Beauty And The Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO Chapter 458 - Do You Want One, Bro?

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Chapter 458: Do You Want One, Bro?

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Gu Mengmeng was full of suspicion. If she did not give sufficient instructions, Elvis and Lea could have caught all the rats in the area purely based on how wide of holes they dredge to store their food.

Elvis and Lea nodded in acknowledgement, then proceeded to harvest the bamboo shoots.

Elvis was not as good at knife skills as Lea, often squas.h.i.+ng the bamboo shoots into bits instead of harvesting them. Later, Lea just told him to stop adding on any burden and just accompany Gu Mengmeng.

Gu Mengmeng supported her body against a bamboo that was as thick as her arm, looking it up and down and making little gestures while Lea was harvesting the shoots.

Elvis watched as she expressed her interest towards the bamboo, asking, “Can this be eaten too?”

Gu Mengmeng shook her head, “Even pandas don’t eat bamboos this thick, let alone humans.”

“Then…?” Elvis did not understand.

Gu Mengmeng patted the bamboo, “Hubby, cut it open from here, I want this bamboo.”

Elvis replied, “Alright.”

Elvis grabbed Gu Mengmeng’s waist, holding her in his embrace while he transformed his other hand into a sharp claw. With a light wave, that bamboo snapped into two. The bamboo leaves ruffled in the air and fell in the other direction.

With his palm up, Elvis caught the bamboo steadily, then released Gu Mengmeng’s waist, “Do I just bring the whole stick back?”

Gu Mengmeng shook her head, “Put it down first, hubby. Let me take a good look.”

Elvis adjusted the angle, then placed the bamboo on the ground.

Gu Mengmeng squatted down and looked at it for a long while, “Hubby, give me another claw, right here.”

Elvis did so accordingly.

Gu Mengmeng held up the section that had been cut, smiling extremely happily.

“Come, drink some water.” Gu Mengmeng said, “This area of the bamboo joint is solid while the bamboo tube is hollow. As long as you cut at the right area, you can create a ready-made cup~”

Elvis stared at the bamboo that was five metres or so, asking, “Do you need so many cups?”

Gu Mengmeng shook her head, “Not so much, just 10 would do.”

Elvis, “10?”

Gu Mengmeng nodded, “Four for Hede and his brothers, one for each of them, one for each of us, one for Lea and one for Sandy.”

Gu Mengmeng turned her head to look at Ian, asking, “Do you want one, bro?”

Ian snorted with his aloof expression, “My eagle-owl tribe only drink dew, I don’t need these coa.r.s.e stuff.”

Gu Mengmeng, “Oh.”

Turning back, she said to Elvis, “Auretin seems pretty pitiful, not having any friends besides us. So, let’s prepare for him too, and one more, hehehehe…”

Elvis raised his eyebrows, feeling especially interested towards Gu Mengmeng’s “hehehehe”.

Gu Mengmeng hooked Elvis’ neck like two students huddled together discussing how to cheat during their test later, “I want to take the other one to carry out “The Gu Mengmeng Organisation’s Ethology and Special Encouragement Operation”.”

Elvis looked at Gu Mengmeng feeling lost, completely not understanding what she was saying.

Gu Mengmeng replied mysteriously, “I have my plans, just do what I said and help me make 10 cups.”

Elvis nodded. Then pointed at the one in Gu Mengmeng’s hand, “Auretin.”

He cut another one and looked at it closely, as if he was not too pleased by it, so he followed up with, “Hede.”

He cut another one, seemingly slightly better than the previous one, yet still could not reach the perfect standard in Elvis’ eyes, so he smiled and said, “Jialue’s.”

Beauty And The Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO Chapter 458 - Do You Want One, Bro?

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