Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing? Chapter 180 - The Mantis Stalks the Cicada, Unaware of the Oriole Behind

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Chapter 180: The Mantis Stalks the Cicada, Unaware of the Oriole Behind

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In the hallway, Shen Heru did not look at Ji Hongwen’s expression. She only saw the smile on Ji Nuan’s lips; it caused her to tremble with fear.

Ji Nuan’s expression caused Shen Heru’s teeth to itch with the urge to bite her. She could not tolerate it and provokingly said, “Nuan Nuan ah, earlier on, weren’t you insisting that there is a problem with my supplements? Why don’t we go do a new drug a.n.a.lysis. We’ll see who exactly is lying!”

Ji Nuan returned her gaze mildly, before smiling imperceptibly at Ji Hongwen who was visibly upset. “Father, you’ve been working in the business world for so many years. Her att.i.tude right now is clearly problematic. Can this be considered, ‘a guilty person gives himself away by consciously protesting his innocence?’”

Shen Heru knitted her brows at Ji Nuan. Her voice rose in pitch as she unhappily raged, “What problems can I have? You insist that my supplements have poison and even brought out some drug a.n.a.lysis report. Now that I ask for the test to be redone, you say that I’m giving myself away? Why are you putting words in my mouth? You are clearly trying to make things difficult for me, blocking my words at every end! I think you’re the one with a problem!”

Shen Heru then narrowed her eyes, targeting her. “Say, you’re only so young, yet you’re so good at lying. Mengran was clearly framed by you too, wasn’t she?”

Ji Nuan smiled mildly, remaining quiet.

Seeing her silent, Shen Heru threw her another glance. She scanned Ji Nuan’s expression and felt that Ji Nuan was definitely struggling to refute her. She then raised her brows in satisfaction.

“Nuan Nuan, did you make plans to target me after finding out how easy it was to pull Mengran from her position in the Ji family? The moment Mengran left home today, you immediately turned your focus on me. Are you trying to swallow the entire Ji family? Your father is still alive, don’t you think that your appet.i.te is too great!”

“Auntie Shen, there’s no need for you to be stirring up trouble here. I came back today with evidence. No matter how you try to argue your way out of it, it’s useless. The evidence speaks for itself. Let’s talk about it. You say that I’m framing you; where’s your evidence?” Ji Nuan asked, appearing as though she was innocently stepping into Shen Heru’s trap.

Shen Heru smiled. “I do have evidence. I’m just afraid that you’ll cry when you see it. After all, I’m getting on in years and am much more open-minded. As long as the misunderstanding clears up and your father understands me, that’s enough for me. But if your malicious heart is exposed, I’m afraid I can’t say for sure how the Mo family will view you from here on…”

After she finished her words, she did not wait for Ji Hongwen to speak up, nor did she continue meeting Ji Nuan’s gaze. She immediately turned and walked quickly toward the main bedroom.

Seeing that Shen Heru had walked off, Ji Hongwen appeared to have some thoughts of his own as he followed. Ji Nuan unhurriedly paced behind them. The moment they entered the bedroom, they saw Shen Heru’s hands deftly opening the bedside cabinet. She brought out a large bunch of medicine.

She took out all of the supplements Ji Nuan had said were problematic; not even one was missing. She then turned back to look at Ji Hongwen. “Old Ji, these are the supplements I bought back for you, aren’t they?”

However, Ji Hongwen knitted his brows. He watched how she seemed to be in a hurry to clear herself of her charges, and the way she seemed so aware of the location of those medication.

He had never stopped to consider if this woman he had been married to for so many years had hidden thoughts.

At this moment, there was no need for Ji Nuan to say anything. He could already see that there were too many unseen problems.

Although he ate these supplements almost every day, he had never taken them in front of her. Yet, she knew that they were all stored in this drawer. After buying them so long ago, she could actually still remember how all of them looked.

It was truly hard to believe that there was nothing fishy.

Seeing that Ji Hongwen was silent with a cold expression, Shen Heru turned to Ji Nuan. “Nuan Nuan, are you sure that these are the medications you sent for an a.n.a.lysis?”

Ji Nuan found this amusing. “Auntie Shen, why are you in such a rush? There are many medications in my dad’s drawer, and all of the bottles look so similar. There is his medication for lowering blood pressure, diabetes, and many more, yet you brought them out so quickly without any hesitation. Those who don’t know may think you’ve been staring at these medications every day, checking if anyone has actually taken them.”

Shen Heru naturally did not lose her composure just because of those words.

Previously when Ji Nuan returned home, she had already felt that Ji Nuan was suspicious of her. Furthermore, she had also sensed Ji Nuan was truly different during the conflict at the Mo family home.

Shen Heru had always been cautious. She feared she would be caught unaware when Ji Nuan discovered something and had already made arrangements.

“I was the one who bought these supplements. I pa.s.sed by a shop when I was traveling overseas and carefully chose them. Every bottle went past my hand, so of course I know what they look like.” Shen Heru appeared earnest and fearless.

Ji Nuan hid a smile as she glanced at the emerald-green jade bangle on her wrist. “Auntie Shen’s life sure is comfortable. You get to go on vacations as you please. That jade bangle on your wrist is also quite special. It’s rare to see such a well-crafted one. If I remember correctly, my dad gifted that to you many years ago, didn’t he? It’s worth up to ten million yuan. The color really becomes more beautiful as you wear it over the years. I wonder if you’ve ever loaned it to anyone?”

“Of course not. I’ve always treasured this bangle and never once removed it. I take good care of all the things your dad gifts me, how could I possible loan it to anyone?” Shen Heru could not understand why Ji Nuan had suddenly switched topics. She watched Ji Nuan warily, while her lips maintained that her relations.h.i.+p with Ji Hongwen was good.

“Is that so…” Hearing this, Ji Nuan lifted her phone screen, tapping against it.

Immediately, a clear footage began playing on her screen.

From the footage, the bedside table and its surroundings could be seen. The footage was taken around twenty days ago. A pair of hands swiftly removed all of the supplements in the drawer, replacing all of its contents. Upon taking a closer look, it could be seen that the replacement pills were almost identical. Even the amount replaced was similar. As the pills had no specific scent, it would be difficult to notice even if they were replaced.

Although one could only see a pair of hands moving in the footage, those hands were extremely white and had an emerald-green jade bangle around one of its wrists.

The moment she saw what Ji Nuan was playing on her phone, Shen Heru’s expression stiffened. She abruptly came to a realization and understood that Ji Nuan had asked her that question intentionally.

Shen Heru became fl.u.s.tered as she quickly placed her hand behind her back. She was pale as she shook her head. She thought to explain herself, but the moment she raised her eyes, she met Ji Hongwen’s enraged expression.

Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing? Chapter 180 - The Mantis Stalks the Cicada, Unaware of the Oriole Behind

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