The Adventures Of The Young Master 258 Massacre

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"What the h.e.l.l... happened?" The cultivators were deeply terrified by these sudden happenings.

Take note, that red-haired man was an Imperial Sovereign! Though he wasn't as strong as the sovereigns of a constellation, he was still an Imperial Sovereign that not just anyone could trifle with.

Even some of his fellow sovereigns in the pack were very cautious of him. After all, he got a very short-temper that he might explode anytime around.

And now, seeing him in that state, with all the limbs of him gone, and blood oozed like a fountain in each every wound, they could not help but feel a cold-s.h.i.+vering feeling inside their bodies.

Merciless. This unknown guy in front of them was merciless.

But what could they do now that they had already rode the tiger? All they could do now was face this situation head-on.

"Fellow Daoists, calm down." Seeing the panicking expressions of his mates, he tried to calm them down, "Although he is powerful, there are nine of us here. It might be bullying when he's only alone but what can we do? We need to do this if we want to survive."

The cultivators exchanged glances after hearing this and somehow, they calmed down. Indeed, the enemy was only one. What was there to be afraid of?

What's more, the treasure was right ahead of them! Could they just let this opportunity go? The powerful constellations might be on their way now since the phenomenon was visible to every person in the ten thousand kilometers.

They still have 4 Grand Monarchs, 2 Divine Monarchs, and 3 Imperial Sovereigns. This kind of line-up was scary, in fact.

Remember, Havenleaf Constellation had only four Imperial Sovereigns yet this pack contained three already! Not to mention that, one Divine Monarchs was almost there reaching Heavenly Saint!

After contemplating for themselves, they finally decided to bite the bullet now that things have escalated this far.

They equipped their weapons and were now ready to gang up Jin Rou.

"Oh? Finally decided to fight?" Jin Rou smirked, "Too bad. If you guys chose to run away, I might have spared some of you. But it seems that the temptation has won over you. Very well, since you are eager to continue, then death, I shall bestow upon you."

"..." The cultivators didn't retort and focused their concentration in Jin Rou.

"Kss.h.!.+" Suddenly, Jin Rou took a step backward and placed his right feet behind. He gathered momentum as he threw a punch in the air!

"Boom!" A ma.s.sive shockwave surprised the cultivators and almost lost their bearing. The wind caused by the punch had forcefully made them step back several times.

"What power!" The cultivators thought with panicked expressions. They didn't expect that Jin Rou was this powerful. With just a punch in the air, they were already pushed back?

Now, they were thinking if they really chose the right choice.

"That's just a punch in the air with a distance from you all." Jin Rou looked at them with contempt, "The next time will be direct hit, so you must brace yourselves. The next shot might kill you on the spot without knowing how."

"..." The cultivators gulped their saliva in utter nervousness. Their expression became pale as if their blood ran down towards their body from their head. Their faces were very white and revealing terrified expressions.

Their instincts were giving them warning signals now. It was telling them to retreat or else they would really die here!

"Ready for the second punch?" Jin Rou asked coldly while smiling.

"Wait, Fellow Daoist." The leader of the group hurriedly stopped Jin Rou and said, "I am Xiu, a vagrant cultivator. I am an Imperial Sovereign, or to be precise, a half-step Fate Emperor."

"Boom!" Suddenly, the vagrant cultivator named Xiu released all his full aura. And everyone felt this.

"Xiu is really almost a Fate Emperor." The cultivators' eyes widened in surprise and joy.

Fate Emperor. These beings were one step away to reach the apex power here in Starlight. In fact, here in Immortal, they were already considered top experts as everyone knew that there were no Ancients or Ethereals here.

Now, a half-step Fate Emperor was in front of them. Of course, they would feel happy. After all, it meant that they could rely on his power. Not to mention that, they might successfully grab the treasures away! Of course, with no thought of grabbing the main treasure. They would feel contented even if only the sc.r.a.p metals were to be left, or just a peek to that treasure.

"And?" Jin Rou impatiently said, "So what if you are a half-step Fate Emperor?"

"..." Xiu's face stiffened. He didn't expect that even after revealing his total power, this guy wasn't still putting him in his eyes.

The contempt in Jin Rou's eyes while looking at him didn't change at all.

Seeing that the other party was speechless, Jin Rou continued, "Not to mention full-fledged Fate Emperors, even Destinies weren't enough to enter my eyes. So what are you trying to say here by introducing yourself to me with only barely a step to Fate Emperor?"

"You..." Xiu was enraged by the barrage of insults Jin Rou said. He had painstakingly endured everything to reach this place and yet this kid was mocking him? He reached this level by his sheer effort and spirit so Jin Rou had no right to mock him like this!

Totally unforgivable!

Xiu was about to attack when Jin Rou suddenly appeared in front of him.

"Need to finish this up, so die." Jin Rou charged a punch that was stronger than before and threw it against Xiu!

"Hmph!" Xiu snorted. Although he was surprised, he was already prepared for an attack coming from Jin Rou. He circulated his qi around and made a s.h.i.+eld protecting his body.

"s.h.i.+t!" However, as the punch connected, Xiu cursed as he felt an overwhelming power ravaging him.

"Kratt!" No longer than a second, Xiu exploded into a blood mist.

And not just that. The shockwave of the punch hit the other eight cultivators and instantly turned into blood mist without knowing how.

The Adventures Of The Young Master 258 Massacre

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