Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing? Chapter 199 - Isn’t He Still in Hai City?

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Chapter 199 Isn’t He Still in Hai City?

Why Would He Be in T City?

However, someone was guarding the door right outside! 0

Ji Nuan’s plan to run out of the place did not succeed—

The instant her figure appeared and was discovered, regardless of how quickly she ran, the man by the door decisively grabbed her and held her down. Just as she was about to shout for help, he covered her mouth and hauled her back in.

Ji Nuan could not struggle away. In an instant, she was brought back underground and thrown onto the ground.

The physical pain could not compare to even half of the hatred harboring in her heart. All of her

earlier struggles had been wasted; she raised her head up and saw the boss she had met earlier with the knife-wound scar. He reached forward and tugged her up by her hair.

Ji Nuan resisted the pain and did not make a sound. Just like this, the bar’s boss hauled her forward and harshly threw her onto the bed.

‘You’re the first woman who managed to escape from the underground room.” The boss darkly and coldly glared at her before ordering the men behind him. “Watch her well! When the buyer is finished drinking and comes here, don’t let her escape again! If she runs away, don’t even think about keeping your lives!”

Afterward, the room door was locked once more, and someone quickly came to guard it. Ji Nuan glared at the door, gripping the sheets under her hands painfully.

Right now, although her hands and feet were not

bound, there was absolutely no way she could leave this room.

Not long after, that so-called ‘buyer,’ a middle-aged, bespectacled man, was brought in by another greasy and fat looking forty-year-old man. The moment he saw Ji Nuan, he gave her a dirty grin and approached.

Ji Nuan was frightened. Seeing that the man guarding the door had left, and this middle-aged man appeared to have drunk too much, she grabbed the bedside lamp and smashed it toward him.

“Looks like your temper isn’t small, ah!” The bespectacled man suddenly tore his clothes, revealing his burly, fat upper body.

The sight caused Ji Nuan to be disgusted. She s.h.i.+fted back against the wall and suddenly found this scene very familiar.

In her previous life, in that undeveloped

mountain village, she had been sold into a household with a father and a son. That father and his r.e.t.a.r.ded son once tore off their clothes in such a manner and backed her into a corner.

Even if she managed to escape from them, using methods of self-harm to cover herself in wounds and blood to prevent their approach, those frightening memories continued replaying themselves in her mind.

Ji Nuan did not wish to be affected by those memories and did her best to maintain her composure. However, the smooth, white meat before her eyes made her nauseous. Just as she abruptly dry heaved while leaning against the side of the wall, that bespectacled man suddenly charged forward with half his body bare. He grabbed her close by her hair, and the moment her body came into contact with his skin, she felt her gooseb.u.mps rising.

“Let go of me!”

“Little girl, I heard you tried to escape earlier? This old man spent more than two million yuan to sleep a few nights with you, and you dared to escape? Do you believe me when I say I can kill you right now?” The man did not care about Ji Nuan’s struggle. He abruptly shoved her onto the bed.

He threw her with too much force, and she smashed her head against the wall. Her head was instantly dizzy, her vision turning black. She raised a hand to touch her temple, and when she brought it back down, she saw that it was covered in blood.

The wall was decorated with small pebbles and was uneven. He had also used quite some force when he threw her against the wall.

Seeing the blood on her palm, Ji Nuan felt her vision weakening. She barely managed to sit up

against the wall when she turned to see him throwing himself on her.

Her heart instantly began beating frantically. However, she was too dizzy to move and could only s.h.i.+ft her body away slightly. The movement barely did anything.

“Don’t touch me! Go away—” Read more chapter on

Nuan no longer had the strength to struggle. Even sitting properly took energy. All of a sudden, there was the sound of clothing being torn apart. Nuan frightening shouted but could only feel a weight landing on the bed. The bespectacled man pressed her down with his fat body that appeared about to drip grease onto the ground.

The bespectacled man saw the blood dripping down her head; the stench of blood and her white skin provoked his desire and senses. He took the opportunity while she was weak to press her down madly, using force to hold her. He lowered

his head and bit down onto the tempting, white skin on her neck.

Ji Nuan only felt disgust fill her body. Her heart shrunk as she shrieked, “No—”

Her clothes were already half torn. The b.u.t.tons on her s.h.i.+rt were undone like little beans, when all of a sudden, her lapels were torn. Although she wore a tight-fitting s.h.i.+rt underneath, her entire body felt ice-cold. Both her hands were tightly held against her sides. She tried her best to curl her body up and kick him away with her feet. She bit down on her bottom lip heavily; turning them purple from the force, and her entire body was trembling.

The memory of being pressed onto the bed by that father and son pair in her previous life flashed before her eyes. Ji Nuan tried to remain calm and to protect herself but was no longer able to handle the frightening experience. She

began shrieking as though her composure had crumbled.

“Stupid little girl! You’re really quite strong!” The bespectacled man pressed her down, reaching his head down to tear her clothes away.

All of a sudden, Ji Nuan turned and bit down harshly on his ears as though trying to rip it off.

“Ah!” He pushed her away and slapped her.

Ji Nuan almost lost all awareness from the pain. The dizziness in her mind worsened. He abruptly grabbed her up by her hair, and upon seeing the blood on her forehead and lips, he brought his hand down from his ear and gave her another painful slap on the same side of her face.

Seeing that half her face was already swollen, he took the opportunity while she was weak to shove one corner of the blanket into her mouth, preventing her from biting him once more. His

expression was ravenous.

Ji Nuan’s breathing was heavy. Seeing the disgusting face and the fat body before her, she suddenly felt the urge to dry heave once more.

All of a sudden, Ji Nuan heard the sound of police cars approaching. However, she dismissed it as a hallucination. Her weak body was pressed down by the bespectacled man once more. While

tugging on her hair, he began to pull against her jeans. However, because the zipper of her jeans was slightly tight, he began cursing as he used both hands to tug on it.

Ji Nuan wanted to push him away but could not muster up the strength.

When the zipper was finally undone, that bespectacled man’s eyes lit up. He cursed at her heavily and was about to tug her pants down with strength.

All of a sudden, a loud “peng- sound reverberated against the tightly shut underground room door. It was kicked open—

With her blurry vision, Ji Nuan did not even have the strength to turn her head to look. From the corner of the eyes, she barely saw Mo Jingshen’s face.

The man’s clear-as-an-ocean expression, his tightly knitted brows and the pair of black eyes that were usually warm and sincere when watching her, at this moment were filled with frost!

Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing? Chapter 199 - Isn’t He Still in Hai City?

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