Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing? Chapter 1141 - The Story of Ling and Heng (404)

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Chapter 1141: The Story of Ling and Heng (404)

Feng Ling completely did not understand him. What wedding night? What debt?

She pushed against him but the man seemed to be caught up in his own insanity again. He was completely mindless of her poor mood. He held her and kissed her ceaselessly, as though it wasn’t enough no matter how many times he did it.

“Li Nanheng, I’m having a serious conversation with you. You’re crazy. Stop kissing, stop… uu.”

He lifted her up again and pressed her down on the bed to kiss for a long moment. Eventually, Feng Ling’s temper faded away. The unhappiness in her eyes was also replaced by the mood between them. He held in a smile as she nudged him. “Alright, alright. If you have anything to say, say it nicely. Stop kissing… ugh… Li Nanheng, keep your hands to yourself. Don’t touch as you please…”

“This old man has been suffering your cold treatment for so long. I’m not even allowed to kiss you?” The man held her firmly, as though he was trying to press them into one being. Eventually she was left helpless from his onslaught of kisses. She seemed unsure of whether to laugh or cry. Her lips were already somewhat swollen from last night. He kissed it gently twice more before speaking huskily in desire: “Last night, I lost control because of the drug. It doesn’t count. This is the last day of those three years. We have to sleep together properly. Otherwise, this old man’s grievances won’t be resolved.”

“What grievance do you have ah, you. Let go of me. What do you mean by the last day of three years, Li Nanheng, you…”

Feng Ling’s clothes were easily tugged aside. She pushed against him angrily: “Have you gone mad?”

The man bit down twice on her lips. He didn’t break skin, but it still left her reeling from the pain. As she began to resist, he pressed her disobedient hands down. He littered her face with kisses; from her brows, to the corner of her eyes, tip of her nose, the edge of her lips and finally her lips. As Feng Ling began to suspect that this man’s zodiac animal was a dog, he whispered against her lips: “I should have gone mad ages ago. I shouldn’t have restrained myself…”

The man’s unique scent enveloped her. His hand s.h.i.+fted away from her chin and carressed down her neck. The marks from last night had yet to fade and under the heat of the man’s palm, her skin began to fill with gooseb.u.mps.

Just as he had said, last night’s loss of restrain could have been linked to that drug. However, right now, the man was s.h.i.+fting his hand downward slowly with a heart full of love and resolution…

Feng Ling felt the man’s palm coming into contact with one of her pressure points and actually felt her body losing strength. Moments later, his actions caused her cheeks to turn scarlet.

She tried her best to avoid his hand but could not do so. In the end, she could only avert her gaze. She was somewhat breathless. He kissed her lips once more and rubbed his nose against her cheek to say: “Last night was the second time I ever saw you cry. Did you know what I was thinking at the time?”

Feng Ling bit her lip and glared at him: “Stop talking…”

“A little lady who has never cried before; she cried herself to such a state under me.” The man’s hand did not pause. His actions forced her body to tremble lightly. “At the time, I thought that, thank G.o.d this old man managed to survive so many years in the XI Base. If I really had to die, I should die by your side…”

“Shut up, stop talking!” Feng Ling wanted to bite him in anger. However, as she lifted her head, the man directly leaned down and kissed her instead.

He held her face and stopped her from averting her gaze. She caught a glimpse of the reflection of her bare shoulders through his eyes and saw her own unrestrained, reddened face. Unlike what she had ever seen before… her eyes gaze was s.h.i.+ny and dazed.

“Don’t hide.” He kissed her: “You’re beautiful.”


This was the first time this word had appeared in Feng Ling’s life.

She had never considered that someone like her, who wasn’t feminine whatsoever, would be a.s.sociated with this word. In the past, others had commented that short-hair suited her. They commented that she appeared heroic and beautiful. She always a.s.sumed those people were sweet talking to her and did not give much thought to their words.

However, when Feng Ling heard this word from the man she cared about the most, her heart couldn’t help but be moved.

However, as she returned his gaze, the man suddenly nudged his knee between her legs and forced them aside. He held her wrists with one hand and stirred up her desire with the other. His actions were relentless…


Feng Ling’s cheeks were scarlet red. The exhaustion from last night had yet to fade, yet she was still thoroughly bullied by this man for several rounds.

It turned out that he had been lying when he nagged at her to eat more. The truth was that he had come to eat his fill!

She was exhausted to the point where she could not struggle. She did not even have the voice to shout. This b.a.s.t.a.r.d insisted she owed him for three years. What three years was that? When did she owe him anything? Which ghost exactly was she helping to repay this debt? Was he trying to squeeze her dry early in the morning?

When everything finally ended, Feng Ling did not have the strength to consider anything else. She laid in the man’s arms and closed her eyes to rest.

The man’s finger lingered against her lips. She felt as though a spark of electricity had brushed past it and turned around to back face him. She only wanted to get some sleep as soon as possible.

However, she never considered that this action would leave an opening for him to attack.

In Feng Ling’s years of innocent experience, she had never thought that even from this angle, one could…

In the end, she could barely recall the events that continued and the torture that she endured.

She only knew that, whenever she tried to push him aside, she would soften under his kiss. The final hour was spent in a daze. By then she could barely move and was almost unconscious.

However, he actually still had the strength to come up with ways to wake her up!

By the time he finally let her off, Feng Ling fell asleep almost instantly. She did not wish to care about anything else. Regardless of how big the heaven and earth were, there was nothing bigger than the importance of sleep.

Li Nanheng got up and cleaned up the ‘battlefield.’ He saw that she was really too tired to move and did not force her to shower. Instead, he brought a warm, damp towel out and wiped her down. After confirming that she was sleeping comfortably, he did not disturb her rest any further.

Feng Ling did not move as he wiped her down. Her body was pliant, as though all of her bones had softened. She did not wish to move even a single hair.

Li Nanheng took a shower and returned to the bed. He then brought the nearly unconscious woman into his arms and leaned close to kiss her cheek. Feng Ling furrowed her brows in grievance and spoke weakly: “Boss, let me off…”

This woman usually appeared invincible but right now, she had been bullied into becoming this delicate. Li Nanheng chuckled softly and kissed her cheek: “Sleep.”

Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing? Chapter 1141 - The Story of Ling and Heng (404)

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