Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing? Chapter 409 - Such A Beautiful Night and Such an Attractive Woman

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Chapter 409: Such A Beautiful Night and Such an Attractive Woman

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The girl sitting next to him had been a little unconvinced, but seeing how attractive and tempting Ji Nuan could be, she smacked her tongue and didn’t dare to challenge her again.

After all, even if she stood here undressed, she wouldn’t be so attractive as Ji Nuan as even women would be attracted to her.

She was in that ordinary long skirt when she came, but as soon as she unb.u.t.toned a b.u.t.ton, undid her hair, and smiled, she changed completely into another person…

She was so beautiful.

She was so beautiful that even women would be turned on by her.

The bar girl just wanted to make some money. Although she wanted to hook up with the man beside her, now she had a hunch that she shouldn’t mess with this man and that woman. Besides, although the man didn’t drive her away, he didn’t put his arm around her waist or touch any part of her body. And his mind was completely on the beautiful woman. Suddenly having a sense of inferiority, the bar girl withdrew from Mo Jingshen and quietly ran away, hanging her head.

Ji Nuan noticed this, and her smile remained unchanged.

Her goal was not to get rid of the woman but to target Mo Jingshen.

This group of men couldn’t wait to scramble for Ji Nuan’s favor, but she kept looking at the man sitting silently on the sofa.

“Mo Jingshen, you want to divorce me, right?” Ji Nuan asked, her voice reeked of brandy and ice but loud enough for everyone to hear. “If I promise to sign the divorce agreement tomorrow, you won’t care if I leave with any man here tonight, right?”

With that, she took another sip of wine in a way that was not as wild and enthusiastic as those women who often drank but seductive enough to turn on men.

Her long hair cascaded down behind her. Her skin around her collarbone and chest was white as jade in the lamplight as if inviting people to touch it. She was simply gorgeous.

When the men heard that she was going to get a divorce, they all stared at her lasciviously. If she got divorced, the next minute, someone would jump on her and take her away.

Such a beautiful night and such an attractive woman. The blues music never stopped, so no one heard the name she had just called the man on the sofa, which was Mo Jingshen.

The man on the sofa sat in the middle, where it was relatively quiet and the lights were dim. The man’s expression was hidden in the darkness, and the people around him couldn’t see it clearly.

“Divorce? You’re so beautiful! How could a man not want you?”

“Divorce! Divorce him! If you divorce today, I’ll marry you tomorrow!”

Whistles and jokes followed one another.

Mo Jingshen’s aura grew increasingly gloomy, and his eyes turned colder and colder.

Ji Nuan straightened up with a bright smile without looking at him. She quaffed the gla.s.s of wine and threw the gla.s.s on the floor. The cracking sound of the gla.s.s was like a switch, causing the man to frown.

Ji Nuan turned around and shook her long, silky hair behind her back. The DJ of the pub probably had noticed her. As she walked into the dance floor alone, the lights on the dance floor were turned off one by one with her movements, with only the darkest one left. As she twirled her hair and skirt on the dance floor, the lights brightened one by one slowly, and the brightness of lights increased at the same rate as she twirled faster and faster.

She, a dazzlingly beautiful creature, suddenly no longer hid her beauty and revealed her hidden beauty among the crowd. In the lamplight, she was like a spirit breaking through the soil. Her long skirt flew in the air at every turn, and her long, white legs were exposed. Countless men were attracted to her one by one, and whistling sounds followed one another.

Ji Nuan just danced a simple dance and didn’t expose many parts of her body, but her eyes were so charming and seductive that such a simple dance almost had mesmerizing visual effects. The atmosphere in the bar warmed up. Someone entered the dance floor and offered her a gla.s.s of wine, which she accepted with a smile. As the lights gathered around her, she lifted the gla.s.s and poured the wine over her head. She looked up at the spilled wine, then closed her eyes and let the liquid trickle down her hair. The wine soaked her hair, and wherever the liquid fell on her white dress, it turned translucent.

The gla.s.s of wine was far from enough in these men’s eyes, and in an instant, countless men offered wines to her.

Ji Nuan smiled and spun to a man’s side, taking the gla.s.s as she pulled him around. When the man could not help but embrace her, she spun out of his arms. Although she didn’t let the man touch her, all the men’s hearts around her were itching when they saw this scene.

Ji Nuan’s dancing was casual yet hot. It was so hot that sweat was falling from her neck and slowly falling into her deep V-neckline, which drove these men crazy. Her white skin looked so attractive in the light, and her black hair, which reached to her waist, swung back and forth. Sweat dampened her black hair, but it didn’t affect her beauty. Instead, more men rushed in this direction and surrounded her in the middle of the dance floor.

Ji Nuan poured a gla.s.s of wine again, and as it poured all over her, the clothes of her back were sodden, and the translucent dress showed the outline of her back.

All eyes were on her, but she kept looking in one direction. Even though the crowd was standing very densely, she could see the man through a small gap in the crowd.

As more and more people gathered around, the pub was getting hotter and hotter, and she sweated more and more. She didn’t take any more gla.s.s of wine, as her sweat had wet her skirt. The clothes on her chest were soaked by sweat bit by bit, and her tender, fair skin seemed to glow because of sweat and looked more attractive.

Her eyes flitted over the men who came with their women and finally rested on the face of a good-looking man who seemed to come alone. She slowly cracked a charming smile at him and hooked her finger at the man as if inviting him to dance with her.

Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing? Chapter 409 - Such A Beautiful Night and Such an Attractive Woman

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