong after he had unified the north, which threatened every warlord in this land. Had Tong mobilized all of them, he could have flipped China upside down.

Yet, Tong could not send everyone to attack Cao Cao and Khan to finish this civil war. With over 20 million in population across his territories, Tong could not afford to move his soldiers recklessly, or remnants of Yellow Turban imposters would take this chance to rob the innocent civilians outside the city walls.

It was vexing, torturing, tedious, and time-consuming. This was the lifestyle of the people in the ancient era, where communication devices and order was next to non-existence.

The only rewards Tong got from this task were his nightlife and his absolute authority. Still, these prizes of his hard work were troublesome at times.


At the royal palace, Tong, Cai Wenji, Du s.h.i.+, Dong Bai, and Diaochan gathered in private, discussing the internal conflicts within the harem.

"I heard ten of consort Cai's bodyguards died yesterday."

Tong glanced at Du s.h.i.+, who remained expressionless, "Do you have anything to say about this?"

Du s.h.i.+ closed her mouth with her long sleeve, "This concubine never ventured outside of the palace. This concubine has learned about this the first time, your majesty."

"Then, have you noticed or heard about anything odd from your servant?"

"No, your majesty."

"I see," Tong sighed and turned to Cai Wenji, "I also heard that a food taster of consort Du died from poisoning. Do you know anything about this?"

Cai Wenji blinked and looked back at Tong with her innocent eyes, "This concubine tried to investigate about it, too. However, the captured poisoner committed suicide in prison. We could not find the mastermind."

Tong sneaked glanced at Du s.h.i.+, who secretly glared at Cai Wenji. He also detected a sinister faint smile from Cai Wenji's mouth.

The emperor sighed and complained to Friday and Medusa in the clan chat.

Tong: "They want the other dead, didn't they?"

Dong Bai: "Yup. They're more savage than Hua s.h.i.+ or me by miles."

Diaochan: "This is how concubines in all royal harem fight to survive, Tong. The winner takes all, but the loser dies a dog death."

Tong: "Can you help? I already instate you as my official consorts."

Diaochan: "We are newbies here, and we are powerless at the moment. Unless you want us to demonstrate our demon power and put these two on a depression train, I don't mind breaking their mind."

Tong: "That's a no. If possible, pacifist way, please."

Dong Bai: "I have a suggestion!"

Tong: "Tell me, then."

Dong Bai: "But I can't say it here. Too many listeners!"

Tong had a pokerface when he recalled that all his clan members could read their chat logs. Moreover, these guys were so considerate that they stopped using the chat whenever Friday or Medusa started using it. These officers always pretended that nothing had happened when Tong met all of his officers in real life afterward, causing awkwardness at times.

Tong: "Just say it. I can't let you speak in front of these deadly ladies. Or else, they will try to kill you with their servants, but you will instantly kill them the next day for sure. I have to protect them this time."

Dong Bai: "Okay. It's simple, actually. You can just f.u.c.k them senseless every night, one hole at a time. Do it so that they can't stand for days! As long as they're tired, none of them can make any move on the others! Trust me, we did this before when Hua s.h.i.+ was still around, right?"

Diaochan facepalmed while Tong cried internally.

Diaochan: "Forget it. Let's put them into our clan chat, so they can't kill each other."

Tong: "Sorry, I'm planning to put Sima Yi, Liu Xie, Wei Yan, and Liu Ye here. We don't have enough quota this year."

Diaochan: "Well, do it your way then. Use your authority to separate them for now. But don't forget to summon both of them at night, so they won't get bullied by other servants that you abandon them. Women are wicked when they're jealous."

Tong: "I'll keep that in mind."


Tong rearranged Cai Wenji and Du s.h.i.+'s courtyard away from each other. He also barred their servants from entering the other's territory for the time being.

He also introduced Diaochan and Dong Bai to the two, and they would share the night activity schedule from now on. As a punishment for all the ruckus, Tong reduced their night visit to one day a week, while Diaochan and Dong Bai got two each.

The new arrangement favored the newbies more, which stopped Cai Wenji and Du s.h.i.+'s internal warfare. They now paid more attention to the new girls.

With this, Tong forced Cai Wenji and Du s.h.i.+ into a temporary truce as he added common enemies for them. As the demonesses were immune to their petty tricks and techniques, he only worried that Diaochan or Dong Bai might kill them instead. 

Now that the jealous wives had been leashed by the new consorts, Tong reaped a bit of profit, carnal profits. 

The night with Friday in her loli form was as expected, a wild all-night one. Since she could transform to Xiao Wu, it was a 2-in-1 deal for Tong. However, the activities extended till morning because of their inhumane stamina and Tong's addiction to Friday's bodies, which disrupted his working schedules.

When it came to Diaochan's turn, Tong was reluctant. But when Diaochan revealed her appearance to Tong, all embarra.s.sment, shame, and logic flew out of the window.

Similar to Friday, Diaochan could use her wing power to transform into her lamia appearance. Using her seductive bodies of Diaochan and Medusa, she consecutively milked Tong until he collapsed at 9AM in the morning, which was deadlier than Friday.

On the third day, Tong arranged his vacation the next day in advance, which puzzled all his minor workers who did not know about court life. However, Xun Yu, Sima Fang, Lu Zhi, and other elites in the palace shook their heads as they knew what Tong was up to.

The third night arrived. The two mother-and-daughter visited Tong together, enjoying their promised 3P actions.

Their sessions last 36 hours, which covered the day that Tong had asked for a day-off from work. When Tong reappeared at work again, he was a walking dried mummy, which frightened his subordinates.

Because of the two new concubines and their wild nights, everyone affirmed the rumor about Tong.

"The emperor likes young maiden."

"He's a pedophile?"

"The rumors aren't wrong. He's a lolicon."

Cai Wenji and Du s.h.i.+ also heard about it. They secretly met each other and formed an alliance, as Tong had predicted. From now on, all their underhand tricks would focus on Diaochan and Dong Bai.

However, they canceled their plan in the next two days.

Tong summon one of them at a time as usual. However, he was not gentle like always. Following Diaochan and Dong Bai's suggestions, Tong used his overwhelming stamina to flood Cai Wenji and Du s.h.i.+'s stomach with his seeds. 

He was also a cautious emperor. With his microcells-manipulation skills, Tong eliminated male sperms from his seeds, so none of the two could bear a son, limiting their status to concubines.

In the end, both 2-faced concubines were so tired that they did not have enough strength to scheme a wicked plan.

Peace returned to the inner palace again … along with endless sultry nights.

Also, Tong had to sleep in the day-time whenever he had a chance since he could never sleep at night anymore.




Lujiang Commandery

An old scholar packed his luggage and got on his horse-carriage. He turned around to look at his two daughters, who were hiding their faces under thick veils.

"This is your last chance to drop off. Are you sure you want to do this?"

The eldest daughter looked at her father, "Comparing Zhang Tong, Sun Fang, and Cao Cao, the emperor Zhang Tong is always the best option. Besides, I heard he favors young girls of our age."

"Those are just rumors! Say, why won't we go to Sun Fang or Sun Ce? They're promising youths, and you'll be their main wife instantly. Your status will improve for sure."

"Too risky, father. Sun Fang and Sun Ce are waging war left and right, but the emperor only fights against rebels and the Xiongnu. It's obvious that which one is a man of virtue, and which one is a greedy warlord."

"But, we can't guarantee that the emperor will take you in! Do you know how many beautiful maidens that Tong sent home? It's over 9,000!"

"That's why I see it as our opportunity, father. Since he has a high standard, his royal harem won't be crowded with dirty women."

"… What about you?" The old man looked at his second daughter.

The little girl laughed, "As long as I'm with my sister, I'm okay serving someone as his little wife."

"… Fine. If his majesty sends you home, I'll marry both of you to Sun Ce and Sun Fang."


Battle Royale Of The Sinners 411 192 Ad Arrangement.

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