Battle Royale Of The Sinners 516 Rise Of Li Feihong 2

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Chapter 516 – Rise of Li Feihong (2)

"Is it Lu Bu's?"

Diaochan nodded, "It's his."

"Then, that snake just now…"

"It's the work of Lilim. She has brainwashed everyone with her system authority. I don't know why she did that, but it's working in our favor. At least, it's covering the scandal between Lu Bu and Min'er."

"But the child will be without a father."

Li Feihong gazed at Zhang Min, who had dead eyes. She seemed like a broken doll without an emotion.

Diaochan took a deep breath as she gave Zhang Min a sympathetic look. Then, she turned to Li Feihong.

"This is an order. Marry Zhang Min and adopt her child."


This ambush came out of nowhere and stunned Li Feihong, Zhuge Liang, and other people in the dimension. Even Lu Lingqi's jaw dropped.

"I'm serious, Feihong. Once she gives birth, we will need to publicize who this child's father is. It will create a scandal, but it's better than her being called that type of a woman."

This was an issue that Zhang Min and Diaochan had to solve before the delivery. If the news about Zhang Min's pregnancy was leaked, the next question in everyone's mind would be "Who is the child's father?"

Reputation was everything in this world. If Zhang Min were to appear as a single mother, she would have been branded as a loose woman, unworthy of the princess t.i.tle.

Furthermore, women were unjustly treated in the ancient era. Every time that a woman was found guilty of something, the result was usually capital punishment.

Diaochan and Dong Bai could alter the laws to force their verdict to the court, but it would give Cao Cao, Te Langpu, or any hidden faction an excuse to revolt. Thus, she wanted to play it safe.

"W-What about Sima Yi?"

"I want to give her to Sima Yi at first, but he is scheming against Wu Guotai and will ruin the relations.h.i.+p I built with the Sun Clan. I don't want to marry her to a rebel."

Diaochan wasn't only focusing on cultivating, but she also observing the movement of all officers, evaluating their behavior and motive when their lords were away.

Surely enough, she marked Sima Yi as an untrustworthy individual after the pa.s.s of Sima Fang.

Had Sima Fang not died, she would have treated Sima Yi differently. Without the fatherly love, Sima Yi was on the verge of transforming into a wild dog, which might bite the feeder's hands.

Thus, in Diaochan's point of view, the Sima Clan had to perish, and Zhang Min shouldn't be a.s.sociating with the rebel family. After all, the Jin Dynasty of Sima Yi's grandson didn't last very long because of the corruption and infighting. His bloodline was not desirable after Diaochan thought it through.

"Is she okay having me as her husband?"

Li Feihong still had the modern world's logic in him. He didn't think highly of forced marriage as his partner didn't have the freedom of choices or love for him.

"That's not for her to decide. If she wants to live, she needs to marry you and make it public before she gives birth."


Li Feihong still hesitated. Even though this marriage could save lives, he still felt wrong.

Without knowing what to do, he turned to Zhang Min, who was still in a daze.

"Are you alright with this arrangement? Are you okay with me being the father of your child?"

The light in Zhang Min's eyes flickered for a second when Li Feihong asked about her feeling.

So far, Zhang Min was confused about how or why she had gotten pregnant as Lilim's snake erased her memory about the incident. Moreover, Diaochan didn't tell her anything.

She was worried and ashamed that she suddenly became a mother without realizing it. Zhang Min didn't know what to do or had anyone whom she could rely on.

But Li Feihong had a good reputation. Tong always praised Li Feihong and told her about his story whenever they were alone. He sometimes teased Zhang Min that he wanted to marry her to Li Feihong.

Now that Li Feihong was in front of her and she was aware that he was arranged to be her future husband, she blushed. Her clouded eyes slowly regained light.

Li Feihong's current appearance and political status could be considered an ideal bachelor. Clean smooth skin, refined muscle, gentle expression, neat clothes, and 8 white wings of Li Feihong charmed Zhang Min instantly. She had the same reaction when Lu Lingqi met him for the first time.

Love at first sight! Zhang Min's p.u.b.erty hormone was at work.

"… If you don't mind, I'm okay with it. Please take care of me and my baby."


Li Feihong widened his eyes in shock as Zhang Min accepted him too easily. He didn't realize that Zhuge Liang and Xu Shu were grinning from ear to ear as their lord would suddenly slingshot from being a supreme commander into a prince after this marriage.

Diaochan and Li Feihong also noticed the change in Zhang Min's mood. Everyone was surprised that her dead eyes finally revealed light.

"Huh? That's interesting. I thought you liked Sima Yi," Diaochan was amused.

"… I'm not interested in that Lolicon. I heard that he proposed to Zhang Chunhua years ago. That girl is not even 10!"

"Good. Then, the first matter is settled. Well, what about this young girl? Is she your concubine?"

Diaochan glanced at Lu Lingqi, the young girl with demon cultivation.

Lu Lingqi had always been hanging around Li Feihong and Zhuge Liang since she enjoyed eavesdropping their conversation. The two men ignored her antics since she was harmless.

And now, the grand demoness had an eye on her.

"That's Lu Lingqi, Lu Bu's daughter. She ran away from home because she didn't want to marry Tong, so I shelter her for the time being."


 A strange gleam of light flashed in Diaochan's eyes after she heard that she was supposed to be one of Tong's concubines.

"Let me introduce myself, girl. I'm Diaochan, the prime consort of his majesty. In other words, I run the emperor's harem and inner palace. Nice to meet you."

The aura of an 8-wing demoness oppressed Lu Lingqi's mind. Yet, she did not show fear.

"Oh, you're that old s.l.u.t. I thought you were more refined than this. Did Zhang Tong thoroughly excavated your cave that it becomes too loose for him? Since Zhang Tong has been taking in too many consorts recently, it must have been so because he's bored with you."


Everyone closed their mouths when Lu Lingqi's foul words slipped out of her tongue. Even Zhang Min, who had 6 demon wings, shrunk in fear and hid behind Li Feihong.

Cold air enveloped Li Feihong's dimension as if someone had turned on the air conditioner to minus 50 degrees Celsius, transforming the private world into the South Pole.

"It seems that Lu's bloodline needs some education. Feihong, I'll talk to you about our next move later. Please excuse "us" for a moment."

Diaochan grabbed Lu Lingqi's collar and flew toward Li Feihong's only town in this world, located a bit over a kilometer away. However, everyone in the dimension could hear Lu Lingqi's screaming voice after a few minutes of their departure.

None of them wanted to imagine what might have happened to Lu Lingqi. They could only pray for her peaceful rest.



The others also excused themselves. Zhuge Liang returned to the outside world to attend the afternoon meeting while Zhou Cang and Xu Shu escorted Ma Chao and Liu Bei back to their resident.

This left Li Feihong and Zhang Min alone.



Both Li Feihong and Zhang Min didn't know what to speak. The latter never had a boyfriend before while the former got nervous, afraid of mistreating his boss's daughter.

"Let's rest in my villa over there," Li Feihong mustered his courage and started the conversation.

In Li Feihong's world, his villa was the center of everything.

Endless farmland, a pasture, and a lake surrounded Li Feihong's resident while the monitors were floating around the villa. All farm management, fis.h.i.+ng, and animal rearing were delegated to Li Feihong's automatic system, so the master didn't have to lift a finger to do anything.

The timid Zhang Min followed after Li Feihong. As he led the way, the girl stared at his back in a daze.

Although Zhang Min had a.s.sociated herself with Sima Yi, Wei Yan, Cao Ang, Liu Ye, and Liu Xie, she never saw them as a potential partner. Only after she found herself pregnant, the girl began to pay attention to the opposite s.e.x.

Her heart pounded as she was nervous and embarra.s.sed that Li Feihong would become her husband soon. In her eyes, Li Feihong was dazzling.

'He's so dreamy. He's as good as father said! Thank you Diaochan mother! Thank you, father! I like him! I like him a lot!'




"What a windfall. Do you think what I'm thinking, Kongming?"

"Hahaha! Surrendering to the prime consort was an absolutely outstanding move! I like this world's Liu Bei."

Xu Shu and Zhuge Liang were reevaluating their schemes to adapt to Li Feihong's sudden promotion and Diaochan's collaboration. Although Li Feihong might have to square against the Sima Clan after the marriage, getting the full support from Diaochan and Dong Bai would strengthen their faction further.

Shu Han could rise again under the disguise of Zhang Tong's Han!

"We'll change the plan. We won't push the weak princes to the throne," Proposed Xu Shu.

"Ah, we push our lord instead."

"Yup. This is going to be fun. Well, just don't fight against the demonesses and the Sun Clan, though. We need their support."

"I know. I'll contact Sun Quan and tell him about the changes. I want to see his shocking face. Hehehe!"

Battle Royale Of The Sinners 516 Rise Of Li Feihong 2

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