Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing? Chapter 114 - The Three Words ‘Wife Spoiling Maniac’ Suit You Well

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Chapter 114: The Three Words ‘Wife Spoiling Maniac’ Suit You Well

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“Don’t want to see?” Mo Jingshen casually tossed the security entrance key card of the top-grade residential area on the coffee table in front of Qin Siting. “You can have Ao Lan International for tonight, limited to only the guest room. The pa.s.sword for the door is Ji Nuan’s birthday.”

Qin Siting lightly sneered. “How would I know what day your woman’s birthday is.”

Ji Nuan had already brought the basket into the kitchen, but she could still hear Qin Siting’s voice from outside. “Not to mention, I’m not stupid. Why would I place down the good dishes sent to my mouth to go to your place and eat takeaway?”

Qin Siting threw his coat casually to the side and sat down on the sofa with confidence and ease. He was clearly prepared to wait for Ji Nuan to cook up a table of good dishes for them.

The moment Ji Nuan walked out, she saw Qin Siting’s expression of a young master waiting to be served and could not hold in her laughter. She found an ap.r.o.n and tugged it over her head, turning around to return to the kitchen.

“Speaking of which, can Ji Nuan cook?” Qin Siting suddenly thought of this important question. His brows knitted.

Mo Jingshen did not answer. His suit coat had long been placed aside. He casually removed his delicately crafted cufflinks and folded his sleeves up, unhurriedly and coldly saying, “Being able to taste the food that my woman made, you should consider it the luck of three lifetimes.”

Qin Siting snorted, clearly not believing him. “Are you serious? Will I be poisoned today?”

Mo Jingshen: “Don’t eat. You can choose to starve.”

After speaking, Mo Jingshen walked into the kitchen. He saw Ji Nuan was.h.i.+ng the vegetables and approached her. “What else needs to be washed? I’ll help you.”

Ji Nuan did not raise her head as she continued was.h.i.+ng the vegetables seriously. “It’s all right, I can do it myself. Doctor Qin’s house most likely has a helper regularly cleaning or cooking. This kitchen doesn’t lack anything at all, and everything is easily found. I can handle it myself.”

Between her words, she turned to pick up a peeler to prepare the potatoes. Her back was facing Mo Jingshen the whole time.

The man approached from the back, helping her tie the two ends of the ap.r.o.n together.

“Did it loosen? Earlier on, my hands were wet, so I casually tied them. I didn’t pay much attention.” Ji Nuan turned back to look before raising her eyes to smile at Mo Jingshen.

When the little woman smiled, her eyes and brows gently curved. She turned back to wash the vegetables. Her serious appearance made it difficult for Mo Jingshen to move his gaze away.

It appeared peaceful in the kitchen. Until now, Qin Siting was still deeply suspicious. This Ji Nuan, who had always been a wealthy young lady and would not dip her fingers in dew water, could actually cook?

From the sound of it, the kitchen did not have any noise of disorder or of cutlery being broken. It was steady and orderly; peaceful and harmonious. The sound of vegetables being cut was also at a rhythm that rea.s.sured one’s heart.

Ji Nuan could really cook. The moment he acknowledged this, Qin Siting became deeply suspicious of life itself.

“Aiya, everything we ate yesterday was meat. Now it’s all vegetables.” Ji Nuan suddenly poked her head out of the kitchen, glancing towards Qin Siting who was currently contemplating life. “Doctor Qin, you should be very familiar with this area, can you go to a fresh market to buy a fish and some meat suitable to be stir-fried with vegetables?”

Qin Siting knitted his brows, glancing at her in surprise. “You’re asking me to go buy?”

“Otherwise, should I go?” Ji Nuan raised her still wet hands. “I’m was.h.i.+ng and cutting vegetables. This back and forth will waste too much time.”

“What about your man?” Qin Siting’s hand casually hung on the back of the couch.

“Jing Shen is helping me, ah. He isn’t that familiar with this area either.” Ji Nuan giggled at him while explaining, “Doctor Qin, if you want to eat earlier, then I’ll have to trouble you to run this errand. Otherwise, we will all have to starve~.”

“Troublesome!” Qin Siting impatiently spat but still stood up. He placed his coat on his elbow and picked up his car keys. His long legs trod forward, stepping out of the door.

Ji Nuan was about to return to the kitchen counter but saw that in such a small period of time, Mo Jingshen had already separated all the vegetables she had washed and cut them well.

She then watched the man, dressed in a s.h.i.+rt and long pants, take out the various sauces and distributed them proportionately across the different dishes. The man was originally tall and upright. As he stood there doing this, he seemed to change from a n.o.ble elite to an astounding family man, yet it somehow gave birth to a gentleness that could warm people to death.

The things that she had planned to do were mostly done. So, it basically was not Mo Jingshen helping her, but her helping him!

Spit! It seemed like the words Mo Jingshen had spoken to Qin Siting earlier outside had to be revised to being able to taste the food Mo Jingshen had made was definitely the luck of three lifetimes for Qin Siting!


Qin Siting followed Ji Nuan’s request and brought a fresh fish and some fresh meat back. He threw the shopping bag on the kitchen and did not pay them any more attention, heading to the bathroom to wash his hands twice.

Ji Nuan saw this and leaned against Mo Jingshen’s side as she muttered, “I heard that all doctors wash their hands more than ten times a day. It seems like these words aren’t false.”

Mo Jingshen chuckled but did not say anything. The man’s sleeves were folded up, and the arms revealed were strong and firm. He placed the pot on the natural gas stove; his actions smooth and charming.

Ji Nuan chopped the meat that was just bought while softly asking, “Is it really because he has enjoyed medicine from a young age that Doctor Qin gave up the succession rights to the Qin family’s company and insisted on becoming a doctor?”

Mo Jingshen’s tone was mild. “No.”

“Huh? No? Could it be that he was forced?” Ji Nuan was astonished.

Mo Jingshen did not reply. He lowered his gaze and noticed that when Ji Nuan was cutting the meat, the sharp edge of the knife would almost always brush past her fingers. Although it did not cut her, his brows still furrowed imperceptibly. “You head to the back to pick some greens suitable for making a salad. Just toss a simple salad, and it’ll do.”

“All right.” Ji Nuan placed the knife in her hands down. She washed her hands and turned around, picking up her basket and walking out.

In the backyard, Ji Nuan picked all sorts of vegetables. The kitchen was quiet.

Qin Siting lazily laid sideways on the sofa. He planned on taking a nap before eating.

In the end, he had only just closed his eyes when the sound of footsteps approached. His legs were nudged. The moment he opened his eyes, Qin Siting saw Mo Jingshen holding a s.h.i.+ny, bright vegetable knife. His gaze was cold and sharp.

“Come, help me with”

“Don’t you have Ji Nuan? What am I supposed to do?” Qin Siting laid unmoving.

“If you want to eat, go in and cut the meat.” Mo Jingshen coldly left these words behind and turned around to head back to the kitchen.

Qin Siting rubbed his brows and sat up. He walked to the kitchen door and crossed his arms, lazily speaking, “My hands are meant for surgical knives. Do I still have to help you cut meat? Why didn’t you let Ji Nuan finish them before leaving?”

Mo Jingshen did not even turn back. “She’s not suited for using knives.”

Qin Siting rolled his eyes.

If he was worried that his woman would cut herself, then he should have said so directly. Instead, he spoke in such a dignified manner as though no one could tell what he actually meant.

“I’ve discovered that ever since you have a woman, you’ve really broken all the facts I know about you. The three words, ‘Wife Spoiling Maniac’ suit you well.”

Mo Jingshen: “An overpraise.”

Qin Siting, “…”

Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing? Chapter 114 - The Three Words ‘Wife Spoiling Maniac’ Suit You Well

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