Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing? Chapter 145 - They All Had Their Own Schemes, Who Would Take the Lead

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Chapter 145: They All Had Their Own Schemes, Who Would Take the Lead

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The next night, Ji Nuan and Mo Jingshen returned to the Mo home and saw there were several cars parked in the front yard.

Director Mo had only returned to the country for a trip, yet he had to bring so many cars along.

It was truly different to be in charge of s.h.i.+ne Group. After returning to the country, he had countless bodyguards by his side. Even the bodyguards’ cars were wealthy and were at least worth a million yuan. It was truly a different level of extravagance.

As it was approaching mid-autumn, the two of them could feel the celebratory atmosphere in the air as they walked into the Mo home.

The moment they entered the front living room, they saw Elder Mo and Mo Shaoze chatting with the An father and daughter over tea. It seemed like they had brought up something happy and were all smiling.

An Shuyan sat right by her father’s side. When she raised her head, she saw Ji Nuan and Mo Jingshen entering with their fingers intertwined.

Mo Shaoze’s smile instantly dissipated. He glanced at Father An whose gaze turned slightly cold and judging upon seeing Ji Nuan. He carefully sized up Ji Nuan.

“Grandfather.” Ji Nuan appeared as though nothing was out of the ordinary as she greeted Elder Mo. Her expression was natural and unaffected by the surrounding gazes. She then openly turned to Mo Shaoze whose expression was not very good. “Father.”

Mo Shaoze coldly s.h.i.+fted his gaze away and did not reply.

Ji Nuan did not feel humiliated as she smiled at Father An. “Mr. An, nice to meet you. I’m Jing Shen’s wife, Ji Nuan.”

Ji Nuan’s att.i.tude was neither servile nor overbearing, leaving nothing for him to pick at. No matter how unhappy he was, Father An could not display it as openly as Mo Shaoze had. He also had to consider Elder Mo sitting right next to him.

“There’s no need to stand on ceremony. Miss Ji, quickly sit down,” Father An replied.

An Shuyan also revealed a mild, polite smile. She glanced at Ji Nuan before s.h.i.+fting her gaze to Mo Jingshen.

Mo Jingshen raised the gift box Ji Nuan had specially gone to purchase along the way, handing it to the family’s butler, Uncle Ou. “Ji Nuan heard that father and Uncle An are heading back to the States and knows it’s difficult to find good tea there. She also knows the both of you have the hobby of enjoying tea, so she specially chose a few boxes of Bi Luo Chun before heading here.”

Mo Shaoze’s face still clearly displayed his dissatisfaction. However, this was not the time to be privately lecturing her. He glanced at Ji Nuan’s natural and virtuous att.i.tude and really could not find anything to be unhappy about. He indifferently knitted his brows and coldly said, “En, put it down.”

Uncle Ou was about to bring those boxes of tea to the back when Elder Mo suddenly turned back for a look, raising his brows. “It’s Dong Ting Bi Luo Chun? This is indeed an authentic good tea difficult to obtain abroad. It’s been a long time since I’ve had Bi Luo Chun. Quick, go make some of the tea that our Ji brat brought. Let me taste it!”

“All right, Elder.” Uncle Ou responded and left.

“Ji brat, don’t stand there looking silly. Why would you stand by the door when returning to your own home. Come sit with grandfather!” The elder waved at Ji Nuan.

Ji Nuan approached with a smile, and after exchanging a look with Mo Jingshen, the two of them sat next to the elder together.

“Speaking of which, this is the second time I’m meeting Miss Ji,” Father An suddenly said with searching eyes as he scanned Ji Nuan. “That day at the s.h.i.+ne cooperation evening ball, I didn’t have the opportunity to speak with Miss Ji and only remembered seeing Jing Shen bringing you upstairs. Was Miss Ji feeling unwell?”

What exactly happened to Ji Nuan that night almost everyone sitting here already knew. The instigator of it all, Mo Shaoze, was sitting right by the side. That Father An would ask this question was clearly to make things difficult for her.

Ji Nuan smiled openly. “I was too careless that day and became greedy with my gla.s.s. I drank a little too much wine and fell asleep in the bathroom. If Jing Shen hadn’t found me, I most likely would have slept there for the entire night. I was really embarra.s.sed that night. Mr. An, you mustn’t laugh at me.”

Elder Mo was extremely cooperative as he laughed along by the side. The others naturally could not find it in them to laugh.

Her reply was too open, like a child who accidentally drank too much and stuck her tongue out in front of an elder begging for forgiveness. Yet, it spared her from being disciplined. Father An could not help but narrow his eyes.

Mo Jingshen’s gaze carried a smile as he unhurriedly said, “The affairs between a husband and wife really shouldn’t be brought up. She usually doesn’t have the opportunity to drink and has poor alcohol tolerance. That night, she only drank a few of champagne and found a place to sleep. It wasn’t easy for me to find her.”

“Just a few of champagne and she became drunk. Miss Ji’s alcohol tolerance is truly poor.” Father An also smiled, but it did not reach his eyes.

“Mr. An, you are teasing me. When I was young, I often had to take medication. In those few years, I became allergic to alcohol. After growing up, I stopped being allergic to it, but my father refuses to let me drink. My temper is slightly stubborn, so I would think that if others could drink, so could I. I often found the opportunity to drink secretly, but each time, I would become a dazed, drunken mess…” She chuckled while speaking. “Jing Shen is also always taking charge of me. That night, I hid by the side and secretly had a few In the end, I almost made a joke of myself…”

Ji Nuan then lowered her eyes as though she was embarra.s.sed. “In the past few days, Jing Shen has been nagging me. I most likely won’t be allowed to touch even a single drop of alcohol in the future. He is stricter than my father.”

Father An’s smile weakened while his cold gaze watched Ji Nuan, who smiled brightly. He was already slightly unhappy but did not openly show it.

For a man to control his wife so much, even nagging about small matters like drinking, meant Mo Jingshen cared a lot about Ji Nuan.

Mo Shaoze could hear that Ji Nuan, the bright-minded little la.s.s, was intentionally putting Father An on a spot. His ice-cold voice abruptly said, “If your alcohol tolerance is poor, then stop running around as you please. After all, you’re wearing the t.i.tle of Mrs. Mo. If you were to become a crazy drunk after touching a few drops of alcohol in front of the public, you wouldn’t only be shaming your own face.”

After Mo Shaoze spoke, before anyone could even say anything else, Elder Mo glared at him. “What do you mean by shaming our face? Our Ji brat, regardless of when she’s at home or outside, her way of doing things is such that no one can find any flaws!”

Mo Shaoze’s sharp gaze turned cold. “In a public place, being carried back to her own room, isn’t that sufficiently humiliating?”

“In front of the public, who exactly has done the shadiest things…” Mo Jingshen’s voice calmly said, his tone cold. “Do you really want to make it clear here?”

Mo Jingshen’s tone was typical of how he usually spoke, but everyone present heard the suppressed undercurrent. It was as though if they allowed themselves to be distracted, his firm iciness would freeze them.

Mo Shaoze’s expression was angry. “Jing Shen, what are you insinuating with your words?”

Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing? Chapter 145 - They All Had Their Own Schemes, Who Would Take the Lead

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