Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing? Chapter 184 - Mo Jingshen Would Actually Lower Himself to Come to Such a Place?

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Chapter 184: Mo Jingshen Would Actually Lower Himself to Come to Such a Place?

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Ji Nuan suppressed her suspicions against that reporter. “Since you beat the person up for a reason, then say it. Why haven’t you been cooperating and giving your statement?”

The moment she brought it up, Xia Tian rolled her eyes toward the officer in the room again. “Who says that all police officers will root out the strong and give peace to the people? I told them that my leg is wounded, but they still forcefully pushed me into the car. They even took my crutch away and said it is a crime weapon! They said I’m using my injury as an excuse to gain their sympathy. What sort of police officers are they? Each one of them is like a block of wood, refusing to listen to what I have to say. The person with the camera clearly has a problem, but they lock me up here to interrogate me!”

That officer clearly heard Xia Tian’s complain, but remained expressionless as he sternly said, “Miss Xia, when we take down your statement it doesn’t mean that you are guilty. No matter what the truth is, you did indeed beat up the person. If you don’t provide us with a clear statement, the police can only resort to forceful methods.”

Xia Tian rolled her eyes again, turning to whisper softly to Ji Nuan, “Earlier on, he was the one who forced me into the car! Now he wants to rush my cooperation so that he can finish his job. I definitely won’t make things easy for him!”

Ji Nuan: “…”

Madam, is being angry with the police the main point to focus on right now?

Outside the police station, Feng Ling noticed the situation inside and walked off to make a call. “Mr. Mo…”


After all, Xia Tian did injure someone. Not only was she refusing to cooperate, but they were also waiting on the injury report from the hospital.

Since the police refuse to let her go, Ji Nuan decided to accompany Xia Tian at the police station.

But she never expected that Mo Jingshen would suddenly come.

When she saw Mo Jingshen’s car, Ji Nuan stood up and looked out in astonishment.

Xia Tian completely disregarded the heavy tension in the police station. When she found out that Mo Jingshen had actually lowered himself to come to such a place, she immediately appeared ready for gossip, smiling widely at Ji Nuan.

The moment Ji Nuan stepped out, she saw a police officer seriously and politely detailing the situation to Mo Jingshen.

She rushed to step forward. Mo Jingshen, who was interacting with the police officer, saw her and immediately s.h.i.+fted his gaze onto her.

Ji Nuan leaned close to him to whisper, “Xia Tian got into this trouble because of me. Did Feng Ling inform you I was at the police station?”

Mo Jingshen did not reply. He scanned Ji Nuan’s expression, and after confirming that she did not suffer any grievances, he then s.h.i.+fted his attention in Xia Tian’s direction. His gaze was knowing and calm as he held her hands, saying, “Wait for me on the car.”

“But Xia Tian is still…”

“She will be released soon. Since I’m here, set your mind at ease and leave this to me, en?” Mo Jingshen’s expression was clear and heavy.

In a place like the police station, Ji Nuan was truly less powerful than Mo Jingshen. She did not say more, and obediently went to the car to wait.

When she climbed on, Feng Ling followed her.

Ji Nuan sat in the car, looking at Feng Ling. “Did you already discover I was being followed and having my photos taken?”

Feng Ling paused for half a second before replying honestly. “Yes.”

Ji Nuan calmly glanced at her. “Why didn’t you inform me?”

“That person has been following you for a long time. He has always been careful to stay afar. All he could capture were pictures of your everyday life and your work. There was nothing too private,” Feng Ling calmly explained. “For him to reveal himself, I specially tampered with the surveillance cameras and security measures installed outside the studio entrance. This was meant to make him lower his guard. I didn’t expect that he would become impatient so quickly. Initially, I intended to take him down today, but he was found by Miss Xia first. I was also shocked that her character is so explosive…”

“What’s the person’s background?” Ji Nuan’s tone was not especially heavy, but her words were distinct.

Feng Ling suddenly became quiet for several seconds. She did not directly reply.

“You can’t say?” When Ji Nuan asked, she sensitively felt that Feng Ling’s gaze appeared to s.h.i.+ft toward the police station for a second. She was looking in the direction that Mo Jingshen was at.

Feng Ling s.h.i.+fted her gaze back and did not answer.

Ji Nuan stared at her. “Feng Ling, although Mr. Mo is your true employer, you’ve been following me for a long time. You should understand my character well. Although I won’t stubbornly try to get to the bottom of everything, nor will I make things difficult for you, I do hope that you’ll be more honest with me.”

Feng Ling was quiet for a moment. When she saw Ji Nuan’s calm expression, she softly said, “The other party’s background is simple. He is just an unknown reporter in Hai City. But not too long ago, his bank account suddenly received a transfer of six hundred thousand yuan. The origin is from Los Angeles in America.”

Feng Ling looked at Ji Nuan’s narrowed eyes. “Mrs. Mo, if I’m not wrong, the person directing him must be the same person who sent that package .”

Ji Nuan had also guessed this much. She asked, “You were trained in America and had interacted quite a bit with Nan Heng and the rest. Do you know who this person is?”

This time, Feng Ling replied swiftly, “I don’t.”

The frost in Ji Nuan’s heart gradually spread out.

She understood Feng Ling’s gaze.

Although Feng Ling did not say it, nor did she go into the details with her words, Ji Nuan still keenly sensed that Feng Ling was trying to remind her of something but was unable to say more.


The issue with the police was quickly resolved. When Ji Nuan returned to the studio, she immediately called Xiao Ba to bring over the information she had investigated on the Los Angeles’ delivery company.

She needed to find that person! She had to investigate clearly who that person was exactly!

However, when Ji Nuan finished her meeting and returned to her office, Xiao Ba said, “Boss Nuan, that delivery company has actually closed down!”

Ji Nuan paused in her movements to sit down. She raised her eyes to stare at her. “What?”

Xiao Ba pa.s.sed the doc.u.ments in her hands over. “This is the company you asked me to investigate, ah! They were such a large, international delivery company, but they suddenly shut down a few days ago! Even the name has been erased from the American Delivery Service Center. They’ve really vanished overnight!”

Ji Nuan retrieved the delivery receipt from the drawer, scanning through it before checking her computer.

Just as Xiao Ba informed her, the company announced its bankruptcy several days ago. The entire company was slowly being sold off cheaply, and its name was also written off.

Only several days had pa.s.sed, and a reputable delivery company completely vanished just like that.

They had done it so cleanly and decisively; who exactly was it?

Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing? Chapter 184 - Mo Jingshen Would Actually Lower Himself to Come to Such a Place?

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