Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing? Chapter 595 - The Man Meticulously Carried Her Back to the Bed

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Chapter 595: The Man Meticulously Carried Her Back to the Bed

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Mo Jingshen did not expose the little woman’s thoughts of revenge and anger. As she took the bowl from him and lowered her head to eat obediently, his lips curved into a small smile. His tone did not change as he answered: “Eat then. It isn’t hot anymore.”

Ji Nuan did not answer. She lowered her head and focused on eating.

After she finished eating, the man meticulously carried her back to the bed before she could speak up.

The way he carried her here and there…

Ji Nuan’s throat felt uncomfortable. She coughed once and did not say anything. As she sat on the bed, she thought of her phone: “Mo Jingshen, bring my bag over.”

Hearing the command in the woman’s voice, the man gave her a deep look before s.h.i.+fting to take her bag. He silently handed it to her.

Ji Nuan unclasped it and brought her phone out. She saw that there was only four percent of battery left and thought to charge it. She unlocked it and saw that there were several missed calls.

One of them was from the chauffeur from last night. She had originally arranged for a chauffeur to drive her back to the hotel but ended up drinking too much. Mo Jingshen had brought her away from the venue and the chauffeur had been struggling to contact her. It was likely that he had gone in to ask about her and left after learning that she had already left. She hoped she hadn’t caused the innocent man to wait for her through the night…

Ji Nuan contemplated for a moment as she scanned the rest of the missed calls. They were from her colleagues at work. Typically, aside from a few acquaintances, most of her calls came from the company.

After quickly returning a few calls, Ji Nuan raised her hand to touch her head. The fever had yet to drop, and she still did not sweat at all.

Lastly, she called Xiao Ba. Xiao Ba’s nagging voice came through the phone: “Boss, why haven’t you been reachable all morning? I’ve been calling you and sending you messages! I was about to go mad! I shouldn’t have left you alone in Jing City. If I had gone with you, it would be much easier to set my heart at ease.”

Ji Nuan lowered her eyes to answer mildly: “What’s wrong? Is there any urgent matter?”

“It’s not that urgent. It’s just, Mr. Zand visited from London. It’s been a few months since our company s.h.i.+fted its headquarters to the country. Mr Zand has never visited once. This time, he had come to the country for some business and came by Hai City, but you’re not around.”

“Did he visit because it was along the way, or specifically to meet me?”

“It should be because it was along the way. But don’t you always say that Mr. Zand is your mentor? When you first went to London, he kept guiding you along. I thought you would be upset if you found out that you missed him”

“What’s there to be upset about? In the last two years I was in London, he only saw me a handful of times. He has invested in, and personally brought up countless companies. Although he is my mentor, he has students all around the globe. Besides, when I needed his support, he was always lingering around in other parts of the world; he completely had no time to deal with me. It’s likely that he only dropped by along the way, and the main point of his trip was to deal with his own urgent business. It’s fine if he didn’t see me. I doubt he’ll extend his stay for me anyway.”

“…Eh? You really guessed right. When he found out you weren’t in Hai City, Mr. Zand left really quickly. He didn’t even ask me to contact you. It seems like it was really just pa.s.sing by.”

Ji Nuan lost her smile: “A busy figure who constantly flies across the globe like him wouldn’t have the time to drop by somewhere to relax. He probably saw that MN Group has officially returned to the country and wanted to discuss some local partners.h.i.+ps with me.”

“Aiya, then do you plan on not working with him anymore?”

“We’ll look at his sincerity. If he really wishes for it, he’ll give me a call at some point or visit Hai City to look for me.” Ji Nuan answered mildly. She raised her head to see that Mo Jingshen was still watching her. It was as though he was a.n.a.lysing her conduct and att.i.tude toward the company through her simple phone conversation.

After chatting lightly with Xiao Ba, she hung up the phone and moved to charge it. However, her charger was placed by the couch. She sent the phone into Mo Jingshen’s hands: “Help me charge it.”

Her tone remained commanding.

The man glanced at her natural att.i.tude but still received it. He turned to help her and at the same time, he lifted one corner of his lips to say: “Mr. Zand is an outstanding entrepreneur and financial a.n.a.lyst. In recent years, he has indeed supported a significant number of enterprises into making big waves in the business circle. Your company is one of them. But clearly, MN Group is the only Chinese enterprise he has ever supported, and you did not let him down. In his eyes, your value is not as small as you think. In the future, if he still wishes to form any partners.h.i.+ps with you, you should take it.”

After he spoke, the room fell into a strange silence.

Ji Nuan sat on the bed, pausing in her actions to adjust the sheets. Her gaze moved toward the man who was connecting the charger to her phone. She watched as he straightened his back and stood tall.

Three years ago, during Mr. Zand’s visit to Hai City, he abruptly tossed an opportunity to her studio. He had cited his interest in her business ideas and thoughts as the reason. He also claimed that the property industry, and many others, was set to profit. Afterward, he spent a lot of time discussing with her. He claimed to wish to help develop her studio, and even said he could help her create a business empire.

At the time, Ji Nuan felt that this person was only good at boasting and did not pay him any mind. Afterward, when she set her heart on leaving, for some reason, she thought of him and decided to give London a shot.

She had thought that it all started when other business partners introduced Mr. Zand to her, but she never considered other possibilities.

To many amateur entrepreneurs, Mr. Zand could be considered a mythical creature. How could he be so interested in the small studio of hers?

“Mr. Zand was sent by you? Did you arrange for him to bring me to London?” Ji Nuan abruptly asked.

The man saw that she was about to lay down in the smock dress. The dress was made of linen and wasn’t comfortable to sleep in. He casually moved her luggage to look for her sleepwear. At the same time, he calmly responded: “Is it difficult for you to understand the reason why an entrepreneur who travels the globe so frequently would obediently stay by your side for an entire year?”

Ji Nuan: “…”

No wonder. When they were still in London, Mr. Zand’s acquaintances had even jokingly asked if he was interested in Ji Nuan. Otherwise, how could he possibly stay by her side for so long. This was unprecedented. At the time, Mr. Zand had been too lazy to explain, but Ji Nuan always understood that Mr. Zand’s intentions were pure and unlike what the others thought.

Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing? Chapter 595 - The Man Meticulously Carried Her Back to the Bed

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