Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing? Chapter 176 - Do You Think the World Revolves Around You?

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Chapter 176: Do You Think the World Revolves Around You?

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“Who are you talking about here when you bring up malicious thoughts? Compared to you, how can I possibly live up to those words? You were even capable of bribing a psychiatrist to prescribe drugs meant to weaken your sister’s mental state. How can anyone be more malicious than you? You took advantage of me while my emotions were unstable to urge me to get a divorce every day and even incited me to attempt suicide to force Mo Jingshen to leave, who can be more vicious than you?”

Ji Nuan refuted her words without holding anything back. She saw Ji Hongwen approaching behind Ji Mengran and kept her words clear and distinct; she was completely unrelenting.

Ji Mengran turned pale from her words. However, she immediately acted as though she was in the right. “On what basis are you pus.h.i.+ng these responsibilities onto me? How would I know what sort of medicine the doctor would prescribe for you? The one who needs to see a psychiatrist is you. The one who has a mental problem is also you, it’s not me! Who knows if you’re hallucinating because your brain has a problem!”

Ji Mengran then angrily continued. “Anyway, you didn’t suicide. When did I incite you to suicide? Do you have evidence? Do you have witnesses? Those are all things you’ve hallucinated. Don’t frame me!”

Recalling her previous life, when she had collapsed in the bathtub after losing too much blood, Ji Nuan felt the urge to deliver a firm slap onto Ji Mengran’s face.

Ji Nuan’s expression was cold. “If you don’t want me to hit you, scram. A good dog doesn’t block the door.”

“Who are you scolding?”

“I didn’t publicly confront you when we were at the Mo family home because I was taking Dad’s face into consideration. Right now, I don’t have the mood to argue with you. Get out of my way!”

Ji Mengran stood by the door, refusing to move. “You want to hit me? This is the Ji home. There’s no Mo Jingshen to support you. I’ll see if you dare to hit…”

With a “pa” sound, Ji Nuan slapped her face without hesitation.

Ji Mengran froze. In the next instant, her expression grew unhappy as she reached over to grab Ji Nuan’s hair. Ji Nuan moved backward to avoid her. If it were not because of the wound on her palm, she would have delivered a firmer slap.

Seeing that Ji Mengran appeared to have lost her mind and was about to pick a fight with Ji Nuan, Ji Hongwen, who had already heard most of their words, abruptly said, “Enough! What are you fighting about right in front of our door?”

Ji Mengran instantly stiffened. She turned back to meet Ji Hongwen’s gaze and became fl.u.s.tered. “Dad… it’s Ji Nuan who…”

Ji Hongwen did not even look at her. He only glanced at Ji Nuan. “Come in first.”

After entering, Ji Hongwen asked, “What exactly is going on? Although you’ve frequently been arguing with Meng Ran a lot recently, and she did go out of line previously, but were the things you said earlier all true?”

“Dad, Ji Nuan is framing me. Don’t listen to her nonsense…” Ji Mengran frantically tried to explain herself. “You were also there when I came home that day. I was drenched in the rain for the entire night. I was cold, disheveled, and I almost died outside! She’s clearly the one that has always acted viciously against her own sister…”

“You shut up.” Ji Hongwen glanced at her in cold rage, unable to tolerate her incessant noise.

Ji Mengran unhappily gritted her teeth. She remained in her position and glared at Ji Nuan.

Clearly, the fright she suffered that night was not light.

Ji Nuan coldly glanced at her. “There’s no need to panic. I will fully and clearly describe everything you’ve done to Dad. Even if you try to stop me, you wouldn’t be able to.”

“I haven’t done anything! Don’t slander me!”

Ji Nuan did not argue with her further. She only calmly stated, “Dad, I came here today to discuss something with you. Let’s talk about Meng Ran another day. We need to discuss the proper things first.”

Ji Hongwen knitted his brows. Looking at Ji Nuan’s grim and stern expression, he asked, “Why? What happened?”

“Let’s go to your study to speak.” Ji Nuan s.h.i.+fted to head for the stairs.

“Ji Nuan, if you have anything to say, say it here! Don’t think that you can go behind my back to tell Dad lies about me! I’ll admit everything I’ve done. But don’t even think about framing me for the things I’ve never done!” Ji Mengran reached out abruptly to push Ji Nuan.

Right now, Ji Mengran was not important to Ji Nuan. She did not move back after being pushed, and instead, she forcefully grabbed Ji Mengran’s wrist to push her aside. She turned to look at her. “Do you think that the world revolves around you? When I speak to Dad alone, must it be about you? Who do you think you are? Just because you’ve stuck a few sham goods onto your face, you really think you’re outstanding?”

Shen Heru heard them and walked out. She immediately resisted the urge to smile as she approached after seeing the stern Ji Nuan. “Nuan Nuan, ah, why are you losing your temper the moment you come home? A few days ago, Meng Ran’s phone was shattered. Was it done by you? As an elder sister, you’re really too immature. Now that you’ve become Mrs. Mo, you sure are capable. You’re even losing your temper with your own sister. Your anger comes as it wishes. If this Ji family isn’t big enough for you, no one is begging you to stay. Why are you making such a fuss the moment you come back? The Ji family is usually so peaceful, but the moment you step in, there’s such a big commotion!”

Ji Nuan’s eyes were cold and distant. She did not pay any mind to Shen Heru who could not even guarantee her own safety right now let alone protect someone else. She only calmly looked at Ji Mengran. “Your pitiful act may be sufficient for you to mess about at home, but don’t keep it up in front of me. It’ll only disgust me. Aren’t you aware of how your own phone was broken? You went around half of Hai Cheng to stalk me. My bodyguard was only fulfilling her responsibilities when she thought that you would harm me. She was already being considerate to your family name when she shattered your phone instead of smas.h.i.+ng her fists onto your body. You still have the guts to argue with me at home?”

These words were spoken openly in front of Ji Hongwen and Shen Heru. Ji Mengran was instantly confronted with a strong enemy and could not conceal the fl.u.s.ter in her eyes. “I was only pa.s.sing by that day. On what basis are you concluding I was stalking you. You’re clearly the one that finds me an eyesore. You intentionally used your bodyguard to frighten me! If your bodyguard dares to hit me, if I don’t sue her entire family into being jailed, my surname isn’t Ji!”

Ji Nuan smiled coldly. “Look at your own face and lips. You’re guilty as a thief. Although your mouth is being loud, your expression has already betrayed you.”

Ji Hongwen did not speak, but his brows were fiercely knitted as he watched his second daughter.

Sensing her father’s gaze, Ji Mengran finally backed down slightly. That night, she was really provoked to the point of wanting to kill Ji Nuan. Right now, the hatred in her eyes as she watched Ji Nuan was only increasing like a flood. It did not reduce at all.

Yet, Ji Nuan remained indifferent from beginning to end. She had even kept away her originally polite mask, clearly displaying her stance of breaking off all ties.

“Dad, don’t believe her words,” Ji Mengran suppressed her voice to say quietly.

“After what happened at the Mo family, didn’t I already warn you. You can either choose to scram overseas to study or stay locked up at home to reflect for a few months. You’re not allowed to leave the house, and you’re not allowed to look for trouble with Ji Nuan! You’ve treated my words like a fart, haven’t you?” Ji Hongwen held a cup of tea that Shen Heru had brought over and abruptly smashed it next to Ji Mengran’s feet.

Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing? Chapter 176 - Do You Think the World Revolves Around You?

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